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Say, have you ever wondered why different cruise ships around the world fly the flags of different countries? It all comes down to Cruise Ship Registry; one of the most fascinating aspects of the cruise ship industry. Seize this moment to gain insight into which cruise ships fly the flags of which registrant host nation to win cool prizes. As of 2018, Bahamas hosts the most cruise ship registrations followed by Panama. If you have taken a cruise on Royal Caribbean, you must have seen the Bahamian flag flying.

As ships were registered in Panama, other countries such as Bahamas and Bermuda followed suit. Most of the cruise ships are registered under the popular Bahamian flag to date and the largest carriers such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines proudly boast their Bahamian Flag Registry.

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Cruise Votes owns and administers Brezcoin (BREZ), a ERC-20 compliant Cryptocurrency Token. Circulation: 100,000 tokens; verified by Etherscan. Cruise Votes will transfer 30 Brezcoin to loyal subscribers who successfully completed our game, “The Finder’s Keepers Challenge”. The key difference between our Cruise Votes Golden Tokens and our Brezcoin Cryptocurrency is the ERC-20 compliance and the ability of our subscribers to transfer, share and trade Brezcoin tokens with each other on the Blockchain; we recommend  [ MYETHERWALLET ] and [METAMASK] to send/receive ERC20 tokens!

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Definition of BREZ – “an absolute stallion of the highest kind”.
‘Brez’s’ are very rare, as they are so perfect……..

~ “a gentle wind. synonyms: gentle wind, puff of air, gust, cat’s paw;
~ come or go in a casual or lighthearted manner.
~ “I breezed in as if nothing were wrong”.synonyms: saunter, stroll, sail, cruise

Send a text with the keyword FreeCruise to 474747. This is your exclusive QR Code on how to participate in our “Finder’s Keepers” Challenge and then collect all 30 Brezcoins (BREZ). Retrieve the Access Code with your first Golden Token (“Bahamas”) to view “The Finder’s Keepers Challenge”. “Subscribe”. Scan this Brezcoin (“QR Code”) with a free QR Code Reader for Contest Terms and download the Bitcoin Cashout Form. Use your Access Code to acquire the Token QR Code so that you can configure your ERC20 Trust Wallet to receive your stash of 30 Brezcoin (“Tokens”). Using your ERC20 Trust Wallet app, you can share and trade Brezcoin with anyone in the World with a smartphone and ERC20 encrypted and secure Trust Wallet app installed.

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How the Crypto Cruise Club Works?

Use the Treasure Map to find 30 Brezcoin to join the Crypto Cruise Club. Share your 30 Brezcoin with your five best friends (a block of 6 Brezcoin each). Each person is required to subscribe by email and mobile for notifications and updates and register their Ethereum address for payouts from Cruise Votes. Ask your five best friends will download the Treasure Map to become a Crypto Cruise Club member. Each will have a 6 Brezcoin “Headstart Advantage” to become a Club Member.

When ONE of your Tier 1 referrals becomes a Tier 2 Qualified Club Member, you earn 30 Brezcoins and a 1:1 Charity Match for Humane Society International or Clean Water for Haiti (CWH). Tier 1 Club Members are only required to share their 36 Brezcoin stash with FOUR friends (a block of 9 Brezcoin each) to earn their 30 referral tokens towards Travel Rewards when one of referrals becomes a Tier 2 Club Member. Tier 2 referrals will each have a 9 Brezcoin “Headstart Advantage”.

When ONE of your Tier 2 referrals becomes a Tier 3 Qualified Club Member, you earn 60 Brezcoins and a 1:1 Charity Match for Humane Society International or Clean Water for Haiti (CWH). Tier 2 Club Members are only required to share their 39 Brezcoin stash with THREE friends (a block of 12 Brezcoin each) to earn your 60 referral tokens towards Travel Rewards when one of their referrals becomes a Tier 3 Club Member. Tier 3 referrals will each have a 12 Brezcoin “Headstart Advantage”.

*The $300 Cruise Credit on Royal Caribbean  (Tier 1 award) is for once per a year per a household.
**Club Membership is required to earn BONUS Tokens from sharing content and on our Multi-Tier Platform.

You can earn our “I Can Dream About You” Cruise with 2,375 Brezcoin. Start earning Brezcoin by “mining” our network using clues from the Treasure Map. Start earning Brezcoin tokens from exclusive BONUS offers and on our Multi-Tier Platform. Join us in 2019 on a fabulous cruise on Royal Caribbean. Remember, from time to time, we announce new and exciting opportunities for Club Members to accrue more Brezcoin Tokens from task-incentives where you can earn Brezcoin tokens to accumulate towards Free Airline Tickets on American Airlines and other Travel Rewards.

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The best way to share your Brezcoin deposit with your friends is to download the TRUST – Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens Wallet and configure your Wallet to hold a small amount of Ether (“Ethereum”) which you can easily buy from Coinbase and send directly to your mobile Trust wallet.

The first step to store your Brezcoin securely on your smartphone is to download the Trust – Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens Wallet. You will be able use your mobile phone as an encrypted wallet to store Ethereum and custom ERC20 Tokens generated with Ethereum Smart Contracts. Share and trade Brezcoin with anyone in the world!

Once you have Trust installed on your mobile device, you can open Metamask, the Chrome extension and go to and use the Private Key from your Metamask to view your Wallet and send Ether directly to the QR Code or Ethereum Address under the tab “Receive” in the Trust Wallet. When you send Ethereum or a custom ERC-20 token, you will need a small amount of Ether (i.e $4.00 – $5.00 USD) to process your transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

When you secure your first 30 Brezcoin in the Finder’s Keepers Challenge, you will receive your deposit via the Trust Mobile Wallet. Simply provide us with your Ethereum address from the Trust Wallet and your Brezcoin will appear on your encrypted Cryptocurrency Wallet on your mobile device within a few seconds for the Brezcoin Master Wallet. We will send you a few USD in Ethereum cryptocurrency to provide the “gas” needed to process your Brezcoin sharing transactions. Your Crypto Maturity Index Date will be 90 days from the “date” under “Transaction Time”.

You may elect to receive a $100 Bitcoin transfer from Cruise Votes for claiming your first 30 Brezcoin on our network OR convert it to a $300 Royal Caribbean Cruise Credit on your next cruise simply by sharing your Brezcoin in blocks of six Brezcoin each with friends and inviting them to subscribe to our mobile service and email newsletter so that they can take the Finder’s Keepers Challenge. It will cost you about $0.50 mining fee for each block of 6 Brezcoin to five friends so you should acquire at least $2.50 – $5.00 in Ethereum to try and earn your $300 Cruise Credit. You can send Ethereum directly to your Trust encrypted Wallet from any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges such Coinbase.

New for Cruise Season Spring 2019: You can trade your 30 Brezcoin (“Tokens”) received in your Trust Wallet for Free Airline Tickets on American Airlines. Cruise Votes signed a exclusive barter agreement with a travel consolidator to trade our consulting services for free airline ticket options and we have decided to pass on the benefits of these perks 100% “as is” to our loyal subscribers. Simply take the Finder’s Keepers Challenge to acquire your first 30 Brezcoins using the Treasure Map, claim them with the Bitcoin Cashout Form and we will transfer your 30 Brezcoin Tokens to your Ethereum & ERC20 Wallet upon prize verification of your collectible set of 30 Brezcoin Tokens.  Upon completing the standard Crypto Maturity Index of 90 days per our Terms and Conditions of Award, just give us 30 days notice of your travel plans and choose for one of three airline ticket options below to fly out on a Tuesday and return on a Tuesday and you get Free Airline Tickets.

*Estimates based on 30-day advance notice for booking on a Tuesday and returning on the following Tuesday on American Airlines. Dallas-FLL $227 R/T; Los Angeles-Miami $279 R/T; JFK – Miami R/T $199. Our Free Cruise for Two bookings are designed for a 7-day or 8-day itinerary. Trading in your stash of 30 Brezcoin for Free Airline Tickets is a great option for Contestants looking to save 50% on airfare arrangements for their cruise.

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Read this special article, “Sign the Online Petition to Shut Down the Dog Meat Farms” and DONATE.

Remember, you can earn 30 Brezcoin Tokens in our “Finder’s Keepers Challenge” and stay tuned to our email newsletter and mobile subscription network for announcements of our exclusive partnerships allowing you to earn even more Brezcoin Tokens from special promotions valid towards exciting Travel Rewards. You can collect, accumulate and store Brezcoin Tokens and redeem for Free Airline Tickets on American Airlines or a dream cruise on Royal Caribbean simply by completing task-intensive instructions and participating in our exclusive promotions with authorized partners of our Travel Rewards Program.

The first step is to download the Treasure Map. There are tons of clues on the Pirate’s Treasure Map and you could easily save up to 40% on your next cruise in the Finder’s Keepers Challenge. Start collecting and claim your Brezcoins today! As a ERC-20 complaint token on the Ethereum Blockchain, we can send your tokens directly to your Ethereum address. Brezcoin, a ERC-20 compliant Game Cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain (verifiable by Etherscan) works for subscribers in so many ways to guarantee optimal transparency in our Finder’s Keepers Challenge Game.

Subscribe to our mobile service – Text “FreeCruise” to 474747 to receive your first Brezcoin with “specific instructions” (a free QR Code reader is required on your smartphone to review your specific instructions) and take the “Finder’s Keepers” Challenge. What better way to get a ticket on the Harmony of the Seas!

Our team is working on a VR/AR Platform that will allow aspiring cruise ship passengers to experience their ship weeks in advance of their actual voyage. In partnership with the best VR programmers in India, we are developing several VR and AR Game and Mobile experiences integrating our scavenger hunt “Finder’s Keepers” Challenge for Brezcoin (BREZ) which can be traded on our Cruise Blockchain for cruise credits on Royal Caribbean Cruises. Imagine the educational power of taking a Tour of your Cruise Ship before your voyage and earning Brezcoin as a VR (“Viewing Reward”) applicable to cruise sales packages.

Our VR/AR Platform is the future of cruise sales. It appeals to the technologically-savvy target demographic of cruise passengers who embrace visually-intense vacation incentives integrated into the blockchain and who desire more value and buying power for their Cruise Package! While cryptocurrencies will come and go, the future is the Blockchain! Its power to decentralize, optimize and offer a diversity of exciting digital experiences in the VR/AR Mobile and Gaming Landscape is unlimited!

The Harmony of the Seas is the latest addition to Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class Fleet which comprises of the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas. The Harmony of the Seas is the world’s largest ship and features 20 dining options and 7 neighborhoods at a total length of 1,187 feet and 226,000 gross tonnage.

Please enjoy the video clip below of the Harmony of the Seas, a new member of the Oasis Class Fleet docked at Port Everglades, Florida. It’s one of the largest ships to ever dock at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – one of the busiest cruise ports in the World. The most exciting Caribbean cruises sail from Port Everglades and the Port of Miami.  You will grasp the “sheer size” of the Harmony of the Seas by how small the parked cars appear in the video. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Fleet which includes: Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas.

The action on the ship is pretty amazing. It has the tallest slide at sea called “The Ultimate Abyss” and two Flow Rider surf simulators, a Zip Line and a full-sized basketball court and ice-skating rink. There is a lot to do and you can enjoy all of the ship’s amenities.

Once onboard the Harmony of the Seas, select from 20 dining options aboard the world’s largest and most innovative cruise ship from Mexican to a stylish Japanese Grill at the Izumi Hibachi & Sushi.

Subscribe and get a $300 Dining Award Voucher!

Rest and relaxation are first-class amenities all the way with a Vitality Spa and Fitness Center featuring yoga and Tai Chi and 4 pools including the Solarious and 10 whirlpools with two cantilevered whirlpools with ocean view. Royal Caribbean spared no expense for creating an incredible experience for the kids with an Adventure Ocean Youth Program and Splashaway Bay Kids Water Park and 3D Movie Theater. Thanks to SeaScanner, a cruise ship satellite tracking service, you can stay up-to-date on the EXACT location of some of the world’s largest cruise ships as they make their way through the beautiful Caribbean Islands, the Mediterranean and other exotic ports of calm. The following cruise ships use Port Everglades, Florida as their main hub during the cruise season which starts to get hectic in October.

Track their position, view their Deck Plan, view current itineraries and pick your favorite Cruise Ship…

You can track these cruise ships in real-time:

Check the real-time “current” position of Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Holland America’s Eurodam: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Holland America’s Westerdam: [ Click here ].

Tip for Cruise Watchers: Click on the Live WebCam courtesy of PTZtv (“Premium v4.4.0“) and watch the big ships line up “one by one” at 4:30pm E.S.T on Saturdays and Sundays as they gracefully exit Port Everglades for the first stop on their Caribbean cruise itinerary.

Please support PTZtv with your Premium v4.4.0 Subscription.

Whether you are planning to take a cruise or seeking employment on your favorite Cruise Ship, this is a great way to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the cruise industry and to share your knowledge with your friends!

As a subscriber of our CruiseVotes Newsletter, you will get instant notifications from our special partners in the Cruise Industry about discount cruise deals with savings of up to 25% – 100% and discount airfare. There are many “insider secret “travel websites available where you can get special cruise and travel deals known exclusively to a select few in the cruise industry. You will learn how to save up to 75% on your shore excursions and how to cut out the “middle man” and get more value for every dollar you spend.

Subscribe to our CruiseVotes Newsletter and get instant tips and strategies to find great deals.

How to qualify to enter and win our Cruise Cash Contest:

(1) Review the location and deck plan of each of the FIVE cruise ships shown,

(2) Vote for your favorite Cruise Ship with PollDaddy (“3”) and by mobile phone (“4”),

(3) Share the Poll Results with your friends on Facebook and Twitter:

Thank you for taking the time to VOTE online for your favorite Ship and learn about its current location, deck plan and on-board amenities.

Why not “View the Results” to see what other people are saying is their favorite cruise ship and then share the results of our Poll with your friends. It could help them pick the best cruise line and ship for their next exciting cruise vacation. Your friends and family will be able to see which ships are getting the most votes and track their favorite ship. Share the “Poll Results” with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

(4) Text Cruiseship ‘nameofship’ to 474747 to officially submit your entry in our Cruise Cash Contest. Collect all 10 Golden Tokens using keyword FreeCruise to 474747 to maximize your potential cash payout in Spend Cash on your Cruise (max: $750). For example, if upon review of the amenities and deck plan of the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, you selected the Oasis of the Seas as your favorite cruise ship, simply compose a text message as follows: cruiseship ‘OasisOfTheSeas’ and send to 474747 to vote.

One Cruise Cash Contest entry per a mobile number, please…

We really want to know your favorite cruise ship based on the deck plan, amenities and other criteria. When you vote for your favorite cruise ship with our SMS Mobile Poll and Vote System, you not only become eligible to win a Free Cruise for Two plus $250 Spend Cash; you also give us the opportunity to gain the competitive data we need to design cutting-edge ergonomic deck plans and clubs.

(5) Describe and share your most memorable cruise excursion experience with Cruise Votes.

We invite you to share your most memorable and exciting travel or preferably cruise excursion experience with us as one of our Contestants for a chance to win a Free 8 Night Caribbean Cruise for Two Plus $250 to Spend at Sea, on your next Royal Caribbean Cruise. One Guaranteed Annual Winner based on originality, enthusiasm, and creativity of your feedback of your most memorable experience at sea.

We are proud to offer this exciting Gift Offer on Royal Caribbean (MSRP: $2,148), voted the “Best Overall Cruise Line” for 14 years straight by Travel Weekly. The Winning Selections will be announced in our Newsletter by the 5th of the February, 2019 and will be posted to our Facebook Fan Page. Winning Contestants may choose from Cruise dates in the Spring, 2019 (March/April).  You will receive your Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate by email within 10 days of the prize selection (subject to verification). Your Free 8 Night Caribbean Cruise for Two Certificate is subject to rules of redemption by Royal Caribbean.

*One Prize per a Household. The actual contest registrant must be a subscriber of CruiseVotes Newsletter.

*Subject to Contest Terms and Conditions

The Winners will be notified in our Newsletter. Subscribe!

Enter your Name and your Voter Registration Number (V.R.N).
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Submit your entry now!



Did you know that every year, thousands of people line up to book a cruise on the biggest, most powerful and amenities-rich cruise ship ever built in the world? Yes, it’s true! Cruisers worldwide are excited about the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas debut in 2018 at the Port of Miami. On its inaugural voyage, it will be ranked as the “Largest Cruise Ship” overtaking Harmony of the Seas by 3,037 tons.

The Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship (his big brother, “Symphony of the Seas” is still under construction and it’s scheduled to debut in 2018) cruises out of Port Everglades, currently the 2nd busiest cruise ship port next only to Miami with 4.85 million passengers. Port Everglades holds the world record of 54,700 passengers on Sunday March 13th, 2016 and it also holds the World Record of 15 ships on December 21st, 2003. Most of the 7-day and 10-day cruises that embark for the Caribbean originate from Port Everglades and the Port of Miami.

Symphony of the Seas measures 1,188 feet and has a capacity of 230,000 tons across 18 decks with a DBL (double occupancy) capacity of 5,535 passengers and up to a MAX (occupancy includes third and fourth beds) of 6,870 passengers as well as a 2,100-person crew.

If you have been struggling to find a job that offers some degree of stability that’s rewarding and offers you great benefits, then you should look into working in the exciting cruise ship industry. Now more than ever, the cruise lines are looking for a few “happy smiling faces” to enhance the experience of their loyal passengers and pay them well while covering their basic expenses such as room and board and meals.

Don’t wait another day to explore working on a Cruise Ship. There are hundreds of positions to choose from and you will get all of the information you need to find great employment right here today. Once you start traveling the world and enjoying all of the amenities as a cruise ship employee, you’re going to wish you had explored this exciting job opportunity a long time ago.

Are you ready to get started with your employment in the excited Cruise Ship Industry? If you answered, “yes” then please take a moment to subscribe to our email newsletter so that you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to get a job on a cruise ship, how to prepare your resume and apply. Our associates, Derek Baron and Liz Aceves, a Cruise Ship Officer and a Travel Blogger are cruise veterans who have worked on fifteen cruise ships and they reveal the answers to every question you ever wanted to know to get a job on your first ship! Subscribe to our email newsletter for Instant Access to Job Descriptions & Salaries, how to choose the best cruise line to work for and most importantly, “Point-and-Click” Online Application Links for you to apply to over 18 cruise lines in a matter of minutes. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about working for a cruise line and so much more! We can help you get your resume ready to submit your applications tonight!

You can pick and choose your contracts (i.e. 6-month, 1-year, etc.) just like the “yachties (nickname for “the crew”) from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban who fly into Fort Lauderdale every September to meet up with their Captain and shipmates for their charter to the Bahamas. It’s all about making the right connections with the right people – “just like everything else in Life”.  These guys make great money in the yachting and luxury cruise industry! 

Each year, more luxurious, faster, and BIGGER cruise ships are christen by the cruise lines and there are throngs of frequent cruisers who have been waiting for months to book a cruise on the next “LARGEST” cruise ship. You’ll be able to profit from the growth of the cruise industry and reap the rewards.

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This might be the start of something amazing for you. As a cruise ship employee, you could start your own blog and upload videos on YouTube of your exciting travel destinations and get paid a share of the advertising revenue from YouTube. Plus, you can make extra money as an Instagram Blogger. As your YouTube and Instagram channels grow, you can stay in touch with all your subscribers around the world. Your employer, the Cruise Line will be paying for you to travel while you build your travel blog channel which offers extra income while you work on the ship.

The World is full of great opportunities if you are willing to take the chance to explore them all.

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Jobs available with Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines: Youth Staff, Stage Staff, Sports Staff, Land Discovery Staff, Entertainment Staff Production, Stage Manager, Cruise Staff, Guest Relations Manager, On Board Financial Officer, Front Officer Manager, Shore Excursion/Tour Manager, Restaurant Manager and Spa Manager. [ Search Now ].

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Every day of your Life is a Blessing!

Cherish it with great memories on a beautiful Royal Caribbean cruise in the Caribbean!