“7 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Using a Cryptocurrency”

FORT LAUDERDALE – In a not-so-distant past, we saw the value of Bitcoin go as high as $19,300 (1 BTC). Hard to believe that it was only a few years ago, college kids were paying for T-Shirts and Pizza, as much as 3 BTC for a medium pizza; not knowing that the Cryptocurrency Revolution was going to change the way we perceived the concept of MONEY. As a small business marketer, owning your own cryptocurrency holds great promise for your business. Whether your focus and attention shifts back and forth between the potential of the Blockchain, the decentralized ledger or the cryptocurrency (“proof of work reward”), the token and it’s technology offers your business tremendous opportunities to market and brand your product for service in several powerful ways. First, when you create your own ERC20 token, you will have to think about a secure mobile wallet to recommend to your customers to store their cryptotokens. The best ERC20 Token Wallet is TRUST. You can work with an experienced logo designer to create a 256px x 256px logo and use the power of Github to access the TrustWallet/Master file so that every user receives your tokens from your admin account sees your logo each time they open the TRUST Wallet. Being able to market your business with a cryptotoken branded with your logo in the Trust Wallet is truly powerful.

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Second, when you decide for the name for your cryptocurrency, it should “click” as the perfect name for your company’s token (i.e. if your company sells yachts, you could name your cryptotoken – “Dockcoin”). Your final selection should be available as a <name>.com so that you can register it on Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps your business involves selling online software, your cryptocurrency could be redeemable for a FREE Consultation with your software engineering team. Your customers and users should be reminded of the “REWARD” instantly when they open their TRUST Wallet and see your alt-coin LOGO, symbol and name listed with the QUANTITY held in secure storage on their mobile phone. It’s estimated that the average smartphone user looks at his or her device over 150 times a day; as many times as he or she touches his or her face. Another powerful way to market your business with your own cryptocurrency is to create a drip campaign in an SMS Text Subscription Delivery System and distribute your tokens on the basis of a transparent “proof of work” such as social shares (i.e. FB profile photos) on call-to-action webpages. The proof of work with reward of your cryptocurrency should be 100% transparent. Next, synchronize your mobile SMS subscription with an Aweber email delivery system and then use a contest such as a “Free TV for subscribers Weekly” to entice subscribers to “stay in the mix” and subscribe to see your offers. The seventh most powerful way to market your business with a cryptocurrency is to entice users to “share” tokens with other members of your cryptocurrency user base. Your goal with your cryptocurrency marketing plan should be to BUILD A COMMUNITY around your cryptotoken as a building block for your own PRIVATE VILLAGE and hold town hall meetings by SMS text (i.e. polling and voting opportunities) on a regular basis to not only brand your product or service but also to promote community enrichment through engagement with your brand and offers.

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