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FORT LAUDERDALE – Would you like to earn EXCELLENT MONEY and travel the World? If you answered, “yes”, then Cruise Ship Employment is the Answer! You can earn between $1,500 – $5,000 USD per a month and you have almost ZERO expenses because the cruise line provides your room and board, your meals and you’ll enjoy access to five-star amenities with private lounges and clubs.

You will watch your bank account grow by thousands of dollars every month while you travel all over the planet and have experiences that exceed all of your wildest hopes and dreams. Your Money multiples because you live with virtually ZERO expenses. You could easily save $10,000 – $20,000+ in less than six months.

You get to party just like the cruise passengers with SPECIAL privileges – enjoy the night clubs, go to Broadway-style shows and dine in the five-star restaurants. Strike up INTERNATIONAL friendships and learn about different cultures. You’ll have plenty of money to visit your new friends in their home countries. When you work on a cruise, you get to network with the wealthy and the trend setters, meet people from different walks of Life and get potential job offers and business opportunities all around the world.

“Are we really the average of our five closest friends?”
When it comes to getting opportunity, maybe so.

How would you like to travel the world and wake up each morning in a new country. You’ll be excited and ready to explore a new culture, their cuisine and go hiking with your shipmates. You will have a lot of free time to explore parts of the world such as Alaska, Canada, the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, and exotic destinations in the Pacific such as the Fiji Islands and Bora Bora.

There is really no limit to where you can go around the world and you’re going to pinch yourself every week, “I can’t believe I get PAID to do this.” The cruise ship industry is booming with opportunity and you can pick and choose which ship to work on and your desired itinerary (i.e. which months you work and you’ll enjoy up to 4 months VACATION per a year). When you work on a cruise ship, you get shore leave time to enjoy different ports and sample the cuisine and the culture. Just imagine being able to work in the leisure of a cruise ship and work among happy people who just want to have as much fun as possible and make beautiful international friendships. Each week, you will learn something new about a different culture. The cruise line industry gives you the opportunity to reach a level of financial and personal freedom you never thought possible. You will have the experience of a lifetime with friends from all over the world.

The Harmony of the Seas is the latest addition to Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class Fleet which comprises of the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas. The Harmony of the Seas is the world’s largest ship and features 20 dining options and 7 neighborhoods at a total length of 1,187 feet and 226,000 gross tonnage. Please enjoy this video clip of the Harmony of the Seas, a new member of the Oasis Class Fleet docked at Port Everglades, Florida. It’s one of the largest ships to ever dock at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – one of the busiest cruise ports in the World. The most exciting Caribbean cruises sail from Port Everglades and the Port of Miami. You will grasp the “sheer size” of the Harmony of the Seas by how small the parked cars appear in the video. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Fleet which includes: Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas.

Vote for your favorite ship to raise awareness for Clean Water for Haiti, a charity that helps to bring clean drinking water to the poor people on this water impoverished island and you could win a Free Cruise.

The action on the ship is pretty amazing. It has the tallest slide at sea called “The Ultimate Abyss” and two Flow Rider surf simulators, a Zip Line and a full-sized basketball court and ice-skating rink. There is a lot to do and you can enjoy all of the ship’s amenities.

Once onboard the Harmony of the Seas, select from 20 dining options aboard the world’s largest and most innovative cruise ship from Mexican to a stylish Japanese Grill at the Izumi Hibachi & Sushi.

Rest and relaxation are first-class amenities all the way with a Vitality Spa and Fitness Center featuring yoga and Tai Chi and 4 pools including the Solarious and 10 whirlpools with two cantilevered whirlpools with ocean view. Royal Caribbean spared no expense for creating an incredible experience for the kids with an Adventure Ocean Youth Program and Splashaway Bay Kids Water Park and 3D Movie Theater. Thanks to SeaScanner, a cruise ship satellite tracking service, you can stay up-to-date on the EXACT location of some of the world’s largest cruise ships as they make their way through the beautiful Caribbean Islands, the Mediterranean and other exotic ports of calm. The following cruise ships use Port Everglades, Florida as their main hub during the cruise season which starts to get hectic in October, 2017.

Track their position, view their Deck Plan, view 2017 itineraries and pick your favorite Cruise Ship…

Track your favorite cruise ships in real-time:

Check the real-time “current” position of Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Holland America’s Westerdam: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Holland America’s Eurodam: [ Click here ].

Check the real-time “current” position of Princess Cruises Crown Princess: [ Click here ].

Tip for Cruise Watchers: Click on the Live WebCam courtesy of PTZtv (“Premium v2.3“) and watch the big ships line up “one by one” at 4:30pm E.S.T on Saturdays and Sundays as they gracefully exit Port Everglades for the first stop on their Caribbean cruise itinerary. At night, you can see the blinking lights of the FPL Port Everglades Power Plant, a massive $1.2 Billion power plant that provides clean energy for Floridians from 100% low-cost American produced natural gas. This area is a hot bed of planes, trains, tankers and cruise ships. It’s just a 1/2 mile hop from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Port Everglades which is very convenient for the thousands of cruise ship passengers who visit Port Everglades each year. You will see the planes taking off from Runway 90L heading east over the ocean on the Port Everglades LIVE Webcam. Please support PTZtv with your Premium v2.3 Subscription.

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Win a 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise for Two plus $250 Cruise Cash to Spend at Sea.

With your vote and by sharing the Poll Results, you qualify “to share” your most memorable cruise experience as a Contestant for a chance “to win” a Free 8 Night Caribbean Cruise for Two Plus $250 to Spend at Sea. Our goal at CruiseVotes.com is to raise awareness for a wonderful charity that helps to bring Clean Water to the impoverished island of Haiti. Over 10,000 people have lost their lives since the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 to cholera and other waterborne diseases and Clean Water for Haiti, a 501(c) 3 charitable organization works directly on the island of Haiti to increase access to clean drinking water in Haiti by installing bio-sand filters in the homes of poor families.

One of the stops (see itinerary above) on the 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise (“cruise cash giveaway award”) in the Spring of 2018 is Labadee, Haiti. We hope that you will be selected as a winner of this Cruise Package and you can witness first hand the plight of the Haitian people during your brief stop on the island at the private resort destination of Labadee, Haiti.

While Labadee is an exclusive and private resort leased by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, this is a prime opportunity to witness the struggle that many people in the Caribbean face each and every day to gain access to clean drinking water, a commodity that is often taken for granted in the United States.

By “voting” and “sharing” this Cruise Cash Contest with your friends on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you will instantly raise awareness for Clean Water for Haiti and help encourage donations to this wonderful charity. Clean Water for Haiti desperately needs your help. So many Haitian people lack access to clean drinking water and you can make a difference today simply by voting for your favorite cruise ship, sharing the Poll Results and by taking the pledge to become a Clean Water Advocate.

Sow a Seed of Love for the people of Haiti today with your vote for your favorite cruise ship and please spread the word about our Cruise Cash Contest to draw light to the plight of the Haitian people.

How to qualify to enter and win our Cruise Cash Contest:

(1) Review the location and deck plan of each of the seven cruise ships shown,

(2) Vote for your favorite Cruise Ship,

(3) Share the Poll Results with your friends on Facebook and Twitter,

(4) Describe and share your most memorable cruise experience with us.

We invite you to share your most memorable and exciting cruise excursion experience with us as one of our Contestants for a chance to win a Free 8 Night Caribbean Cruise for Two Plus $250 to Spend at Sea, on your next Royal Caribbean Cruise. One Guaranteed Annual Winner based on originality, level of excitement, and creativity of your feedback of your most memorable experience at sea.  We are proud to offer this exciting Gift on Royal Caribbean(MSRP: $2,148), voted the “Best Overall Cruise Line” for 14 years straight by Travel Weekly. The Winning Selection will be announced in our Newsletter by the 5th of the February, 2018 and will be posted to our Facebook Fan Page. Winning Contestants may choose from Cruise dates in the Spring, 2018 (March/April).  You will receive your Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate by email within 10 days of the prize selection (subject to verification). Your Free 8 Night Caribbean Cruise for Two Plus $250 Cash to Spend at Sea Certificate is subject to rules of redemption by Royal Caribbean.

*If you’ve never been on a cruise before, but someone in your Household has been on a cruise, you can vote together and if they win you can apply your award to your cruise adventure together. One Prize per a Household. The actual contest registrant must be a subscriber of CruiseVotes Newsletter.

*Subject to Contest Terms and Conditions

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Did you know that every year, thousands of people line up to book a cruise on the biggest, most powerful and amenities-rich cruise ship ever built in the world? Yes, it’s true! Cruisers worldwide are excited about the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas debut in 2018 at the Port of Miami. On its inaugural voyage, it will be ranked as the “Largest Cruise Ship” overtaking Harmony of the Seas by 3,037 tons.

The Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship (his big brother, “Symphony of the Seas” is still under construction and it’s scheduled to debut in 2018) cruises out of Port Everglades, currently the 2nd busiest cruise ship port next only to Miami with 4.85 million passengers. Port Everglades holds the World Record of 54,700 passengers on Sunday March 13th, 2016 and it also holds the World Record of 15 ships on December 21st, 2003. Most of the 7-day and 10-day cruises that embark for the Caribbean originate from Port Everglades and the Port of Miami.

Symphony of the Seas measures 1,188 feet and has a capacity of 230,000 tons across 18 decks with a DBL (double occupancy) capacity of 5,535 passengers and up to a MAX (occupancy includes third and fourth beds) of 6,870 passengers as well as a 2,100-person crew.

If you have been struggling to find a job that offers some degree of stability that’s rewarding and offers you great benefits, then you should look into working in the exciting cruise ship industry. Now more than ever, the cruise lines are looking for a few “happy smiling faces” to enhance the experience of their loyal passengers and pay them well while covering their basic expenses such as room and board and meals.

Don’t wait another day to explore working on a Cruise Ship. There are hundreds of positions to choose from and you will get all of the information you need to find great employment right here today. Once you start traveling the world and enjoying all of the amenities as a cruise ship employee, you’re going to wish you had explored this exciting job opportunity a long time ago.

Are you ready to get started with your employment in the excited Cruise Ship Industry? If you answered, “yes” then please take a moment to subscribe to our email newsletter so that you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to get a job on a cruise ship, how to prepare your resume and apply. Our associates, Derek Baron and Liz Aceves, a Cruise Ship Officer and a Travel Blogger are cruise veterans who have worked on fifteen cruise ships and they reveal the answers to every question you ever wanted to know to get a job on your first ship! Subscribe to our email newsletter for instant access to Job Descriptions & Salaries, how to choose the best cruise line to work for and most importantly, “Point-and-Click” Online Application Links for you to apply to over 18 cruise lines in a matter of minutes. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about working for a cruise line and so much more! We can help you get your resume ready to submit your applications tonight!

You can pick and choose your contracts (i.e. 6-month, 1-year, etc.) just like the “yachties (nickname for “the crew”) from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban who fly into Fort Lauderdale every September to meet up with their Captain and shipmates for their charter to the Bahamas. It’s all about making the right connections with the right people – “just like everything else in Life”.  These guys make great money in the yachting and luxury cruise industry! 

Each year, more luxurious, faster, and BIGGER cruise ships are christen by the cruise lines and there are throngs of frequent cruisers who have been waiting for months to book a cruise on the next “LARGEST” cruise ship. You’ll be able to profit from the growth of the cruise industry and reap the rewards.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and step into a new career.

This might be the start of something amazing for you. As a cruise ship employee, you could start your own blog and upload videos on YouTube of your exciting travel destinations and get paid a share of the advertising revenue from YouTube. Plus, you can make extra money as an Instagram Blogger. As your YouTube and Instagram channels grow, you can stay in touch with all your subscribers around the world. Your employer, the Cruise Line will be paying for you to travel while you build your travel blog channel which offers extra income while you work on the ship.

The World is full of great opportunities if you are willing to take the chance to explore them all.

You can try our “Sample Cruise Ship Resume” format that is guaranteed 9 times out of 10 to get you a job interview with a cruise line. It’s been proven to help job candidates get an interview with the cruise lines time and time again. We don’t know why this format works so well, it just works like crazy!

Click “View Sample – Cruise Ship Resume” and judge for yourself. If you’re ready for a new and exciting career in the cruise industry and you need help preparing your Cruise Ship Resume, we will format it in 24 hours for you into the Organic Resume Webpage as seen for Christine Sarah Keller.

Act now before the cruise season starts to get hectic. You can search for cruise jobs and apply online instantly to all of the major cruise lines today.  The cruise lines could have your resume and applications tonight! Please subscribe to our email newsletter right now for information about a special guide that will be very helpful in accessing all of the job opportunities available for you in the cruise ship industry. Industry veterans, Derek and Liz who have worked on 15 different cruise ships will show how to apply online, how to submit your new resume to the right contacts in the cruise industry and how to get ready for your first contract. Don’t let this exciting opportunity pass you by!

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Jobs available with Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines: Youth Staff, Stage Staff, Sports Staff, Land Discovery Staff, Entertainment Staff Production, Stage Manager, Cruise Staff, Guest Relations Manager, On Board Financial Officer, Front Officer Manager, Shore Excursion/Tour Manager, Restaurant Manager and Spa Manager. [ Search Now ].

You can APPLY directly at the major cruise lines such as Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines, P&O Cruises, Princess and Royal Caribbean within minutes of gaining instant access to the only cruise job hunting resource from Derek Baron and Liz Aceves you’ll ever need. You need to get your new Cruise Ship Resume out to the right people tonight! Seizing a great opportunity in Life is all about making the right connections with the right people at the right time. This is your time to shine. Don’t let it pass by!

Do you love to Cruise? Discover how to work from home and get started as a Home-Based Travel Agent and turn your love for cruising into extra income every month. You set your own schedule and get paid to help your friends and family book their vacations. You will have access to the best cruise deals for your clients and your friends from discount host agencies. You can work part-time making money booking cruises for people on Facebook and Twitter and lock in HUGE discounts for yourself off your own travel.

You will learn all of the tricks of the cruise trade from experienced Home-Based Travel Agents who book over $1.1 Million in cruises each year from the comfort of their own home. While most travel booked online is for FLIGHTS, many people turn to travel agents to book cruises. Cruise packages can get complicated and many cruisers turn to travel agents to help customize their vacations with exotic shore excursions, hiking, etc.

Did you know that 70% of cruisers turn to travel agents to plan and book cruise vacations.

If you love looking for cruise deals online and you love to travel, getting started as a Home-Based Travel Agent is the Right Choice for you. Even if you choose to get started working at home in the cruise industry, you can save your friends and family thousands of dollars each year as their Home-Based Travel Agent.

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Every day of your Life is a Blessing!

Cherish it with great memories on a beautiful Royal Caribbean cruise in the Caribbean!

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CruiseVotes Stardate 95321.62 The fastest growing cruise markets and how to profit as a Travel Agent.

FORT LAUDERDALE – The cruise industry is growing at an incredible rate. Over 30% of all cruises are destined for the Caribbean and about 20% of all cruises originate in the Mediterranean. Each year, new cruise ships are commissioned; bringing with them the capacity to entertain an additional 30,000 – 40,000 passengers at sea. Frequent cruisers are very demanding when it comes to their cruise itineraries and they often book two or three cruise vacations at once a year in advance.

The cruise ship industry is venturing into emerging markets such as Asia and Australia and New Zealand at a desperate pace. This region has seen the growth of cruise ship traffic of over 500% in the last 7 years and it will continue to grow as the industry tries to keep up with the insatiable demand of cruise ship passengers to explore exotic destinations around the world. For most first time cruisers, their first cruise experience will be a 4-day or 7-day cruise that is destined for the Caribbean.

Did you know that in 2016 about 70% of cruise passengers used a Travel Agent to help navigate their selection of a cruise package. This is an incredible opportunity for travel agents worldwide to carve out their own niche in the travel industry. The need for independent Travel Agents is at an all time high. Thanks to advances in the Internet, home-based Travel Agents are charting new ground in the cruise industry. Never has the quality of service and cruise itinerary offers for exotic destinations in the Pacific been so high. Many more innovative itineraries and specialty ships for passengers are coming online every few months. Travel agents can make a decent living helping friends and family book cruises and plan vacations.

The cruise industry is where the money is at.  As we look to the future of the cruise industry and the tourism sector in general, millions of people around the world will be taking a cruise for the first time this year and seeking the assistance of a travel agent to help them map their Dream Cruise.

One of the first steps to take to become a travel agent is to determine your specialty in the travel market and jot down your interests. Perhaps when you get started, you plan to book cruises for a handful of friends and private clients each month. You can use your new industry connections to lock in tremendous discounts each year for yourself and your family. There are so many benefits of becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent.

No matter where a trip is booked, once you select a reputable host agency, your commission is built into the price of the cruise package so you never have to worry about getting paid. Travel suppliers pay their host agencies promptly and then each host agency cuts a commission check for their remote travel agents and drops the check in the mail. One of the beauties of this industry is the lack of major regulations which makes it easy for Home-Based Travel Agents to sign on with a licensed host agency and start profiting almost immediately.

Let’s face it, the job market is not what it used to be 10 years ago when pensions were plentiful and the cost of living was decent. The level of pay for most employees in Corporate America has failed to keep up with the cost of living and inflation. You really need to think out-of-the-box and start thinking like a small business owner. You can start working as a Travel Agent working just a few hours a week part-time while helping friends and family design their cruise vacations and trip excursions. People are working two or more jobs just to make ends meet which robs them of time to spend with their family and watch their children grow up. They miss out on their kids’ football games and piano concerts.

You have options! If you have an Internet connection and smartphone, you can become a Travel Agent.

Being a Home-Based Travel Agent has become a very popular work-at-home option for hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. You might have a host agency right around the corner from your house and not even know it. A great host agency provides their travel agents with a personalized website so that you can start accepting orders from your friends and family. There is NO need to hire a web designer. There are over 250 host agencies worldwide and the Top 10 agencies provide beautiful and personalized websites to make it easy for their Travel Agents to succeed online.

You can succeed in the travel industry. To get started, join our email list and click on the “How to Become a Travel Agent” link in your Welcome Email to learn the tricks and tactics of the trade from one of the top Travel Agents who booked over $1,056,000 in cruises in her first year alone. Sue and her husband work from home and they love booking cruises for their clients. You will learn about how Sue got started in the business, the traps and pitfalls to avoid and how to start accepting cruise bookings from friends and family and associates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Learn the trade and gain valuable insight into what you need to do to structure your own successful business and quickly locate a host travel agency in your area to assist with booking your first cruise package.

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