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Yes, it’s obvious. We love cute puppies. It’s our passion and that’s why our Animal Rights Crusade #StopYulinSave the Puppies (“Follow us on Instagram) is so important and we always try to remind our subscribers to never forget the plight of millions of puppies who are suffering in Asia.

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

You can start your own Puppy Email Newsletter and join the Animal Rights Crusade to raise awareness of #StopYulin. Why not create your own Cute Puppy Newsletter to share with your friends on Facebook and Instagram? It’s easy and we can help you get up and running really fast. The more people on the Internet who are sharing #StopYulin, the greater the chance we have of saving the Puppies.

We get asked the same question, every time — “Do I need a website to start my own email newsletter?”. The answer is “no“.

You can take a few pics of your pet and create a dazzling email series just for your friends and family or perhaps share on Instagram to gain followers, make new friends and start your own Crusade.

There are YouTube Channels devoted exclusively to pets, “Happy Cats”, “Meow Paradise” and the big Kahuna, “Tiger Productions” with MILLIONS of subscribers and lots of huge checks from Google from their cut of YouTube’s advertising revenue.

In a recent article on about the Instagram Revolution, people all across the United States are turning a spare room or a guest house into a “puppy and kitten paradise” filled with stuffed fluffy toys, tennis balls and lots of treats to shoot videos all day long for upload to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and many of them are even paying off their mortgages.

In this job economy, you have to think OUTSIDE of the box.

Who knows – your little side hobby might help pay for your kid’s college education or at the least, a spectacular 14-day cruise in the Caribbean. Everyone loves cute puppies and cuddly kittens.

You will never look at your pet the same way again.

If you love cute little puppies as much as we do, why not share your love with your friends and family and new followers on Instagram with your own Cute Puppy Newsletter. You’re going to have so much fun learning how to take pictures of your cute puppy and upload them to your Email Newsletter account and broadcasting them to your friends and followers on Instagram. In no time flat,  you will start getting some extra income on the side from posting pictures of your cute puppy Brez7 on Instagram. You should be very excited to learn how to create some beautiful memorabilia of your dog and to share it on Instagram.

We highly recommend you look into making money on Instagram! Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 and it generated nearly $3.2 Billion in 2016. Talk about a great return on their investment. This photo-sharing platform could go on to generate $12 BILLION of revenue a year in 2021 with an annual growth of 30% for 2017 – 2021. With your own Puppy Newsletter, this might be a great 5-year plan for you to save up for a down payment on a new house.

For Facebook, video ads is were it’s at — 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video traffic and according to Credit Suisse, Facebook could generate $9.5 Billion in video ad revenue in 2021 compared to $2.05 Billion revenue in 2016. That’s a growth rate of over 35% from 2017 – 2020.

Facebook is the king of mobile advertising. It generated nearly $22.5 billion in mobile advertising revenue in 2016 with the global mobile ad revenues of $101.4 billion in 2016. That’s a lion’s share of a FIFTH of the global mobile advertising market. Facebook experienced a 77.8% growth in mobile ad revenue in 2015 and 67% growth in 2016. The mobile ad revenue coffers are expected to mushroom to over $196 Billion by 2019 (Forbes).

They just might be your ticket to the American Dream!

Fortunes in the social media revolution are being made every day – Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and so many production and video companies behind the scenes that bring you those cute puppy videos that rack up millions of views every month. The possibilities are not limited to puppies. You could start a high couture fashion newsletter, or a personal fitness newsletter or even a Vegan Diet newsletter. The sky is the limit. Based on our trial and error in building our “#StopYulin – Save the Puppies” Email Newsletter, we recommend this 1-2-3 QuickStart Plan to get your own email newsletter up and running with the best Monetization plug-ins so that you can start earning paychecks from Google AdSense, YouTube and Instagram.

Follow these Three (“1 – 2 – 3”) Free-Trial “no out of pocket/no up-front obligation” Steps to get started:

  1. The first step is to sign up for an Aweber account. It is ranked as the #1 email marketing company that offers a full scale of options in your email newsletter account. You get the first 30 days free to try the service and then it’s just $19/month to manage your first 500 subscribers. We have been working with Aweber for over 10 years and it’s great to create your Puppy Email Newsletter to build your followers on Instagram.
  2. The next step is to sign up for a free membership of Affilorama. You will learn the basics of email marketing and affiliate marketing. Once you start getting a lot of subscribers to your Email Newsletter, your friends will share it with their friends and so forth and you will start to get new subscribers from all over the world.  With your Affilorama account, you will get the blueprint to learn how to turn your cute puppy newsletter into extra income from “affiliate links” from posting on Instagram and other social media outlets so that your Cute Puppy Newsletter goes viral and pays for itself. This affiliate marketing system is perfect for just about anyone who needs the tools to build their own newsletter, configure themes, learn about funnels and where to get “cool content to put in their newsletter” for free so that your subscribers are happy and engaged.
  3. This step is a VERY important part of the puzzle: sign up for a free PLR Membership. You can monetize your new Newsletter with other peoples’ ebooks, software, scripts, videos and articles. This is the power of PLR. Over 64,000 PLR members have been using this little-known Internet secret to rack in huge profits online for years by owning, editing and even CLAIMING other peoples’ content as their own (‘it’s ok – it’s 100% legal – “it’s a VIP Inner Circle Secret known only to a select group of Internet entrepreneurs) to make money on Google Adsense and even start their own web store. You can start out as a Free PLR Member “first” and test the waters and once you receive your first paycheck, you can choose to upgrade later to maximize the profit potential of your new Puppy Newsletter. It just goes to show that it is better to start much sooner than later, especially with the explosive growth of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

An email newsletter will help you build credibility, generate sales calls, increase donations for your non-profit or fundraiser, strengthen relationships with your existing clients, improve communication with prospects and generate new income streams for your business. You can expect to see a huge increase in brand recognition by using an email newsletter to boost sales, carve your niche in your industry and learn what marketing strategies work best for you.  Email is almost 50 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers.

The key to starting your success story is being able to reach people on any device and increase website traffic and look like a professional authority in your industry. You will be able to market with a personal touch and start getting immediate results and get more with less. Generating buzz and excitement around your brand is the key to generating leads and an email newsletter allows you to effortlessly start a conversation with your prospects, promote your services and grow an audience.

Best of all, an email newsletter allows you to stay organized and focused on your marketing plan and increase your value in the industry by getting more people to pay attention to your message.  You will be able to attract more clients and save time by getting your emails out to your audience in less time. When you share relevant content with your audience through a professional email newsletter, you stay top-of-mind and build credibility. Your audience knows that you have something that can help them solve a problem and they are more inclined to do business with you when the time is right.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business, don’t miss out on improving your visibility, book more demos or consultations and build client relationships that will last the lifetime of your business.  With an email newsletter, you have a chance to start your business success story with a highly professional portfolio of Legacy Emails to target your audience and build brand recognition and revenue.

Do you have a website and need more traffic? We can design a beautiful Email Newsletter for you featuring a new domain name, a beautiful HTML landing page and installation of the email marketing software code and configuration of your hosting c-panel for your affiliate marketing offers. You need to create an Email Newsletter that’s 100% automated to keep in constant contact with your website visitors so that you can keep them engaged in your product or service. An Email Newsletter is crucial for boosting your search engine rankings because it can generate viral social media signals that Google references for relevance in the determination of your Search Engine Ranking (“1st page of Google”).  Pay-per-click advertising is very expensive and you need an automated tool that allows you to capture your website visitors and keep them engaged to convert them into repeat buyers. This type of automation on your website will increase your rankings! Click here to learn about our Email Newsletter Design Package.

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