Finder’s Keepers Challenge

Task-Incentive Instructions (“Terms and Conditions of Finder’s Keepers Challenge”) as follows:

(1) Subscribe to email and mobile subscription (“CruiseVotes”),

(2) Review these three websites to scavenge hunt Brezcoins (BREZ):

(a) (““);

(b) (““);

(c) (““).

Collect Brezcoin (BREZ) cryptotokens by looking for a small alt-coin icon (”  “)  and harvest these Brezcoins as a minimum set of thirty (30) unique QR Coded Brezcoins for a guaranteed minimum Bitcoin payout of $100. You can choose to HOLD on to the ownership of your Brezcoin as the collective set value is 100% linked to the current trading value of Bitcoin.

(3) As you locate each Brezcoin on our website network, you need to”activate” your ownership rights to each Brezcoin by using the “ShareThis” Buttons to share the page you found it on with friends on your favorite social network, then “right click” and store the Brezcoin with its unique QR Code/Hash Signature in a folder on your computer.

This offer is void per prohibited.

Individual Brezcoins are not for redeemable for BTC and collective monetary value is guaranteed on Collective Sets of 30 .coins is linked directly to subscriber collecting each Brezcoin based on task-incentive instructions, storing them in a .zip file to submit for redemption and verification. For example, a set of 30 Brezcoins at the daily quote of $6400/1 BTC is worth an estimated $96 at redemption and payable in Bitcoin. If Holder of Collective Set of 30 Brezcoins (“acquired via specific task-incentive instructions herein”) has a Wallet, he or she can transfer .coin files.

One 30-Brezcoin Certificate per a household. Maximum circulation of Brezcion is 10,000. Each set of 30 Brezcoins are collected and redeemed on a “first find, first claim” basis with each .coin belonging to ONE subscriber.

Minimum payout of $100.00 in Bitcoin per a collective set of 30 Brezcoins!

This task-incentive reward opportunity will reset upon due diligence of generating each set of 30 Brezcoins with their respective task incentive instructions. Brezcoin is a hybrid anonymous cryptocurrency utilizing advanced encryption techniques to ensure that each Brezcoin is trackable on a Public Ledger. Brezcoin are NOT transferable between subscribers or Brezcoins were not designed to be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange of any kind. Brezcoins were designed utilizing the latest crytographic and Blockchain technology to allow our subscibers to earn Bitcoin, cash and prizes in exchange for completing specific task-incentive instructions. Brezcoin are distributed in a very limited supply as part of a hybrid “crypto-token novelty” with no set individual monetary value of their own except for determining the value of a collective Set of 30 Brezcoin acquired by a lucky subscriber and its value only matures upon completion of a task-incentive instruction set (as seen below). Brezcoins only accrue value as a novelty “collective” set of 30 Brezcoins (“one set of 30 per a Bitcoin payee address”).  It is distributed through the drop method and it is set-up to be fully decentralized giving individuals complete and anonymous control once acquired (i.e deposit in a Wallet and access a Public Ledger). Brezcoin uses advanced encryption techniques for generation, transfer, and validation. No personal info is required, tracked, or collected with any transaction. A hash is created by taking multiple variables and hashing them multiple times to come up with a unique and verifiable address for each Brezcoin. The Public Ledger is an open accounting of all transactions involving brezcoin. Each transaction is timestamped and added to a Public Ledger which is released to the first subscriber who turns in the Collective Set of 30 for redemption for Bitcoin (“BTC”). The transactions are then verified and signed with a private key to ensure their validity. The Public Ledger is an open accounting of all transactions involving brezcoin. Each transaction is timestamped and added to the ledger in an ascending order. The ledgers are designed to sync with another in an ascending order from the earliest available timestamped ledger to the newest.  A Public ledger provides solid decentralization.

Collect all 30 Brezcoins and be the first to claim them by submitting the .zip file with all 30 alt-coins included (the Brezcoins must be submitted “as is” for authentication and verification). Any attempt to modify QR codes or Hash Signatures herein will null and void your rights to claim $100 in Bitcoin (BTC) payout.  Include a .txt file in your .zip file confirming your email address and phone number to verify your “active” status as subscribers of our email and mobile service.

Redemption of each collective set of 30 Brezcoins are on a “first find, first claim” as a set of 30 basis (i.e. the first subscriber to complete the submission and verification process has exclusive ownership of the collective set of 30 Brezcoins and is eligible to receive the Public Ledger and initiate transfer of .coin files to an encrypted Wallet. One owner per a collective set of 30 Brezcoins at a time for a guaranteed payout of $100 in Bitcoin to your secure encrypted Wallet.

Not ready to take your cruise? You can choose to “cashout” and redeem your Collector Set of 30 Brezcoins for a minimum of $100 Bitcoin (BTC) or “HOLD” it and we will issue you a “Crypto Brezcoin Certificate” and your Certificate will mature in six months for 250% of its initial cashout value and redeemable towards a Royal Caribbean Cruise of your choice! Just sit back and watch your Crypto Brezcoin Certificate mature until you are ready to take your next cruise (“Certificate’s Value at maturity is 250% redeemable towards a fabulous Royal Caribbean Cruise”).

Each collective set of 30 Brezcoins is linked to the value of Bitcoin upon redemption where payout in BTC (“Bitcoin”) is made at a rate of 1 Brezcoin (BREZ) = 50,000 Satoshi units or the equivalent of 0.00050000 Bitcoin as quoted on Coinbase.

We recommend Bitpay as an encrypted and secure Wallet to store your $100 payout in Bitcoin.

Please note: Crypto Brezcoin Certificates are only redeemable for Royal Caribbean Cruise gift certificates and earn interest from the day the Certificate locks in the price of Bitcoin (30 x 50,000 Satoshi) with their conversion of their Collector Set of 30 Brezcoins into a Crypto Brezcoin Certificate. These Certificates are issued by and are not transferable between subscribers and not valid for liquidity on any cryptocurrency exchange, physical goods or any commodity. A Crypto Brezcoin Certificate base value is determined by “50,000 Satoshi x 30” based on the value of 1 BTC.