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Welcome to Job Ninja 2.0, a blog that will assist you with making money in the ridesharing industry. You can download a free e-book tutorial guide that we put together just for our affiliates, drivers who sign up for Lyft and Uber at Job Ninja 2.0, called “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day”. You will learn all of the ins-and-outs of making up to $187 a day or more (plus tips) as a UberX Partner Driver. This website provides a lot of great information about making money as a Lyft and Uber Driver-Partner.

The very first step to subscribe and claim your free copy of the “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” e-Book (a $99 value) then (1) click on the “Click here to sign up for Lyft” link below and complete the registration process with Lyft and (2) click on the “Click here to sign up for Uber” link and complete the registration process with Uber. You will upload the same documents to Uber and Lyft so you should complete the driver application for each platform at the same time. If you want to avoid having to do two vehicle inspections, you should try to apply for both at the same time. Both companies are pretty good about progressing the “onboarding” process as quickly as possible so that you can get on the road and complete your first ride. You may qualify for a cash sign-on bonus or guarantee!

Step 1:


Step 2:




Once approved and all documents uploaded via HD camera pics via the Driver app, you should be ready to start making money with Lyft and Uber in the next 5 days or less. Start reading your copy of “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” today.  Plus, you will receive up to *One Full Year of Affiliate Mentoring by email with your e-Book Tutorial Guide absolutely free as one of our mentoring affiliates. Don’t worry about doubts or hesitations, simply apply with both Lyft and Uber now and everything will fall into place for you and you should be able to start making money on both platforms as soon as 5 days from now! At Job Ninja 2.0, we really want to help you succeed in the ridesharing industry so we crammed pretty much all the tips, strategies and tactics for making money with ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft into a supercharged guide to making a profit from Day One.

Simply subscribe to Job Ninja 2.0 and start reading your copy of “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” todayYou will learn how to evaluate your area for the best money-making rideshare opportunities, how to get the most profitable trip requests and how to get 5-star ratings almost like clockwork. Be your own boss and get paid for driving on your own schedule. Demand for Uber is growing every day! What are you waiting for…get it done! 

Once you start the application process, you will communicate directly with Lyft and Uber to complete the onboarding process as a new Driver Partner. We recommend you apply for both at the same time as you will be uploading the same documents to either platform. They will help you get on the road as soon as possible. We will provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed and start making as much money as possible.

Are you ready to make money with the Surge and Prime Time?

Get Paid Every Day! Drive to Pay Your Tuition. It’s easy….Make Extra Money with your Car…. Start earning money on your schedule…. Lyft and Uber – the better, faster and cheaper alternatives to a taxi needs partners like you! You can earn extra cash and take advantage of tax deductions. Drive today and start to earn great money helping their community of riders get rides around town. You can start using the Lyft and Uber Platforms to make up to an extra $500 – $700 a week with your own car and be eligible for a whole slew of tax deductions!

One of the great advantages of the Uber Partner program is the surge pricing. When demand is high, there is a surge multiple in the basic fare which gets applied to the final fare charged to the rider. On March 18th – 20th, 2016, the Ultra Music Festival was being held in Miami. This was a surge bonanza for Uber partners — a great opportunity to make a lot of money during this party weekend. Uber had a cash prize contest and a few drivers walked away with thousands of dollars in prizes that weekend. It was a great weekend of electronic dance music (EDM).

UberX fares at this time were $0.85 per mile and $0.13 per minute in Miami/Fort Lauderdale. The “surge multiple” for this particular specific zone/location shown means the same trip per a mile at a 2.9x surge multiple was  $2.465 ($0.85 x 2.9) per mile and $0.377 ($0.13 x 2.9) per minute. Surge is not applied to the booking fee or tolls.

As an Uber partner, you will be able to drive into these zones and profit from surge pricing. Each trip completed in a “surge zone” means more money in your pocket at the end of the day! Once you become an Uber Partner, pay close attention to their Weekly Demand emails so that you receive in your email inbox and make sure to download the AccuWeather app and enable Push Notifications so that you stay tuned of weekly weather patterns.

Unusual weather can mean more money in your pocket – people need a safe ride home! When it rains, it pours $$$! The screenshot below shows “surge pricing”. It was such a high demand for the Ultra Music Festival that the surge rose as high as 2.9x. You can click on the screenshot below (i.e. zoom in) to see how surge pricing gets added to your Uber earnings.

As a Uber driver, you need to click on the TripLog link below to get the 20% discount. TripLog is a powerful app that resides on your mobile phone and it tracks your mileage automatically by GPS and compiles reports for your accountant. It also features a web portal with stats on all of your trips. You can use their clever MagicTrip feature in the app that starts tracking your miles once your car reaches a certain MPH (“autostart”) or you can manually start and end the trip each time you start your personal Uber journey each day on the main screen of your smartphone.

FYI: You should have Uber,  Lyft,  Waze, and TripLog on App Page 1 of your smartphone for fast access!  

Click here below on the link to sign up and get a 20% discount….


You are able to track your fuel trips, expenses (take camera pics of meal receipts and tolls and store them in the cloud) for future accounting projects with QuickBooks Simplified and TurboTax. You will be able to sync your data daily with safe and reliable Cloud Storage through your TripLog app — all for a small $2.50/month fee.

Driving for Lyft and Uber plus using TripLog = the ultimate blueprint for rideshare success!

Whether you just want to make just enough money to pay a few bills, save up for your kids college education or take a Las Vegas vacation, this is the excellent income opportunity! You will make a profit from Day 1 as an Uber Partner! The Uber partner app is geared for 100% success! They have thousands of programmers and engineers brainstorming on new ways to help you make more money with your car on the Uber Platform.


You will meet many wonderful people as a Uber Partner. Depending on where you live and the demand for the Uber ridesharing service (i.e. demand is more or less higher in large urban cities), you may average up to $15 – $20 or more an hour as an Uber driver. In some cities like San Francisco and New York City where surge pricing is very common, there are Uber Partners earning up to $25 or more an hour. Select and choose your zones (i.e. downtown, airport, etc.) and work times carefully based on your individual market and you will be successful.

If you want to work full-time, you can. If you want to work part-time, you can. Be calm, you are the boss! If you are still not convinced that you can make more with ridesharing, take a good look at my Uber earnings on New Year’s Eve….


Click on the screenshot above to see the “surge multiples”….

I pulled in $354.12 in net earnings in ONE day with surge multiples as high as 5.7x — mostly on New Year’s Eve night with surge pricing continuing well into New Year’s Day and the following day after that as high as 3.8x. I generated $1,090.38 in fares and surge money for this Weekly Cycle ending January 4th, 2016 4 a.m. where regular fares equaled $571.98 and surge fares equaled $518.40 (so surge pricing as a result of the demand being so incredibly high — ADDED about 48% to my earnings). That’s the power of the surge!

So, if you like driving and want to make extra money with your car, you should consider driving for Uber which offers a great platform, higher brand recognition, higher market penetration and great resources and partnerships with vendors such as Verizon (15% discount every month), specials at Maaco, TirePlus and so much more!  You will have a great time and you will meet a lot of nice people and make a lot of money, especially on holidays, special events like concerts, music festivals and football games!

If you are ready to get started, learn the secrets for finding the best pickup spots in your area, learn how to spot and take advantage of surge pricing and how to select the best times to drive for Uber in his new e-book:

“Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day”

This FREE e-Book written exclusively for our mentoring affiliates who sign up to drive for Uber and Lyft on Job Ninja 2.0 and are approved comes complete with 7 sections in simple plain English with lots of screenshots from Wade’s Samsung Note 4 for highly advanced ridesharing strategies and tactics (learned over the course of ONE YEAR by trial and error on the streets of South Florida).

With this e-book, you can start making money and start turning a profit from Day One!

You will learn:

  1. How to Find the Best Pickups.
  2. How to Take Advantage of Surge Pricing.
  3. How to Choose the Best Times to Drive and Find the Best Zones in Your Area.
  4. How to Get more Passenger Referrals.
  5. How to Work Smarter than Other Drivers with DailyPay.
  6. How to Take Tax Deductions to Maximize Profits.
  7. How to Get A 5-Star Rating “almost” each and every time.
    Supplemental: 1099-K Combined Earnings Analysis (Uber and Lyft) for 2016.
    +++ Free Affiliate Mentoring by email for up to ONE Year!

Like any business, you must invest in yourself and gain knowledge to improve your life and quality of life for your family. To earn — learn, how to do it! You write your own ticket, you own your own business and create your own opportunities in the rideshare industry. Uber makes it easy for you to succeed. Just drive! You have 100% flexibility where you work and which days you work! 


As revealed in the Cash Every Day e-book, your best tips will come from airport fares (check regulations in your market – you may need an airport permit).  For example, I completed a Port St. Lucie airport fare from KFLL on Christmas Eve 2015 and my net Uber payout was $73.78 for a nice leisurely 100 min. 92 mile drive. Great conversation with my Puerto Rican best buddy from Brooklyn! Best of all, I earned an $100 tip for this great trip from KFLL to Port St. Lucie. What a great Christmas Eve 2015! 

With over 3,800+ trips and a 4.87 rating out of 5.0 possible as a Lyft and Uber Partner (Day One was 6/1/2015), you will learn all of my secret tips, strategies and tactics for maximizing your ridesharing profits on the Uber Platform. Just focus on taking care of people, being sociable and providing a safe, clean and comfortable rider environment. People love Lyft and Uber. They will continue to grow and develop new ways to commute and enrich peoples’ lives. You can be part of this ridesharing industry and make it your little side hustle adventure!


You will get my top recommended secret tactics for getting the highest paying fares which can add up to over $120 a day with as little as $10 in regular unleaded gas! You will learn how to get passengers to refer other passengers (“friends and family”) for Rider Acquisition Rewards simply by sharing their great ridesharing experience with their closest friends and relatives which builds the ridesharing community.

Don’t put off becoming a ridesharing partner any longer! You owe it to yourself and your family to invest in your own rideshare enterprise. Reap the benefits of this technology and put it to work for you to generate extra cash and profits day after day! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!
Get your copy of “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” now…

Take the first step to success. Sign up to drive for Lyft and Uber now and start reading the “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” e-book as soon as possibleClick here to apply to drive for Uber!

You may qualify for exclusive cash bonuses and other perks upon completing your first set of rides in the first 30 days! Subscribe to get the free e-book and learn how to create real, positive cash flow with Lyft and Uber from Day 1.

We will help you to get all of the forms uploaded to the Uber Partner App/Website such as vehicle registration, insurance docs so that you can take your first trip request and start making money driving for Uber. As a mentoring affiliate of Job Ninja 2.0, we will mentor you through the process of taking your first set of rides; free Affiliate Mentoring is available by email for up to one full year!

Take the first step to success. Sign up to drive for Lyft and Uber now and while you wait for approval from Lyft and Uber (“the onboard registration process is usually completed in 3 – 5 days with a driver’s history check, background check and document upload process”), start reading the “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” e-book. It will prepare you for your first ride on both platforms. You can run other driver apps simultaneously on one phone like I do, (i.e. Samsung Note 4 Verizon) to maximize your earnings.

If you really want to maximize your earnings, you are encouraged to also apply to drive for Lyft. Uber processes about 300% more trip requests than Lyft, however you can run BOTH Driver Apps on your smartphone at once and scan TWO networks simultaneously and make Mo’ Money. You can easily sign up now to drive for Lyft and Uber and work both networks simultaneously.

If you need to make a choice between Lyft and Uber as to which one to start driving for first, go with Lyft. In the South Florida market, Lyft is going by leaps and bounds and there is huge demand for the service at all times of day. This screenshot to the right shows an actual Monday morning “heat map” with corresponding 20% – 200% Prime Time (“additional fare added”).

There are so many great opportunities in the South Florida market right now, especially with Lyft where the demand is outpacing new driver enrollments so there is a sign-on bonus up to $100 available for new Lyft drivers for their first 160 rides.

As you can see at 8 a.m on a typical Monday morning, thousands of people rely on Lyft in South Florida to get to work or school or a doctor’s appointment. One of the main advantages also for joining Lyft is their incentives platform. Depending on how much you enjoy getting bonuses and hourly incentives, you may find yourself driving more for Lyft to nail the 20% Power Bonus which could easily add up to $150 – $200 extra a week in your pocket. Once I started to earn their 20% Power Driver Bonus more and more, I found that I was on the Lyft Platform processing more trip requests for Lyft than Uber so that I can pocket the extra cash at the end of the week which often covers my gas, meals and other miscellaneous expenses.

lyft_bonus_2Not only are you eligible to receive a 20% Power Driver Bonus each week as long as you meet the requirements, but you may be hand-selected by the Lyft team “from time to time” to receive Average Hourly Guarantees which are offered based on the unique and anticipated demand and driver availability.

The Average Hourly Guarantees from Lyft sweeten the pot, so to speak because if you nail the 20% Power Bonus PLUS drive and work hard to nail each Hourly Guarantee Criteria, you could easily see your Lyft Paycheck swell up to 40% than your standard weekly earnings. The Power Bonus and Hourly Guarantees are a sweet combination of cash incentive goodness! With these type of guarantees, if you abide by the rules of the promotion, you earn up to $35 or more per an hour.

Here is an example of Lyft’s previously offered “Average Hourly Guarantees” that I received in September and October 2016. Special events like Art Basel in Miami Beach and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show means the rider demand is really huge and Lyft will periodically hand-select and offer some of their best drivers generous cash incentives. For example, Uber tried to outbid Lyft during Art Basel Festival on Miami Beach by offering me $47/hour to drive for Uber with similar criteria for earning the extra cash: stay in driver “Online” mode for at least 50 minutes of each hour and complete 1 trip, minimum. It was crazy!

While Uber offers “Instant Pay” for its Drivers, Lyft offers a super-cool “Express Pay” option to cash out your earnings into your bank account in less than 1 hour plus Lyft also offers 10% and 20% Power Driver Bonuses for its super-hyped Drivers.

mon_19_12noon_2Take the first step to success. Subscribe to Job Ninja 2.0 and receive $30 in Lyft and Uber Ride Codes and you will receive your copy of the “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” e-book, 100% absolutely freeDrive for Uber!

Do you want to DOUBLE your earnings? Uber processes about 3x more trip requests than Lyft in this market (“South Florida”), but you can run BOTH Driver Apps on your smartphone at the same time (“simultaneously”) and turn more Miles into Money which means at the end of the day,  Mo’ Money!!!

Lyft offers some amazing opportunities in Miami by allowing TIPS in the Lyft app which can amount to an extra $50 – $60 every day and Scheduled Pickups which have become really popular with doctor’s offices for offering transportation for their patients from home to the office. Just take a look at the Lyft screenshot that’s time stamped by my Samsung Note 4 showing my earnings for a mix of airport gigs and cruise port gigs that produced three great Express Pay Deposits over a 24-hour period.  My Express Pay cashouts totaled $152.51 from 12/18 12:31 a.m – 12/19 11:37 a.m after completing a nice airport gig from KFLL Airport to my passenger’s Airbnb on 9th Street, Miami Beach. You can earn from both Lyft and Uber from one smartphone!  Click here to apply to drive for Lyft!

As you can see, I am well on my way to earn at least the 10% Power Driver Bonus with 100% Acceptance Rate. Plus, for the week of 12/19 – 12/25 I was offered almost $400 in Average Hourly Guarantees so the extra bonus guarantee cash will be great coupled with a 20% Power Driver Bonus come Monday, December 26th, 2016….just in time for Christmas and New Years. Not to mention, the huge anticipated cash bonanza of New Years Eve 2016. Last year, New Years Eve 2015, I earned $354.12 in just one day (“Screenshot of New Years Eve 2015 Earnings“) driving for Uber thanks to the high demand of thousands of people trying to make it to downtown Fort Lauderdale. It was stupendous!

alicia12As a Lyft Driver, it is possible to earn up to $50/hour especially if you drive in hot zones in your area like the major airports (i.e. KFLL Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, KMIA Miami International Airport and KPBI Palm Beach International Airport) and the cruise posts (Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and the Port of Miami). Remember, there are travelers who have booked their AirBnb accommodations well in advance and Southwest Airlines and JetBlue only service KFLL and not KMIA nor KPBI so there are many unique opportunities to make money in this market as an rideshare entrepreneur, especially as a Lyft Driver with Lyft’s rider base growth rapidly outpacing its driver availability. Here is a screenshot of a great trip from KFLL to West Palm Beach on December 25, 2016. Being able to pocket $50 ($45.66 in net earnings plus $5 cash tip) in one hour is great; that’s a utility bill or cell phone bill for many people. To make money with Lyft, you just have to sign up and show up. You can spend up to 14 hours in “one stretch” on the Lyft app making money!

When you sign up for Lyft and Uber here, you will automatically receive ONE YEAR of consulting and mentoring free via email absolutely free with an experienced rideshare partner with over 4,000+ Lifetime Trips on both platforms.  Apply to drive now and read your Free e-Book before you take your First Trip so that you have expert knowledge on how to make more money with Uber’s Surge Zones and Lyft’s Prime Time Guarantees while positioning yourself to pocket their amazing cash sign-on bonuses!

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