“How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency to Reward Customer Loyalty”

FORT LAUDERDALE – The advent of the tokenized economy has rewarded many business owners with immense opportunities to grow their business online. The foundation of any cryptocurrency is the Blockchain or decentralized ledger, the mechanism of transparency that is going to be one of the most disruptive platforms of the future. There is already discussion of building an “Internet 3.0” with the Blockchain. One of the main reasons that should motivate small business owners to develop their own cryptocurrency is the proliferation of mobile apps, an extensive network of devices worldwide capable of secure storage of customized ERC20 (“Ethereum”) tokens with multiple apps available. Tokens have long been used in the casino and gaming industry to effectively brand and market their property and to generate foot traffic. Even if you don’t have a background in computer programming, you can create your own cryptocurrency (“digital alt-coin”).

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You don’t have to list your cryptocurrency on exchanges such as Coinbase, one of the most popular exchanges for buying and selling digital alt-coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. Your token can be as simple as a non-monetary valued token (similar to Cruise Votes Brezcoin) on the Ethereum Blockchain (“ERC20 compliant”) that is verified and available for a secure Wallet such as Trust – Ethereum and ERC20 Token Wallet. Imagine the branding power of issuing 1 MILLION digital alt-coins on the Ethereum Blockchain and using your smart contract (“the code”) to distribute and reward your customers for engagement and loyalty. You can instill specific call-to-action task incentives to reward your customers and increase the branding effect of your own digital alt-coin. When cryptocurrencies are coupled with store gift cards and travel rewards, there is really NO LIMIT to the potential of your company’s alt-coin to reward your customers’ loyalty. Remember, it costs a lot less to keep a customer than to create a new one and convert them in a consistent revenue stream for your business. When you create a Customer Loyalty Reward Program for your business with a cryptocurrency digital alt-coin, you enable, motivate and empower your customers to seek out new avenues to engage with your business and your brand in the hope of earning rewards by simply completing specific call-to-action task incentives. The factors that makes a cryptocurrency so appealing for small business owners is the stability and transparency of the Ethereum Blockchain and the proliferation of mobile apps and secure smartphone encrypted ERC20 Token Wallets around the world. When you create your own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain, you tap into an incredibly cost-effective method of implementing a smart contract to micromanage thousands or even MILLIONS of digital alt-coins. For just a few dollars of Ether (“gas to run your smart contract on the Ethereum Network”), you can start to manage your own cryptocurrency today!

The future of guerrilla marketing tactics will incorporate cryptocurrencies as the central scaling component to enable multiple layers of transparency; thereby tapping into the true power of blockchain technology. If you talk to many cryptocurrency programmers, they often say, “it’s too soon!” – meaning the world as a whole is not really ready for the power of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, however, there has never been a better time to create your own cryptocurrency.

If you are a small business owner and you want to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace or your own niche, you should seriously think about creating your own cryptocurrency and using it to implement and spawn very powerful guerrilla marketing tactics to generate revenue and profits!

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