Job Interview Magic 2.0

“Job Interview Magic 2.0 – The Art of Persuasion” (a $97 value) is a free workshop (100% compatible for Web 2.0, social media and mobile smartphones). It was designed just for job seekers who want a simple yet powerful online workshop to prepare for their next job interview and maximize their job search.

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If you are like most proactive job seekers, you are making calls to prospective employers while in your Lyft, setting up meet-and-greets at Starbucks, building your network of prospective employers and getting things done on the go. “Job Interview Magic 2.0 – The Art of Persuasion” was designed for your mobile phone so that you can enjoy a Chai Latte at Starbucks while using your phone’s Stylus Pen to take notes in S Note on job interviewing skills while scheduling your next Uber pickup for a possible phone interview on Skype.

The goal of this free-trial workshop (subscribe for the free-trial password) is to take you to the next level of job interviewing preparation and knock their socks off with your job interviewing skills. Your Free Job Interview Magic Workshop Awaits. 

Your participation at various stages is key for maximizing the takeaway effect of Job Interview Magic 2.0. It’s available right now if you really want to maximize the online training available to network with potential employers in your area and take advantage of every resource we have available at your fingertips to find a great job.

Please DO NOT go to your next job interview until you review “Job Interview Magic 2.0 – The Art of Persuasion”. 

….it will change your Life!

We received a warm testimonial from Brenda, one of our students who attended our free Job Interview Magic Online Workshop. It wasn’t until she reviewed Job Interview Magic 2.0 did she actually realize how critical it was to ask all of the right questions during a job interview:

We highly encourage you to be interactive with the Top 25 Most Common Interview Questions Set in our online workshop when preparing for your job interview. You can submit your Q&A for a Free Critique. Karrington White, a recent job seeker and hospitality management major was successfully placed in a job with a top hotel chain. He believes that his Free Q&A Critique with Job Ninja gave him the confidence he needed to ace his first and 2nd-follow up interviews. He used the feedback from our critique of his Top 25 Question Set responses to fine tune his final responses to many of the similar-themed (“variation”) questions he faced in his live job interview with the Interviewer. By studying the Top 25 Most Common Interview Questions, he was prepared for just about any question “variation”, even the twisted ones!

Please review Karrington White’s Q&A Critique ( ~ shared with permission ~ and then complete the Job Interview Magic Online Workshop and get your Free Q&A Critique.  When you complete your responses to the Top 25 Most Common Interview Questions in Job Interview Magic, save them to a Microsoft .doc file and then email us the file. A member of our staff will review your responses, make suggestions and offer you some feedback. We have taken it a step further just for your success: we will convert your Microsoft .doc file into a new Mobile Webpage, host it for free for fast and convenient access at any time for your next job interview. Study your Guide in the parking lot just before your job interview…in the elevator….in the Lobby. Be confident. Be prepared. You got Internet access – you got this!

Your Free Top 25 Q&A Critique includes your Mobile Q&A Webpage conversion (no charge). Karrington can brush up on his responses to the Top 25 Most Common Interview Questions at any time in the very near future in the event that he is contacted by a recruiter or headhunter and offered another great job opportunity. With fast, mobile 24/7 access to his Top 25 Q&A Critique, you’ll have it handy — ready to review your responses for your next job interview at any time. Don’t leave anything to chance. Masterful preparation for the Top 25 Most Common Interview Questions means that you’ll never lose control of the Interview. You’ll be calm and confident should the Interviewer throw any curve balls at you.

Jacob completed a video testimonial to share how Job Interview Magic 2.0 helped his job search:

“Job Interview Magic 2.0 – The Art of Persuasion” has been upgraded to a powerful, sleek and easily-accessible Web online workshop format that gives just about anyone around the world access to the latest tips, strategies and secrets for learning how to ace their next job interview from their mobile device.  Job Interview Magic 2.0 was designed from the ground up to activate your job interview potential instantly by addressing these 10 mistakes most job candidates make in their job interview:

1. Making a terrible first impression.

2. Failure to talk in specifics.

3. Lack of preparation.

4. Failure to emphasize your strengths.

5. Failure to answer questions at the right time.

6. Sharing “fibs” with your Interviewer and doing a really bad job at it.

7. Failing to engage your Interviewer with your own set of questions.

8. Failure to follow up at the right time to get your desired result. No Thank-you Letter? What!

9. Failure to go into the job interview with a positive mind and visualizing the end result – a job offer.

10. Ceasing your job search while you wait for a response from the employer.

Job seekers will be able to load the online job interviewing workshop on their smartphone and review tips while waiting to be seen by their Interviewer. You can brush up on your interviewing skills right in the lobby. If you have a powerful smartphone like the Samsung Note 4, you will be able to use your Stylus Pen to retrieve and save topics directly to the S Note mobile application and use them like “index cards” the night before to help you prepare for your job interview. In Job Interview Magic 2.0, we address SIX elements to help you ace your job interview. We take a look at the Top Ten Rules of the Interview, What to do before the Interview, how to Dress for Success and what to do specifically during the Interview and What Questions to Ask the Employer during the Interview to keep your Interviewer engaged and focused on your skills and qualifications. This unique Question Set for you, the job seeker, is geared towards develop a powerful creative visualization model for aligning the Interviewer and yourself in your new role in the organization. Available now with your Free-Trial Password (please set aside 30 minutes). Every single minute of your Interview counts and this online workshop shows you how to maximize your job interviewing potential. This question set has been engineering by psychologists with great insight in the powers of creative visualization and how to use coded keyword phrases to align engagement and creative visualization towards accomplishing a specific goal or objective.

One of the best tips for getting the all-elusive 2nd follow-up job interview is using your Thank-You Letter. Do you have one? We have included a powerful Thank-you Letter in Job Interview Magic 2.0 to show your appreciation to your Interviewer. Keep in mind a few things would have happened over the course of the few days since your job interview: (1) the Interviewer has met with other job candidates, (2) the Interviewer is meeting with the CEO or Department Head to narrow down their selection of job candidates, (3) with each passing day, memory of your initial interview is fading.

The primary goal of your Thank-You Letter is to keep the Interviewer focused on your skills and qualifications during the selection process, especially if the interviewing process goes to a 2nd round and job candidates are being called in for a 2nd follow-up interview perhaps face-to-face with the CEO and the Interviewer once again.


chk1Reminds the interviewer of your conversation so that you can stand out from the crowd. Interviewers speak to a lot of job candidates and it is easy for them to forget individual nuances of each unique candidate. Set yourself apart from the rest of the competition with a powerful Thank-You Letter. Your Thank-You Letter “after” the Interview brings you right back to forefront of the interviewing process with a subtle reminder of your candidacy. A well-written, thoughtful thank you letter can work incredibly well as a powerful callback to your Job Interview when it’s time to make a decision.

Use it’s power to serve as a powerful callback to the initial Interview!

chk1Your Thank-You Letter reinforces your candidacy and makes an even more powerful connection with your Interviewer. It re-engages the whole interview process once again in the mind of the Interviewer and time stamps the original Interview as “memorable” — worthy of another quick review of your resume. Anything you can do to get the Interviewer to search and seek out your resume one more time is 100% worth the effort.  A highly-memorable flashback on executive linen sent exclusively to the Interviewer should be a game changer. Your Thank-You Letter restores the memory of your interview refreshing it right back into the “here and now” while reinforcing in the Interviewer’s Mind what you will bring to the table with an invitation to join their organization.

Use it’s power to restore a memorable experience of the initial Interview!

chk1It also works really well to swing the doors of future communication wide open. Brag about your enthusiasm for the job. Reiterate your interest in the position. Lastly, Your Thank-You Letter creates an opportunity for the interviewer to ask follow-up questions, review professional references or simply just cut to the chase — make you an offer. Ask and you shall receive. It never hurts to ask (at the right time).

Use it’s power to get a 2nd follow-up interview or even better – a great Job Offer!

Engagement is one of the elemental lessons of the Job Interview Magic Workshop. Each element of Job Interview Magic was designed to keep the Interviewer engaged on “you” — constantly questioning “where does he or she fit in our organization?”. By asking all of the right questions at the right time and by keeping the Interviewer’s attention focused and riveted on creative visualization suggestions for your new role in their organization. The Question Set (“Questions to Ask the Employer”) is where most of the Magic will happen for you! This question set is interactive. When you get instant access to the full-version of Job Interview Magic, you will unlock all of its powerful benefits and features. Be prepared to jot down notes and go to the next level of job interviewing preparation.

You’ll be able to DOWNLOAD a great “Thank-You Letter After a Job Interview” instantly upon gaining access to the full version of Job Interview Magic. You will be able to quickly customize it with your Interviewer’s Name and Company Address and other information as needed to position yourself for success for that all-elusive 2nd-follow job interview offer that only the top 1% of job candidates ever receive.

IMPORTANT: You should include the link to your new Organic Resume WebPage at the top of your “Thank-You Letter” sent after your Interview. It helps to reinforce your candidacy and put you in the forefront of the decision process! The Interviewer probably spoke to over 50+ job candidates in the past 72 hours so why not make it easy for them to access your resume lightning-fast online to get a 2nd follow-up interview.

Convert your OLD resume into a new Web 2.0 Organic Resume WebPage: (sample).
Get the Competitive Edge today! Perfect for Smartphones: “Double Tap to Zoom In on Your Resume”.

This powerful and one-of-a-kind “Thank You Letter After a Job Interview” clearly taps into Power of Reinforcement of your candidacy, serves as a powerful callback and restores the memorable experience of the initial Interview. Simply put, it brings your candidacy to the forefront of the Interview Process all over again and candidly suggests that they offer you the Job – just in time when they are making their decision. So much happens behind closed doors. Any advantage you can get – take it. Don’t hesitate.

Use this powerful “Thank-You Letter After a Job Interview” and you will be clearly speaking to the Interviewer’s sense of bravado! Most career coaches will agree that Interviewers love when job candidates are candid about letting everyone around them know why they deserve to get the Job!

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