Paid Surveys

wine3wine5Do you like champagne and French wine? If so, this is a great opportunity for you to receive a Free Bottle of Champagne and get PAID for your opinion about the product before our client invests money in their next nationwide advertising campaign. The admin of this blog is the former Creative Director of an internet advertising agency in Fort Myers, Florida and Job Ninja 2.0 is offering unique income opportunities to interested parties who are registered to participate in our focus groups.. We want your opinion as a focus group participant about what motivates you to purchase a bottle of wine or champagne, what time of year you are mostly like to make your purchase, who you tend share a glass of wine or champagne and what occasion, etc.

In the past few months, our focus group sessions have been very successful and the data aggregation was solid and on point with criteria dictated by the top marketing research companies.  You will be able to actively participate in the process of information mining and data aggregation whereby our company offers these focus groups for active consumers to “review” and “give their opinion” about products. Many leading advertising companies in New York City pay companies like ours for moderated information mining and data aggregation models to help them make smart decisions about advertising campaigns.

We want to continue to offer a unique income opportunity to interested parties in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash and enjoy new products about to be launched in the global marketplace. Please watch this video for a better understanding of how focus groups work:

We are offering a great income opportunity to conduct marketing research on behalf of a top advertising companies that work with wineries to help them understand the needs of their customer base. Data research is crucial to the success of many marketing campaigns and we are offering up $50 – $400 to sample French champagne and give us your opinion in a 1-hour focus group session.

We are looking for a group of eight people; grouped into “four pairs” as participants in our next focus group to sample champagne for our exclusive probe market research. Focus groups serve as data aggregates for companies to pitch their marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time.

wine1Our client will use the data from the focus group to guide them in their promotion of their product for the holiday season.

Focus group facilitators try to find out what the average consumer or their target demographic thinks of a product BEFORE creating a marketing campaign.

For the average consumer, participating in focus groups can lead to a little extra cash.

If selected, your compensation will come in the form of a VISA Gift Card with a balance of $50 – $400 (varies based on the level of marketing research required). Marketing and research teams seek people from various demographics for their focus groups so be prepared to answer a few questions via an “eligibility screener” questionnaire before reserving your spot in our next Focus Group Session.

survey103You are required to complete a profile and short questionnaire about yourself to help us determine that you are the right fit for this focus group based on the requirements of the client.

We will pay $50 – $400 to get your precise opinion on different types of champagne. We are seeking eight participants who live in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area who really appreciate fine wines and great French champagne. The date and location, in the past a private hotel conference room will be announced. We will confirm the date and the location once you are selected to join our next focus group session.

The ideal candidate for our focus group:

✔Age 25 – 45
✔Recreational drinker who enjoys wine and champagne
✔Purchased a bottle of wine from retail store in the last 6 months
✔Hosted a wine tasting party in the last 12 months at their home (optional)

If you know of anyone that might also be interested please RSVP here to reserve your spot. Please feel free to share this opportunity with your close friends.

We encouraging pairing of focus group participants to make the event more enjoyable and fun. Engagement with pairs in focus groups can yield higher quality data aggregation! Our advertising clients prefer participants feel more relaxed in a “paired” setting as they tend to be more thorough with the questionnaire and survey questions.

If you are interested in joining our next focus group, please review this informative video to learn more about what makes a good focus group:

Hence, we are looking to match “four pairs” who will be engaged by an experienced focus group moderator for data aggregation and marketing research for the highest cash payout available. The typical focus group session usually lasts 1 hour.

wine4Our “dual-interactive” focus group research format creates a “casual, yet interactive atmosphere” for our focus groups which has worked well in the past; you will be paired with a close friend or co-worker. There is an “eligibility screener” which will be addressed by the 1-page questionnaire that you will receive by mail.

If you and a friend are interested in joining our next Focus Group for fun times and earning a little cash for your opinion to help us target the marketing campaign while expanding your taste palette with fine French Champagne, please click “Contact Us” above to receive a “eligibility screener” questionnaire by mail. Once you complete the Questionnaire as required by our client to ensure that their qualifications for a moderator and participants are compliant with their agency’s advertising campaign, we will review your information and confirm your eligibility for our next focus group session.


There is no fee to register and participate in one of our focus group sessions. As our company grows, we will have many more focus group income opportunities to review a variety of products. Please request an “Eligibility Screener Questionnaire” so that we can “match” you to the perfect focus group income opportunity. Once you are registered with Job Ninja 2.0 for focus group sessions, we will continue to find a suitable match based on the criteria of the respective marketing research client. Your opinion = $50 – $400 depending on the criteria for moderating the focus group.

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