Hi – my name is Wade and I have completed over 5,000 Lifetime Trips driving for Lyft and Uber. It’s one of the best income opportunities available.

Uber was there for me at the “right place at the right time” back in May, 2015 when I got LAID OFF from my financial aid job at a private college in Fort Lauderdale. It was a tough and very stressful time for me! I desperately needed to make an extra $500 a month to keep up with my student loan payments.

You will learn my strategies for making money with Lyft and Uber, up to $1, 041.53 in one week so that you can benefit from my experience.

Have you ever dreamed of a job where you are your own Boss and you get Paid Daily? Well, with Lyft and Uber, it’s all possible. Absolutely!

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

On the night of my layoff, I applied online to drive for Uber and got approved in 3 days and never looked back. Since then, I haven’t worked a regular full-time 9-to-5 job and I work for Lyft and Uber and other freelance income opportunities. It’s been a real blessing because I get to take vacations whenever I want to and if I don’t want to work during the week – no problem! – I just double up on my hours on the weekends and drive around KFLL (Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport) and park near the Cruise Port to get my “bread-and-butter” trips that I love; the ones where $70 here and $80 here add up to a full-time income fast! It feels good that I can get up one day and decide to book a flight to Las Vegas and stay at one of my favorite resorts off the Strip, Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and chill out for 3 days.

I know all of this might sound too good to be true, but 3 Million Lyft and Uber drivers can’t be wrong!

It’s hard to believe that I have completed over 5,000+ Lifetime Trips Brez12 so far…

I guess what they say is true, “time flies when you’re having fun!”

Ok — the main question I get from my riders is, “Can you make good money driving for Lyft and Uber?”

The answer is YES!! – the most I have made in ONE Week was $1, 041.53 for the week of March 6th – March 12th, 2017. I did it in 46 hours and 58 minutes on the Lyft Platform (“see my Proof of Earnings”). It was an awesome week; full of tourists and cruise passengers arriving at the airport. You can make $1,041 a week and get paid to travel too — I give you the Master Blueprint in my free e-book, “CashEveryDay | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day.”

You will learn all of my tips, strategies and tactics for making money with ridesharing. I will help you overcome any learning curve you have to avoid the pitfalls that I faced when I first got started.  You will learn how “I got paid $1,041 in one week”  and how to make more cash tips. You don’t need to pay a fee to register with Lyft as a Driver (“it’s free to sign up to drive”).  In fact, if you sign up today, you might be eligible for a substantial $$Cash$$ Sign On Bonus (varies depending on the city). It’s easy to find out your bonus – click on the link below and complete the online application, wait to be approved (usually takes 2 – 3 days for documents and background check), download the app and set it to “Online” to get paid to share a ride here and there. You don’t need to drive around a lot when you first get started. Many Lyft and Uber drivers stay at home watching “The Family Guy” and turn “On” their Driver App. If they get a trip request, they just hop in their car and go share a ride!

According to a recent Forbes article titled, These are the Highest Paying Jobs in the Gig Economy, there are three companies worth looking into: AirBnB, Lyft and TaskRabbit. Lyft drivers made a little more on average than Uber drivers; about $377 per a month compared to Uber’s $364, however drivers who drove for both Lyft and Uber did much better and took home an average income of $481.

In my honest opinion, these earning figures are well below average – but then again, the average Lyft and Uber driver only works about 10 – 15 hours a week. The most that I have made in ONE DAY was $285.42 plus cash tips on a Saturday in the middle of March.

According to Lyft, most of their drivers already have a full-time or part-time job and they are only seeking an extra source of income when they sign up to drive. You are free to do one trip a month or 101 trips in a week (“the most I have done so far”).  About 10% of their drivers are college students and 5% of their drivers are retired professionals. When you sign up to drive, you start making money from Day One.

You don’t have to wait two weeks to get paid. You just push the “Express Pay” button in the app and your earnings pop into your bank account (“debit card”), usually in about an hour.

On my first Uber trip as a Uber Driver-Partner, I made $75 plus a $10 cash tip on a one-hour trip from the Pelican Grand Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach to 8th Street and Collins Avenue on Miami Beach (only 35.8 miles). It opened my eyes to the possibility of making money driving for Uber.

Millions of people have come to accept Lyft and Uber in their lives and the ridesharing industry is a lot more stable than when I got started back in May, 2015. There are so many 3rd party companies that offer everything for health insurance, tax preparation, automobile discounts and other services exclusively for Lyft and Uber Drivers to grab a share of their ridesharing profits. On any given day in any major city such as Atlanta, Miami or New York City – there are at least 20 – 30 Lyft and Uber Drivers within a 5-mile radius who are eager to accept your trip request. It’s a great time to think about driving for Lyft and Uber — especially during the holidays. You can put some extra cash in your pocket!

You’ll enjoy reading my 53-page guide, “CashEveryDay | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” which comes complete with my own personal 2016 1099-K Review. I break down the ridesharing “numbers game” right down to the “ideal $X.XX per a mile” you need to target to be profitable. You will see that it’s possible to make good money with Lyft and Uber regardless of whether you decide to drive full-time or part-time or only on the weekends or just work at the airport scanning for those lucrative $70 gigs every day of the week, 24/7. Many Lyft and Uber drivers take home $175 or more a day working at KFLL (Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood Int’l Airport).

Did you know that Millennials are simply not in a rush to buy a car anymore and take on the burden of a car payment, insurance and repairs? For most people, 70% of their income goes towards paying rent with little left for a night out at Red Lobster. People use their cars 3 – 8% of the time anyway and then it just sits in the driveway “depreciating” away. Once you drive it off the lot new, it loses up to $5,000 in value. These people still need to get around and you can offer them an easy solution and get paid right on the spot and cash out your earnings in 1 hour or less.

In my opinion, it’s the best income opportunity.

Download my free e-book, “CashEveryDay | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” and learn how to make money and save a bundle on your federal income tax as a Lyft and Uber Driver. You will have a chance to review some of my paystubs and see why driving for Lyft and Uber is a great decision. It’s very rewarding working for yourself. You will gain a lot of personal satisfaction and meet nice people.

When you start driving for Lyft and Uber, you can cashout directly to your debit card or checking account each day (“you get paid daily”). Unlike the conventional 9-to-5 jobs where you have to wait two weeks to get paid, you can cash out your earnings daily with Lyft and Uber with the push of a button fast and easy and secure straight to your checking account. Their Push-to-Debit System even works with Debit Cards.

The busy season for South Florida starts when the cruise season ramps up right before Thanksgiving and it’s hectic through to June of the following year. We are talking about a LOT of money being made at the airport, at the cruise port, at concerts and music festivals and all kinds of special events during the Holiday Season. Port Everglades in March is a “crazy madhouse money-making party machine”. That’s why the Taxi Commission tried to get rid of us back in the Summer of 2015. They were milking it for so long and then Uber showed up. Game changer!  In 2016, I made close to $5,000 in the month of March…and then I hit the “$5,000 mark” again in August. I have completed hundreds of trips at Port Everglades Cruise Port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where travelers embark on their cruise to the Bahamas, the Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean.  You’re going to love cashing out your earnings every day!

When I received my 1099-MISC from Lyft this year, I was amazed by how much I actually earned in “Tips in the App” left by my riders from July, 2016 to New Years Eve, 2016.  As you can see, “you could easily earn an extra $3,000 – $3,500 annually just from Tips alone.”

My best cash tip to date was $100 on Christmas Eve, 2015 when I completed a trip from KFLL (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport) to Port St. Lucie (90 miles north of Fort Lauderdale). I earned $92 on the app and I earned $100 in tips.

Your Tips in the App will pay for your gas, lunch…even new tires — leaving the rest as profit in your bank account. You can write off your mileage on your taxes and save a load of money in federal income tax. If you already work another job, see your ridesharing business as a way to reduce your federal income taxes.

I highly recommend writing off your business mileage for tax purposes. You’re going to be amazed by how much money you save on your taxes every year. In my free e-book, you will learn how to use a simple app called TripLog that runs in the background of your phone to track your miles in real-time GPS. You can configure the app to start tracking your miles when your car gets to a certain speed and then turn itself off (setting: “Magic Auto-Pilot”). There are a lot of powerful strategies you can use to reduce your taxes (check with your accountant). Uber’s 1099 reveals your “In-Trip” Mileage but you may be eligible to write off the miles you spend driving around in between trips. That’s why you should take 100% full advantage of this tax benefit and write off up to $0.53 per a mile on your taxes when you drive for Lyft and Uber and set your Lyft and Uber apps to “Online” to start accepting trip requests (“you are working”). Activate TripLog and you’ll instantly start saving money on your taxes. Take camera pics to quick scan your meal receipts and store them in the Cloud. No paper trail required. You download ONE report at the end of year and give it to your Accountant. Best of all, it’s 100% automated. Just drive and save a bundle on your federal income tax. 

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

I started driving for Lyft in July 2016 (1099-K Combined – Lyft earnings in “pink”) when they were offering a $200 Cash Sign On Bonus to drive in Miami. After a while, I found that I was making about 20% more money with Lyft in residential areas. I keep BOTH apps running especially when I am working at the airport. Being able to cruise around the Arrival and Departure ramps scanning for Lyft trips is exciting because you never know how much money you’re going to make, especially late at night when there are fewer drivers around and you could easily get a request that puts a quick $85 in your pocket in about an hour (“very common”). I have fond memories of making money on the ramps of KFLL.”

Is it worth it? Yes. I generated over $45,000 in gross receipts based on my 1099-K for 2016 and I paid ZERO in federal income taxes. TripLog documented every tax deduction possible and tracked my mileage with real-time GPS. All of my receipts were stored in the Cloud because I scanned them into TripLog every day (it’s the best $2.50/month you’ll spend to track EVERYTHING when you start driving for Lyft and Uber).

Ridesharing is a great business model. Both ridesharing companies are dedicated to helping their drivers succeed. They offer all kinds of tools and resources for tracking tax deductions, links to the Affordable Care Act Exchange to buy health insurance, getting merchant vendor discounts with auto suppliers such as TirePlus, AutoZone, Meineke, Tire Kingdom and many more.

Even if you sign up to drive on weekends, you can get huge discounts on tires, oil changes and vehicle maintenance by showing your Uber Momentum Driver Number at dealers — saving you hundreds of dollars each year in tires and servicing. I was lucky to get the “at cost – wholesale” rate for tires when I showed them my Uber app at Tires Plus. The best times to drive for Lyft and Uber are on the weekends, during the peak season which starts one week before Halloween in South Florida and it’s loaded with lots of concerts and music festivals and special events such as the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Ultra Music Festival and college football and soccer matches at the Hard Rock Stadium. These are the types of venues that offer the best opportunities to make money with surge (“high demand”) pricing for an extra 2x — 3x — even 4x the regular rate plus Tips (“you keep 100% of your Tips”).

There is no greater reward than working for yourself and making a living on your own schedule.

Write down these referral codes to get Free Rides today on Lyft and Uber.

Download my free e-book today and you will learn how to make the most money at the airports. My strategies apply to just about any airport in the United States where ridesharing (TNC) is permitted. Each city/state has their own regulations so please make sure to abide by the respective rules and regulations.

Check out some of my paystubs (“actual screenshots from my Samsung Note 4”):


2016 1099-K Analysis - $45,000 in gross receipts and tips.

2016 1099-K Analysis – $45,000 in receipts and tips (Black: Uber earnings; Pink: Lyft earnings).

I was able to use one inspection form for BOTH platforms saving myself $39 instantly at Jiffy Lube. In most cases, drivers get approved to drive in about 4 days or less and from there you simply upload screenshots of your vehicle inspection, insurance and Vehicle Inspection Form to the app and their Customer Service will review each document while your background check is pending.

The process has gotten much faster for both Lyft and Uber since I joined in May of 2015. Both companies are 100% super-focused on helping their Drivers succeed and you can receive tips in the app for both Lyft and Uber.

Believe me (as you can see the Proof of Earnings), your tips are going to add up really fast in the App — especially if you focus on working at the airports and at the cruise ports (if you live close to them) where very generous tourists are arriving into town to spend some cash. Your best tippers are going to be out-of-towners who will compensate you for your warm hospitality and a comfortable ride to their AirBnb.

They are going to tell you what a pleasure it is to NOT have to hail a Cab at the airport. You’re going to be amazed by how many people slip a $10 or $20 bill over your right shoulder after a Lyft and Uber ride.  The most amazing part of this business, contrary to what you hear on the news, people are generous with tipping their rideshare drivers. My biggest tip was on Christmas Eve 2015 — $100. It felt good driving home that my riders appreciated my airport pickup and a nice and comfortable ride with good conversation about classic Steven Seagal movie scenes. Great memories!

Follow these two simple steps to get started now:





Download the Free e-Book ,“CashEveryDay | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” below and learn how to start making a lot of money driving for Lyft and Uber. You will be able to use a special discount offer to download TripLog and activate a 20% discount. It syncs with QuickBooks for Self-Employed. Signing up for TripLog is going to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your life.

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

You will learn my tips, tactics and strategies of the ridesharing trade and learn why MILLIONS of drivers around the world love driving for Lyft and Uber, making their own hours and setting their own schedule. You will learn how to pay yourself daily with Lyft’s Express Pay and Uber’s Instant Pay. Long gone are the days of waiting TWO WEEKS for a paycheck! Be your own Boss.

Download your Free e-Book now!

Why not make a little extra income on the side to pay a few bills and make Life just a little bit easier for yourself. You can work as little as 1 hour a week. It’s been proven to be a great money-maker for millions of drivers for over 7 years.

Ok – I get asked all of the time – why do you give this information away for free, Wade? You should know that I used to sell “CashEveryDay | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day!” for $47 online but I decided to start giving it away for free on March 1st, 2017 for one simple reason. There are so many people out there right now who are hurting financially and they can barely afford to pay their rent or buy back-to-school clothes for their kids. There are people working two jobs and they still need an extra $500 a month.

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“CashEveryDay|A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day!”
Easy-to-read PDF file for your mobile phone or laptop.

Just set your goal to make $1,041.53 in one week.
I made it in “46 hours and 58 minutes”.

NOTE: This opportunity is for an independent contractor. Actual earnings may vary depending on number of rides taken, location and other factors.