eTraffic Email Newsletter for Leads Design Package

An email newsletter means that you are viewed as an “authority” in your field or niche which adds tremendous credibility for posting your articles to all of the major social media networks and getting followers from Facebook and Twitter.

Travel and Health and Fitness are the highest ranking niches for SEO development and integration into  social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Everyone loves to go on a cruise and travel to exotic islands and learn about new cultures and cuisine.

So many people are looking for travel deals online and it’s one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. If you love to travel and take cruises and you have an interest in starting your own online business, you should start start your own email newsletter.

If you have an inclination for sharing your travel pictures on Facebook and Instagram with your friends and followers, start an Email Newsletter and explore your passion for writing. You can post photos of your work, even upload an online portfolio. The possibilities are endless.

You don’t need to know HTML very well. You can start with a simple Landing Page (“1-page website”) that has a simple, but effective design and we will install the <script> from your Email Marketing Software so that you can capture your email subscribers for your Email Marketing Funnel.

With enough experience, you will get guest blogger spots on popular blogs and enjoy special perks of giving Reviews to your subscribers such as free cruises, free hotel rooms and free airfare and perhaps a TV guest appearance.

The travel niche is one of the most popular niches on the Internet today. You can become a home-based travel agent by using your Email Newsletter to follow up with your subscribers and book cruises and travel packages for your friends and family and make extra income every month. It’s a great time to start an Email Newsletter. You really need to have a Email Newsletter in order to get on the First Page of Google. The new search engine algorithms are embedded with content and social media engagement weighting to ensure that search results are highly relevant. We will help you do some keyword competitive analysis and help you choose the perfect domain name and get you set up.

If your primary goal is to get TRAFFIC, as it should be for any small business website, you need to publish fresh content to capture (and retain) your email subscribers. Traveling to different cities and taking cruises gives you amazing content that you can share in an instant on Facebook and Instagram. We live in the social media age. We will show you how to use virality tools to increase your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and generate a lot of social media signals about your product or service so that your organic search engine rankings improve dramatically.

EMAIL NEWSLETTER DESIGN: Your Email Newsletter Design Package includes setup of a Landing Page with your email marketing software script embedded in the HTML code with a minimum of 7 matching “themed” HTML Emails managed by Aweber, the leader in email marketing software to help you build your email list fast and drive targeted traffic directly to your new website.

The first step is to place your order now for the Email Newsletter Design Package for only $1,495. We will work with you to select the perfect domain name for your new email newsletter. Included keyword analysis and competitive analysis of your field. We can start creating a great looking landing page website for your Email Newsletter with graphic design included. No contract required. Based on your desired goals, we will write the content for the first 7 “matching themed” HTML Emails that will be delivered by your Email Marketing Software. Web Hosting with HostGator and Email Marketing Software (we recommend GetResponse, Aweber or MailChimp) additional (est. $29/month). Even if you don’t like writing email marketing articles, that’s okay too…we can help you build up your Email Newsletter and create the first set of articles for you. We will help you develop your Confirmation Email including in a full Legacy Email Series that your subscribers will receive in the first 7 – 15 days of joining your email list. With a 100% automated Legacy Series of Email for your subscribers, you position yourself to make sales by “engaging” and “nurturing” your new subscribers who will become Qualified Prospects for your business.

Your new Email Newsletter will function like a trade journal for your niche business or industry where the editors (“owners”) are viewed as “trustworthy experts” in their respective field.  An Email Newsletter is the perfect brand recognition tool that engages your client base with educational training and inspiration with each new article or blog post. You will be able to follow up with your subscribers every week to increase traffic to your website and boost your sales.

You can start a campaign for a charity fundraiser, sell flowers online, write a book and use your Newsletter to self-publish your book and shop around for publishers. there are so many ways you can use your new Email Newsletter to generate sales for your business. We will help you put together a solid marketing plan to help you get 300 – 500 new subscribers every month and raise money for your favorite charity.

Our goal will be to assist you developing a beautiful Email Newsletter in the next 7 days and put together a solid marketing plan to assist you with getting traffic. Some of our recommendations will include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email newsletter marketing and social media signal enhancement using various resources available on the Internet for free or very low cost.

Give us about 7 days or less and you will start to see a neat Email Newsletter with a beautiful Landing Page come to life that you can build on with new articles and submit to Google for indexing to get traffic and express your passion or talent.  You need to develop your content over time and harness the power of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to get new email subscribers and fans! To get ranked on the first page of Google, you really need to have an email newsletter with loads of social media engagement across multiple platforms.

If you have a passion for marketing and you would love to have our designers and graphic artists help you create your vision and get started, we can help you. We can help you set up your own email newsletter with your very own marketing funnel to help you brand your blog.

The first step is to place your order now for the Email Newsletter Design Package and then we will discuss the design of your landing page, domain name research for your email newsletter and a great marketing plan for your new email newsletter.

Let’s get started.

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