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When you search for jobs on Twitter, you will need to consider two things, keywords and #hashtags. Keywords tie directly to job title, location and company name whereas hashtags start with the # symbol which allows you to sort job tweets that are secretly coded as Dream Job Postings. The Organic Resume: Cover Letter & Resume Website is perfect for job seekers who want to monitor job postings in their field or industry in real-time as they’re streamed live on Twitter every day. Starting using the power of social media to gain leverage in today’s job market. If you don’t keep up with the technology, you will get left behind and your career will suffer.

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Job Feeds for Health Care  – 4 Streaming Twitter Feeds (Screenshot) in HootSuite *enlarge*:

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 Mobile Resume Webpage (Jay Mancuso => http://bit.ly/jmancuso0710)

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Are you trying to get a job on a cruise ship? We suggest that you optimize your hospitality resume to reflect Christine Sarah Keller (view sample below) of Miami, Florida who formerly worked with Havana Vacations of Miami, Florida. You should format your resume to look like this “Cruise Ship Resume” sample and start submitting it to the top cruise lines. This resume website format is ideal for job seekers in the hospitality, travel and customer service industries who are looking to gain social media leverage in their job search. Plus it looks great so Hiring Managers can put up your resume website on their mobile phone while they are in the interview and make a checklist of questions that they would like to ask. On on side note, please remember to refer to the “Top 25 Questions Employers Ask” in Job Interview Magic 2.0 – The Art of Persuasion BEFORE you go to your next job interview.

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