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Our goal is to help you maximize your job search with our Organic Resume service and while helping the impoverished people of Haiti gain access to clean drinking water and prevent deaths from cholera.

Please join us in our Mission by spreading the word about Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) with your friends. We have made it possible for you to donate directly to Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) and secure your new and optimized Organic Resume in exchange for your tax deductible donation below to the CWH Charity.

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Seriously now — has your resume been updated in the last 30 days? Have you been able to locate new jobs on Twitter in the last 90 days? Are you getting great results from your online job search?  If you answered, “no” to any of these simple questions, odds are that your resume needs a major overhaul as soon as possible because you’re missing out on making a lot of money. If you can’t tweet your resume on Twitter and if you’re not walking the talk and networking with the ‘movers and shakers’ in your field with your mobile webpage and business cards, then it’s serious time you think about getting a resume upgrade. It’s time you leap frog into the digital age with a new Organic Resume Webpage (click to enlarge screenshot). Aligns perfectly on smartphones. Enhanced for Screen Rotation.

The job market is competitive! You need a powerful resume that is harmonious, coherent and structured exclusively for strategic online sharing in search engines and on social channels like Twitter and Facebook. You need an Organic Resume Webpage to get more interviews and land your Dream Job!

You can enhance your LinkedIn Profile Overnight. An Organic Resume Webpage allows you to reinvent yourself by jump starting your job search with strategic Twitter and LinkedIn postings that are guaranteed to kick your networking into overdrive and increase your potential job offers by 300%.

You can tap into the power of Twitter to find a great Job? Twitter is basically a gigantic job board with thousands of jobs posted in job feeds every day, but the limits of 140-characters poses a serious problem for many job seekers. Well, not anymore! A new Organic Resume Webpage featuring a URL short link and your professional photo that will turn “ON” the afterburners for your Job Search and escalate it to a higher level of networking. With an Organic Resume Webpage, you can surf several Twitter job feeds at once and “instant message” employers and headhunters in real-time as soon as jobs go live on Twitter’s job feeds.

You’ll be the first to respond and most likely to get a job interview!

Searching Twitter for new job openings is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Nowadays, a paper resume has become way too cumbersome. It still works great for face-to-face meetings with the Interviewer or CEO in the last round of job interviews — but it’s fizzles out fast at the starter blocks. You really need the flexibility and versatility of a mobile Organic Resume Webpage to quickly tap into the power of Twitter and LinkedIn so that you can instant message your resume fast to a Hiring Manager to let them know you are interested.

You’ll gain a huge competitive advantage over 95% of the other job candidates almost overnight. Our 24-hour turnaround conversion of your Cover Letter and Resume into your powerful Web 2.0 Organic Resume Webpage will be ready shortly. If you are not familiar with Web 2.0, it’s the higher level of the Internet where information is shared almost exclusively in social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn, blogs and Wikipedia at the speed of Light.  Job searching in the Twittersphere will open up a whole new world of job opportunities for you.  Fortune 500 companies post new jobs on Twitter daily. It caters to the tech-savvy, high tech pool of job applicants that they like to hire from daily. You’ll gain immediate access to the power of Twitter using the shortlink URL that’s linked to your Organic Resume Webpage. Now you can quickly chase after brand new job postings as soon as they “go live in real-time” on Twitter with your Organic Resume Webpage and instantly network with employers and hiring managers on the spot. Get your new Organic Resume Webpage now and you will get Free Web Hosting for 3 years (a $99 value).

When you search for jobs on Twitter, you will need to consider two things, keywords and #hashtags. Keywords tie directly to job title, location and company name whereas hashtags start with the # symbol which allows you to sort job tweets that are secretly coded as Dream Job Postings. The Organic Resume Webpage is perfect for job seekers who want to monitor job postings in their field or industry in real-time as they’re streamed live on Twitter every day. You need to use the power of social media to gain leverage in today’s job market. If you don’t keep up with the technology, you will get left behind and your career will suffer.

Witness for yourself the power of Twitter with this screenshot (click to enlarge) of multiple Job Feeds scrolling with new job postings (almost like the data feed from the movie, “The Matrix”). This is the future of job placement – live job postings streaming in real time that never get advertised in the newspaper!

Job Feeds for Health Care  – 4 Streaming Twitter Feeds (Screenshot) in HootSuite *enlarge*:

A Mobile Resume Webpage could be the deal-changer; it could make or break your job search!

Employers make quick decisions about job candidates’ future behind closed doors. If your Organic Resume Webpage is your first impression of how you’ll perform on the job, it’s 100% worth it to UPGRADE from your current “outdated” paper resume to a futuristic Organic Resume Webpage. You can see the benefits of your new Organic Resume Webpage – you are able to zoom in and out on your smartphone and it’s fully compatible for Screen Rotation making it a versatile option for employers and Hiring Managers who are away from the office and making quick decisions on who to hire.

 Mobile Resume Webpage (John Mancuso =>

To add instant credibility to your paper resume, ADD your new Organic Resume Webpage Link at the top of your resume. Employers and hiring managers like to see when “go-getters” take the path least followed and stand out from rest of the crowd of job candidates. You’re a trend setter; unafraid of taking risks and willing to go out on a limb when called to do so. Now, you’re increasing your chances of getting a job offer!

We will tweak your current resume at no additional charge prior to “conversion” into your new Organic Resume Webpage with your photo on your new Cover Letter, where it all begins! This package includes a unique URL short link assigned for rapid posting on Twitter by our Design Team and Free Hosting of your Organic Resume Webpage for 3 years at no additional charge. You’ll be able to get a fast and quick conversion of your old, “outdated” paper resume (includes a brand new cover letter if you need one) into a brand new Organic Resume Webpage to share on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for surefire responses to job postings as they appear live. Your new Organic Resume Webpage is 100% smartphone compatible and optimized for Screen Rotation on smartphones and mobile devices; plus, our design team can easily accommodate your personal request for a 1-page cover letter and up to a 2-page resume.

Take advantage of this opportunity to quickly upgrade your current resume and leap into Mobile Web 2.0 with your new Organic Resume Webpage. As soon as it’s ready to view online (in about 24 hours), it’s imperative that you add your new Organic Resume Webpage short link web address to your letterhead and other stationary like business cards, your LinkedIn Profile and other networking tools.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

You will never have to worry anymore if the emails you send to recruiters and HR Directors get blocked as SPAM by Google or Yahoo. Your Organic URL short link web address is embedded deep in the body of the email to bypass the SPAM filters. Your Organic Resume Webpage will include links to your cover letter & resume for instant “DOWNLOAD” in full view – ready for job placement consultants and HR Managers in multiple file formats.  With the recent rise in computer viruses and random ware system attacks worldwide, Fortune 500 companies are taking extreme precautions when it comes to email attachments. It would be a crime if you sent your resume by email to inquire about a job only to miss out on getting an interview because it was rejected as SPAM.

Now, you never have to worry about that ever again!

But wait…there’s more. Many of our subscribers have asked for help finding jobs on Twitter. With our 5+ years experience with HootSuite and other social media management tools, we want to help you instantly bypass any learning curve obstacles and meet you half way with your online job search.

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

We will promote your new Organic Resume Webpage on Twitter for the next 90 days at no extra charge. Once your Organic Resume Webpage is complete, we will evaluate your city/state/industry and quickly develop a List of the Top 10 Employers who are hiring in your area for posting your Organic Resume Webpage shortlink directly to their Job Feeds. AutoNation and Verizon Careers are two of the most active Twitter Career Boards with thousands of followers and hundreds of new job opportunities posted monthly.

AutoNation, one of the top employers and automotive retailers in South Florida has over 21,000 Twitter followers. If there is a job vacancy within the company and you are looking for a job in marketing, technology, or IT —  applying for a job via their Twitter Account means is the most proactive way to get hired with the company. Twitter is set up to easily build followers so employers like AutoNation can amass qualified pools of applicants for various job vacancies very quickly as soon as job postings go live.


Many employers have exclusive Twitter “Career” accounts specifically for the purpose of finding new talent and filling job openings that are posted first to their Career Twitter accounts before anywhere else to reach out to their follower base.  For example, Verizon has an account called “Verizon Careers” with over 22,000 Twitter followers  for potential applicants who are eagerly waiting for notifications of new job openings and who will be first to be notified. If you are interested in working at Verizon and you’re mostly likely “qualified” to apply, you must follow this Twitter account to get hired @ Verizon.

We will do a competitive analysis of the Top 10 Employers in your city based on their Twitter Job Feed activity and start monitoring these employers with various social media management tools to post your Organic Resume Webpage for new job postings that “match” your qualifications for the next 90 days.

If you live in Florida, you could focus on following these four Twitter accounts (Baptist Health South Florida, University of Miami, American Airlines and Broward Health). They have the largest number of employees and Twitter followers. In the first 90 days, you will be able to start following Twitter Job Feeds related to your city/field/industry and you will be able to quickly pinpoint job openings that “match” your qualifications as soon as they are posted online.

The key to finding great job opportunities on Twitter is to monitor social media signals for the top employers in your area; be observant of their number of employees and the number of Twitter followers and look for Twitter accounts designed exclusively for “careers” at these companies.

Top Florida employers: #1 Baptist Health South Florida (15, 022 employees as of December, 2014),  #2 University of Miami (13, 710 employees as of December, 2014), #3 American Airlines (10,700 employees as of December, 2014) and #4 Broward Health (8,219 employees as of December, 2014).


Make a tax-deductible donation of only $249 so that we can create your new Organic Resume Webpage and start submitting your resume directly to Twitter Career accounts in your city for the next 90 days. This is a limited time offer and get your Organic Resume and become a Clean Water Advocate for Haiti. You can make a huge impact in the lives of over 25 people on the water impoverished island of Haiti by allowing us to create your Organic Resume Webpage and claiming a tax receipt with your direct donation to Clean Water for Haiti (CWH), a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

We feel very privileged to be able to help job seekers with their resume design and contribute to the Mission of Clean Water for Haiti (CWH). If you want to become a Clean Water Advocate for the people of Haiti today, get your 100% tax deductible receipt (see your accountant for more information) with your $249 charitable donation and get a new Organic Resume in exchange for your generous donation below to Clean Water for Haiti. It’s fast, easy and safe. Each bio-sand filter costs about $100 USD to install in the home of a Haitian family and provides clean drinking water for up to 10 people for many years to come with a salaried technician (CWH provides JOBS for the Haitian people) who maintains each filter.

Your $249 donation directly to Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) is one of the best investments in the lives of poor people in Haiti. A member of our job placement staff will work on your new resume in 24 hours.

Click here to go to Clean Water for Haiti directly and donate $249 via PayPal: Clean Water for Haiti.

Click on the “Donate” link to make your $249 donation and request an Organic Resume. Fax your PayPal receipt and resume to: (505) 214-5921.

You will get 500 Free Business Cards with your Organic Resume sponsored and created by your direct donation to Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) today and by becoming a Clean Water Advocate and help the people of Haiti gain access to clean drinking water. You can give the young boys and girls of Haiti a fighting chance for an promising future and a life free from the perils of waterborne diseases.

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“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

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