Please help up shut down the Dog Meat Farms and Save the Puppies in Asia!

CHINA – In June, on the eve of the Chinese Yulin Dog Meat Festival this year, animal rights activists were able to rescue over 1,000 dogs from a truck on its way to Guangzhou, a hub for the dog meat trade industry in Asia. This rescue was the largest of its kind since animal rights operatives started working deep in China and South Korea to monitor the horrific conditions under which these animals are bought, sold and killed at festivals throughout Asia. The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, commonly referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival, is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which thousands of festival goers eat dog meat and lychee fruit. In Asia, dog meat is considered a luxury and is often served with pepper and lychee. Millions of people in China eat dog meat and it is promoted for health benefits for providing warmth in the winter and its place in Chinese cuisine can be traced back to 1700 B.C. Only a few governments (i.e. Morocco) ban the sale of dog meat. In many cultures, the consumption of dog meat is considered to bring bad karma because of the undying and unconditional love dogs show their owners. Most dog owners agree that “we don’t deserve” them — they show us so much love and affection and fill our Hearts with so much joy, yet we allow them to perish in senseless festivals such as the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in China. Their cries for help often go unheard in other countries too — India and Vietnam.

Over 100 activists coordinated the effort with local authorities to STOP the truck and “enforce” the minimal laws and regulations that made this seizure possible. Many of the dogs and cats were stuffed tightly in cages, malnourished and starving, sick and covered with fleas and ticks and severely dehydrated. Animals could be heard for miles wailing out in pain.

The local activists were able to STOP the truck and “rescue” the animals because the truck driver didn’t have health certificates for the dogs, which Chinese animal transport regulations require for each animal. Upon investigation, most of the animals were stolen from the city where the trip originated in the Gansu Province in north-central China and the breeds of the dogs suggested that they were once very loved pets and not bred specifically for their meat in Guangzhou, Asia’s capital of dog farms. It’s through the help of outstanding animal activist groups that we are able to STOP the truck and “prevent” these beautiful animals from arriving at the dog meat festivals in Asia. With thousands of dog farms scattered throughout Asia, it’s hard to intercept every truck!

Many of the dogs killed during the festival are stolen pets – some still wearing their collars. Many of them were captured by thieves at night using electric cattle prod rods and crammed into small wire cages on the back of trucks and driven hundreds of miles to Yulin. Many dogs (and cats) die of starvation and malnutrition on the back of these trucks – which some say may be a “blessing” because their fate at the festivals is horrifying as they are often tortured to raise the adrenaline in their blood ceremoniously. Investigative reporters have documented photos of large crowds gathered around to see industrial blow torches used to slaughter these poor animals; photos too gruesome to post in this article, however these heinous acts must be brought to the attention of the public so that we can save as many puppies (and kittens) as possible from the tabletops in China and India.

Please have a Heart and DONATE (“donate via Paypal below”) to Humane Society International. Here is Nicole of HSI visiting a dog meat farm in South Korea. This experience was gut-wrenching to watch but necessary to understand the torture and cruelty these dogs face each year:



One of the best organizations working in the region to save the puppies is Humane Society International.

The dogs that are bludgeoned to death are the breeds most common in the homes all across the United States, Canada and Europe – Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labradors and Huskies. How can we live in a world so void of compassion for an animal whose only desire is give unconditional love?

As many as 3 million dogs are killed annually in South Korea based on data from the government. All across Asia, the situation is far worse. Over 30 million dogs are killed annually as part of a dog meat trade. We are aware of over 17,000 dog meat farms in Asia. The situation in South Korea is most critical. The trade of dog meat is deeply rooted in the culture of Asia; with deep folklore and superstitions surrounding the consumption of the dog meat. The situation is only analogous in horror to the attack and mutilation of people with albinism (PWA); albinos in Tanzania, said to have one of the largest populations of Albinos in Africa where they are brutally attacked and butchered for their arms and limbs which are used for human consumption and for witchcraft purposes. These dogs are elevated on wire floors surrounded by metal bars; made to stand in cages in their own feces for days on end while elevated high above ground and suffocating from the strong stench of ammonia.  In South Korea “Bok Nal”, the meat is prized for the level of adrenaline in the meat. The higher the level of adrenaline from shock induced at the time of their death, the more valuable the meat. The traders at the Yulin Festival pay a premium to assemble in huge crowds and watch each Kill Ceremony live!

We are working hard to support animal activists groups to shut down these dog meat farms in China, Indonesia, India and South Korea and we are petitioning the Chinese government to limit the sale of dog meat, the hallmark of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The Chinese government’s idea of limiting the sale of dog meat at the Yulin Festival is to allow the vendors to display only two dogs at a time. Various organizations are working closely with the governments in Asia to put an end to the Yulin Festival (“#StopYulin”) and tighten the restrictions on these dog meat farms. Over 900 dogs have been rescued this year and relocated to loving homes in the United States. Most of these dogs take months to adjust to a new language. They spent most of their lives in cages. It takes them months to adjust and feel safe in their new surroundings to the point where they can trust their new owners that they are not going to be abused, or even killed for their meat.

Shortly after the Yulin Dog Festival wraps up in June each year, the South Koreans gear up for their annual Dog Meat Festival called Bok Nal. Within a 72 hour window, over 2 million dogs are slaughtered to meet the high demand for a dog meat soup called “boshintang”. Activists have reported that the level of barbaric treatment of the dogs and cats at Bok Nal is even more extreme than the Yulin Festival; taking place on the hottest days of the year in Korea which escalates their level of suffering in the slaughter houses. To kill these beautiful animals at Bok Nal is senseless. South Koreans generally don’t feast on dog meat as a staple in their diet at any other time of the year, except Bok Nal, keeping in tradition; mostly with the elderly in South Korea who seek a health tonic.

The best way to address the slaughter of dogs and cats in Asia is to put pressure and lawmakers and government leaders in China, India and other countries and “enforce” the very minimal animal regulations that exist in these countries (i.e. health certificates for each animal at these barbaric festivals) and then as soon as the opportunity arises, quickly rush to “rescue” and “Save the Puppies”. Save little Cody.

Please donate directly to Humane Society International using the Paypal Link above and take a stand to end this senseless suffering at the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival and BokNal Festival.

Thank you so much for your support.