Uber Stardate 94032.43 The Perfect Uber Earnings Storm and The Luck of the Draw

FORT LAUDERDALE – Do you remember the movie “The Perfect Storm” with George Clooney? It was all about how converging storm forces can collide to create an intense and fierce situation. The movie touches on a simple premise in the self-help and self-improvement circles that various forces can align and work in your favor once you are prepared for their convergence. After all, chance favors the prepared mind.

20tip_06052016Airport fares are for the most part the most lucrative types of fares for Uber Partners. Most Uber Partners realize that you can easily make $60 – $70 in one airport gig fare on a 50 – 60 mile gig and then it sets the pace and motivates you for the entire day. Needless to say, you should shoot for some kind of realistice goal and if you can pull $125 – $175 a day consistently then you can be considered to be the creme of the crop!

In the normal course of an Uber Partner’s day, his or her first airport gig might only be 10 miles with a 45 minute wait in queue depending on respective airport or it might just be a 20 mile gig. It’s really the luck of the draw!

The type of airport gigs you get in one day and how much you make in a 5-hour stretch has a lot to do with the Law of Averages. As an Uber Partner, we hold out for “The Perfect Uber Earnings Storm” where we get a 50 – 60 mile gig and if we are lucky, we have a generous Uber Rider who finds a higher level of appreciation for a clean, well-kept vehicle, great conversation and navigation and awards us with a $20 tip. I like taking these $20 tip photos!

This type of airport gig is “The Perfect Uber Earnings Storm” because they produce the most profits and if you can push-and-repeat 2x – 3x a day, you can easily find yourself in the $125 – $175 a day zone. Best of all, these types of airport gigs produce less wear and tear on your vehicle and less fatigue for the Uber Partner. Plus, your $20 cash tip might just pay for your gas for the next two days (if you’re lucky).

kpbi_4253As the Luck of the Draw would have it, on Sunday June 5th, 2016, I received a great airport gig request at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) for a pickup of “Mr. M”. He was on his way to Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI) to pick up his car at the Departure Terminal. Due to weather anomalies in the Gulf of Mexico, he was unable to get a direct flight back to Palm Beach so he flew in to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and decided to take an Uber to KPBI.

As luck would have it, we encountered 3 blocked northbound lanes on I-95 just south of the Linton Blvd exit and thanks to my trusted navigation app Waze, I advised my Uber rider that we were taking a detour to avoid a complete traffic standstill on I-95. My Uber rider appreciated that I asked permission to take the detour and my “professional” updates every step of the way to KPBI. We also talked a lot about Uber and the latest news behind legislation in the ridesharing industry.

This was a great airport gig and set the pace for a great Uber Sunday! I earned $42.53 net payout on the Uber Partner app for the trip up to KPBI and a nice $20 cash tip (that’s translates to $62.53 in just 59 minutes – not too shabby). He really appreciated a clean, well-kept car, great driving and good conversation. As I posted in a previous post, if you aspire to be a great Uber Partner, you have to release that you are not “entitled” to cash tips – you must earn them first!

It’s all about going “above and beyond” the normal call of duty as an Uber Partner. Don’t settle for average!

In a recent article by Jayson Demers, Founder and CEO, Audience Bloom, he discussed how to increase your luck and he offers this powerful advice:luck_of_the_draw

1) Face Your Fears – “fortune favors the bold” and individuals who make bold decisions or take big risks are more likely to experience luck.

2) Know the Odds – you can improve your luck by knowing the odds and do as much research as possible for making your major decisions.

3) Plan for Contingencies – you can’t control when disaster strikes so always plan for possible disasters.

4) Surround Yourself with Friends – the wider your network of friends, the luckier you’re going to feel.

5) Be Open to New Opportunities – lucky people tend to be open to new experiences and new opportunities.

6) Be Optimistic – the more optimistic you are, the luckier you’re going to feel and always find time to infuse yourself with regular doses of positive thinking!

With a little luck on your side and with the convergence of good service, great navigation and great conversation, you can create “The Perfect Uber Earnings Storm”. Once you have a system down that works for you, push-and-repeat 2x – 3x a day to earn maximum profits as an Uber Partner!

Take some time to follow Jayson’s “6 Ways to Actually Increase your Luck” to get into that $125 – $175 a day zone! Why settle for average?