lyft_rider4FORT LAUDERDALE – Looking for a cheap, safe and comfortable way to get around town and meet new people? If you answered, “yes”, it’s time for you to claim your free promotional ride credit on Lyft. Activate your free $15 ride credit using Promo Code “4LYFT50“.

You’ll get a free $15 credit towards your 1st three rides for instant savings!

In the next five minutes, you can unlock a free ride credit with the Lyft mobile application using Promo Code “4LYFT50” and experience one of the most economical, cost-effective and safest ways to get around town.

Experience for yourself a fast, easy and secure ride with Lyft – the Ultimate Taxi Alternative.

To get your $15 in ride credit applied instantly, just download the Lyft app and enter the Promo Code now.

best_lyft_318_2Simply download the Lyft app to see how many Lyft drivers are available in your area, then add your Promo Code “4LYFT50” to “activate” your free $15 ride credit for instant savings and get a ride in minutes. It’s that simple!

How does it work:

  1. Download the Lyft app. Set up your payment method (i.e. Paypal, debit card, etc.)
  2. Enter the Code in the ‘Payment’ or ‘Promo’ section to reveal the amount.
  3. Request a ride.

Just enter the Code and then press Enter.
Your credit is applied to your Upfront Cost.

If done correctly, the Lyft app should say:

“Valid for three rides
Up to $5 off each
Expires xx/xx/2017”

Lyft offers an easy-to-use rider mobile app that matches you with local drivers in your area to quickly and easily request a ride in minutes. Best of all, you can take advantage of LyftLine, Lyft’s version of “shared” ride for savings up to 50% off Lyft’s standard service.

Activate your free $15 ride credit using Promo Code “4LYFT50” to start to saving some serious cash and ride in style. To get up to $15 in ride credit applied right now, just download the Lyft app and enter the Promo Code in the Lyft Payment Section. It’s that simple!

The Advantages of using Lyft vs. Uber are Huge
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With Lyft, you can schedule pickup requests up to 7 days in advance with a 10-minute pickup window instead of the standard 5 minutes which could help you avoid those costly cancellation fees!

With Lyft, you can set up multiple stops by entering “Stop 1” and “Stop 2” ( using “+” in the app).

Learn for yourself why most Lyft riders agree that the Lyft app is just easier to use in general with less headaches and more payment flexibility (i.e debit cards).

Even if you use a prepaid card for all of your expenses, no problem! Lyft gives you the most flexible payment options available today. Most riders stated that Lyft accepts many more payment options than Uber.

If you take a lot of short rides between 3 – 5 miles then you could save hundreds of dollars a year using Lyftline instead of UberPool. Making “the switch” to LyftLine could mean more money in your pocket every month for going to the movies and dining out with friends.

Simply download the Lyft app, enter your Promo Code “4LYFT50” and instantly earn your free ride credit. Did you know that Lyft has a partnership with Starbucks so you can earn 125 Stars from Starbucks on your 1st ride.

You can earn Stars with each qualifying ride on Lyft thereafter between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. valid toward free drinks and items. Use your free ride credit promotion and start saving some of your hard-earned cash today. Make sure to subscribe to Job Ninja 2.0 to maximize your savings with Lyft and to benefit from all of the partnerships with America’s favorite companies.

Follow these powerful Lyft tips, strategies and tactics for HUGE SAVINGS on getting rides with Lyft:

small_leak(1) First, input your Promo Code “4LYFT50” into the Lyft Payment Section to “activate” your instant $15 free ride credit towards your 1st Lyft ride.

(2) Secondly, when you set up your Payment options and apply your Promo Code “4LYFT50” you are going to see something amazing on your phone. Lyft will give you your 1st three rides, $5 off each ride so that you will save a bundle on your first ride. Check your email every morning for ongoing promotions like flat rate Lyft rates in certain zones in the morning, zip codes etc.

(3) Thirdly, select the LyftLine (“shared/pool”) for your rides when you don’t have a deadline and you don’t have multiple stops to make and want to lock in MAXIMUM savings with the LyftLine discounted rate. If you are not in too much of a hurry and you don’t mind sharing your Lyft with a passenger going in the same direction, why not save up to 50% on your ride with Lyftline for added savings and economy.

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Lyft – the Taxi Alternative everyone’s talking about. Download Lyft. Activate “4LYFT50” for your $15 credit!


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