Smartphone OS Market Share 1Q15

Android or iOS – that’s the big question for developers. Android is leading the marketplace with 78% marke tshare of the smartphone market with over 335 million smartphones shipped in the first quarter of 2015. That’s an increase of 16% from the first quarter of 2014.

Samsung is the #1 contributor with greater dominance in the low-mid range device market. While Android made great strides in market share, iOS saw its market share for the first quarter of 2015 decline slightly to 18.3% with 61.2 million shipments. The smartphone market is trending towards faster devices with larger screened iOS devices.

Samsung has a #1 leadership in the smartphone market with 24.6% share in 1Q15 and the company is using its new flagship models (the Galaxy S 6 and S 6 edge) to gain a foothold over Apple and recover profits for the next quarter of 2015.

According to the IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, the Android market share in 2019 is projected to be 79% while the iOS market share in 2019 will be 14.2%.

According to re/Code, Android is starting to pull past iOS in generating revenue for app developers. While each iPhone generates more income based on the demographic of the average iPhone user who tends to spend on apps, Android users far outnumber iPhone users and the quality of Google Play content has been making huge strides in the past few months.

Android accounted for more than three quarters of all smartphones while less than 20% of all smartphones are for iOS. According to a recent article on re/Code, while Android has 65% of traffic, it generates 46% of revenue while iOS has 22% of traffic and generates 45% of revenue. Based on their analysis, as the quality of content of Google Play improves and fragmentation across various demographics is curbed, Android is going to pull out even further out in front of iOS and revenue for Android app developers will follow.

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