The “Surge” of Mobile Smartphone Usage…

The word “surge” has become very popular in our “Uber” economy where mobile applications come into play each and every moment to enrich the Internet user experience of the mobile smartphone. According to SmartInsights, mobile smartphone usage eclipsed PC/Desktop in 2013 and the use of mobile apps are become a more intrinsic part of our daily lives.

Mobile versus PC Usage

In business, it is important to find new and more cost effective advertising outlets to capture brand impressions and generate buzz. Branding with mobile applications can be a great way to increase brand recognition, especially in an era when most Internet users connect to live data streams via smartphones.


It is worth noting that even a simple mobile application with one or two pages that serve to offer a live data stream of daily information (i.e. stock quotes, weather forecast) can suffice for generating thousands of brand impressions — almost for free!

The conversion implications are huge especially for small business owners who find CPC rates for PPC advertising on popular search engines like Google for their most common keywords associated with their business not cost effective.

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