The Era of Mobile Impressions

Marketing Experts will agree that mobile marketing offers the highest conversion for your advertising dollars and a mobile application can make a huge impression for your brand and convert prospects into customers.

According to Smart Insights, 80% of all internet users own a smartphone and mobile ad spending has skyrocketed by over 50% since 2010. Search is the most common starting point for mobile research and while 48% of all search inquiries originate with search engines like Google, branded apps on mobile devices now account for about 26% of search results (36% finance, 22% electronics and 21% apparel – 2015 YTD).

Branding apps are great mobile advertising tools and effective alternatives to television media which is very expensive and cost prohibitive for small businesses. Branding apps offer great exposure for your business brand by offering low cost screen impressions of your brand “day after day” almost for free to your best business prospects!

With PC desktop usage waning gradually for many years, the importance of mobile web interaction is gaining steam each and every day. Take a drive around town and you’ll see evidence of the paradigm shift where people at the mall, people waiting for transportation (i.e. requesting an Uber – $20 Free Credit for first time users — Promo Code: “JLQM0”), people waiting at the traffic light in their cars checking their email.

We live in the era of mobile impressions!

As mobile web developers, we are proponents of small businesses looking to the mobile web to claim new market share and gain new customers for their business.

We live in a world of apps….resistance is futile!


Mobile Apps by Javadeus next to my favorites on the Samsung Galaxy Verizon Note 4 (Uber and Google Chrome): Tennis Facts 3.0 and Mars Bubble Pop Lander (Google Play Store).

*Uber is a registered trademark of Uber Technologies and Google Chrome is a registered trademark of Alphabet.

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