Versatility of Java Programming Language


Versatility of Java Programming Language

Having recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of Java, it reminds us that this beautiful programming language is used by over 10 million programmers worldwide and runs on 10 billion devices.

Java is native to all Android apps and it is very popular among programmers due to to its readability, simplicity and long-term compatibility.

The Java programming language has a low learning curve, cross platform abilities and extensive libraries and many experts agree that if you are going to know one language and only one, it should be Java.

Developers find it popular because of its “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) ability and it runs on all platforms that support Java without the need to recompile code over and over again.

Java is organized in object-oriented, modular units called classes and these classes are separated into separate files. Coupled with being a network-centric and dynamic code-driven programming language, it offers high performance and incredible scalability which adds to its global acceptance in the OOP (Object-oriented programming) community.

It is definitely in your best interest to consider a Java EE training or Java SE 6 certification to stay ahead of the curve.

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