Uber Stardate 93994.05 Three Powerful Ways to Benefit from the free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit Promo Cards

20160429_095901This weekend, I gave away a lot of the free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo cards to my Uber riders and they were all intrigued by the offer. Some Uber riders are not aware that they can invite friends from the app and earn free rides and here lies one of the main problems — everyone doesn’t have access to other peoples’ email addresses when needed.

Uber Partners can effectively use the free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo cards to build loyalty and position themselves for those coveted 5-Star ratings. Riders love to get free gifts — candy, bottled water or a can of soda. What better way to encourage them to continue using the Uber service than offering the free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo cards to share with friends and family.

You can easily offer the promo cards to potential riders who are waiting around and confused at the airport. There are always a lot of people standing around confused by transportation options – city bus, shuttles, etc. Shuttles can easily run $60 per a person and first time Uber riders can save up to 60% on the ride to their destination with the free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo card.

These Promo Cards are great for getting 5-Star ratings from your Uber riders. Uber riders love to get free gifts! Give them one, two or more and encourage them to share with their friends.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits to the Uber Partner. First, you can use the free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo card to increase the chance of getting a 5-Star rating. Second, you can encourage your Uber rider to offer the card to a close friend who may have never used Uber before and arrange a group outing to the mall or beach and tag team and save money and third, Uber is trying to recruit new Partners so you can easily turn the side of the card “without the code” into your own ad to build your Uber Partner referral income.

You can make 4 inch x 2 inch labels (buy 250 for as little as $14 at Staples) in Microsoft Word and create a mini bit.ly shortlink to your standard Uberuber-partner-app “Apply to Drive” referral link so that you can work to convert your Uber riders into potential Uber Partners. Many Uber riders use the service for a few months before an employment or life situation entices them to consider joining Uber as a driver partner to earn an income!

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can secure your own domain name with a web hosting company like Bluehost and simply set up your new domain name (get one for as little as $10) with a redirect so that your new domain automatically forwards to your standard Uber invite URL: https://get.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=XXXXX (ends with your referral code) and earn Uber’s lucrative new partner signup bonuses and incentives.

If you are an Uber Partner looking to build your income potential in the ridesharing business, don’t underestimate the power of free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo cards to get 5-Star ratings, earn new rider promotion “Rider Acquisition Rewards” and earn new partner referral bonus payouts on your next Weekly Statement.

There is nothing more appealing than witnessing the Uber system update your Weekly Statement with “add-on” cash bonus payouts such as multiple Rider Acquisition Rewards. Regardless of what your Uber riders tell you in your vehicle, most of them know someone who has never used the Uber service before.

The free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo cards are short and sweet gifts that your Uber riders will appreciate. Use them wisely — remember one side of the promo card is really just a “rehash” of the side with your referral code — you can easily turn that side of the card into another income generator with your own bit.ly shortlink or a short domain name redirected to your Uber invite URL to recruit new Driver Partners.

Uber is always offering a lot of great promotions to get new riders and driver partners on the network to boost demand, especially in the so-called slow summer season. As an Uber partner, you need to always look for ways to maximize your earnings. Don’t underestimate the power of the free $20 Off Uber Ride Credit promo cards.

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