Uber Stardate 93998.77 Uber riders off to Costa Rica MROC Spirit Airlines 755

What a beautiful day in South Florida! Clear skies and slight chance of precipitation. The usual MO for Uber Partners operating in MIA FTL.

Some wonderful Uber riders got on their flight to Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria Int’l on Spirit Airlines 755 made it just in time this morning. Using FlightAware, I was able to track this flight and take a video of their takeoff out of KFLL (Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport) to MROC (Juan Santamaria Int’l) San Jose, Costa Rica.

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What a great takeoff east over the Atlantic Ocean with clear skies aboard Spirit Airlines Flight 755 on one of their brand-new “Big Yellow” Airbus A321-231 aircraft.fll_sjo_755 I was able to cross reference the registration number on the plane (N662NK) after filming the takeoff and discovered that this plane is brand spanking new. Its first flight was on April 18th, 2016.

Uber and major airlines operating in the South Florida airports make a great partnership. Now with #UberLegalinMiami as of 5/2/2016 and Uber legal in Broward County as of 10/15/2015, Uber and its loyal community of riders can now savor safe, reliable and comfortable transportation options in the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Uber offers a lot of great opportunities not only for Uber riders, but also Uber Partners. With the rising cost of inflation and stagnant wages, more and more residents of South Florida are turning to Uber for daily transportation to and from work and school. Miami Dade Transit (MDT) and Broward County Transit (BCT) are limited in their scope and reach in the South Florida community. (“GB“). Limited routes or unreliability of the public transit system have held so many residents of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties hostage for far too long. Uber offers safe and reliable transportation that is available at the push of a button of a smartphone at a reasonable price.

As a Uber Partner, it’s always great to discuss the political arena of #UberLegalinMiami with Uber riders and get their opinion. The general consensus is that they don’t want to wait around for 1 hour for the Yellow Cab to arrive and pay almost triple the cost of UberX. The consumer has spoken and Uber is a clear winner in South Florida! It’s clear and sunny skies ahead for Uber here in South Florida.

For more information about Spirit 755 (NKS755) and its activity log, click on FlightAware link: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/NKS755.

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