Uber Stardate 94002.35 Fighting the Uber Blues and Staying Focused on Uber Earning Goals

Staying motivated on your Uber Earning Goals can be hard sometimes. Every Uber Partner will agree that you go through rough patches where you find yourself sleeping more through the day even when you know that the best thing to do is start your car and go out on the road and make some money. You know you need to put in the hours and turn on the app and start working!

FocusWheelSt4How do you stay motivated? I think that the best thing to do to stay motivated on your Uber Earning Goals is to set a goal and visualize it down to the exact dollars and cents. Imagine your Weekly Statement on Sunday night at 11pm being reconciled to your goal net payout (i.e. minus your weekly lease payment, Uber Fuel Card, etc.). See it, feel the phone in your hand and visualize the “This Week” net payout. Is your goal $475.23 or $679.19 or higher? See it – visualize it. You have to see it and visualize it and imagine it happening. Have you tried using the Focus Wheel to manifest your Desires? It works really well!

squirrelsThere is a secret little hiding spot where I like to park and wait for Uber airport requests and these little guys love to come up to me and ask for almonds. These little squirrels know exactly what they want and they are so incredibly cute! They help me to stay motivated on my Uber Earning Goals because I mentally associate feeding them with doing more Uber airport requests which produce the most profits each and every week almost like clockwork. Those 45-minute gig hops to Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach are super great Uber money makers! Two or three of those a day +tips produce more net take home pay than many people take home working 8 hours in a office job they hate!

To stay motivated on your Uber Earning Goals, you have to make a list of reasons why you want to accomplish your Uber earnings goals (i.e. pay for your health insurance, purchase a new phone, etc.) and engage your brain more actively in the process of accomplishing your goals.

Try to break down your goals into smaller sets of tasks and attach rewards to each mini task. You can easily chip away at your long-term Uber Earning goals by breaking them down into smaller, realistic steps to help focus your concentration.

bluejayOnce you have a strategy, you will see results. These blue jay birds started to crowd around me when I guess word traveled that the squirrels are getting almonds. First, one appeared then three and then a whole family including maybe long-lost cousins showed up.

They knew exactly what they wanted and zeroed in on their target! These squirrels and blue jays know exactly what they want. They have goals for the day. Maybe they have young ones waiting for grub…clarity and focus is what it is all about.

We need to all take time out and reassess our goals and clarify our Uber Earning Goals and create a strategy for how to stay focused on our Uber Earning Goals.

A good strategy brings clarity and a clear mind can easily manifest visualizations of Uber Earning Goals and make them come true!

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