Uber Stardate 94026.06 Driving for Uber and the Psychology of Tipping

FORT LAUDERDALE – One of the hot topics for Uber Partners right now is the psychology of tipping. A few restaurants across the country started to say they would get rid of tipping and oddly enough, tipping increased by patrons in defiance.

tips_06032016The topic of tipping has a lot of weirdness to it because while establishments try to pull away from it, customers and patrons of these establishments are unwilling to abandon it for the sake of rewarding service workers for simply doing a good job.

Luckily for most Uber Partners and service transportation workers, tips are very common. They range from $2 to $5 to $10 to even $20 or more. One of the highlights of today’s ridesharing was a mother and her two kids I transported to Miami International Airport. She stated five minutes into the ride that her phone was at 10% remaining charge and she was concerned that she might not be able to board the plane because her boarding pass and docs were on her phone. She was relieved when I offered her a external portable phone charger, .

While consumer-psychology research demonstrated that tipping hardly improves service at all, various studies have shown that people are pretty much likely to tip what they’re going to tip, regardless of what happens during the service experience. In my humble opinion, the best way to earn a tip as a Uber Partner as was the case today on a $36 net payout FTL to MIA airport ride plus a $20 tip – act as if you are not entitled to the tip and think about how to go above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure a safe, enjoyable and comfortable ridesharing experience.

recommendUber Partners are certainly not entitled to gratuities, however it is exciting to watch the power dynamics play out sometimes between Uber Partner Driver and Uber rider (i.e. did the Uber driver assist with unloading luggage or when he arrived did he exit the vehicle and open the door for the rider). Ultimately, earning a tip from a Uber rider may reinforce Uber riders’ power over Uber Partners. As a Uber Partner, you have to grow very comfortable with this power disparity in order to be calm and settle into your role as a rideshare worker.

Understanding customer service is crucial to appreciating the power of the cash tip for Uber Partners. The Law of Reciprocity does pay a role as “give and you shall receive” often applies to most situations in Life. A simple gift of polite and pleasant conversation and good company tends to be reciprocated. Most people feel obliged to reciprocate acts of generosity even if these acts were never requested.

It’s all about going “above and beyond” the normal call of duty as an Uber Partner and striving to exceed the expectations of your Uber Rider. It’s the path to earning more 5-Star ratings and more money!

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