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SHARE YOUR IDEAS – We are looking for original ideas from our subscribers on how we can expand the impact of The Organic Resume Project and help more needy charities in our community.

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DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE CHARITY? Tell us about how you would raise funds and increase funding for your favorite charity. Do you have an idea on how you would use The Organic Resume Project to increase funding for your favorite charity? Please share your original ideas in a detailed essay about how you would use The Organic Resume Project to increase funding for your favorite charity. In the next few months, we plan to expand our outreach to other charities and use The Organic Resume Project as a fundraising platform. Your ideas could provide funding and well needed support for your favorite charity that does great work for the people in the community. Please understand that this is a great opportunity for you to make a direct impact in peoples’ lives and possibly offer a sanctuary and a Beacon of Hope to people in need. We rely on the support of our subscribers for their ideas and personal experiences to help us.

The primary mission of the Organic Resume Project is to increase awareness of the Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) charity that works tirelessly in bring clean water to homes in some of the poorest areas of Haiti.

The Organic Resume Project was initially designed to increase funding for Clean Water for Haiti (CWH), a registered 501(c)3 charity operating on the water impoverished island nation of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. There was a severe humanitarian crisis in Haiti that lead to the deaths of over 10,000 people from a cholera outbreak traced back to the United Nations Camp that was set up to offer relief after the 2010 earthquake. This natural disaster claimed the lives of over 230,000 people. It struck with a magnitude force of 7.0 followed by aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5. The health crisis was further exacerbated by the direct hit of Hurricane Matthew in 2016 in southwestern Haiti near the coastal town of Roche-a-Beteaux.  The extent of infection, illness and despair was a call-to-action for us to develop a fundraising project for Clean Water for Haiti (CWH). Since its inception, Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) has installed over 25,000 bio-sand filters Brez11; saving thousands of lives from the perils of cholera.

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The goal of The Organic Resume Project is to raise awareness and funds to build, install and deliver 60 bio-sand filters in the homes of Haitian families and provide clean drinking water for up to 600 people. There is a severe lack of basic sanitation services and clean water sources in Haiti that’s escalating the calamities of high infant mortality rates and child birth infections. Haiti needs our help.

To support your essay, feel free to reach out to your friends on Facebook for their thoughts on how to prepare and structure your essay to make an impact in the lives of people who are less fortunate and in need of the services that so many charities provide worldwide.

CONTEST RULES & COMPENSATION: We will award one or more Guest Bloggers $2,000 for their most inspiring essay for expansion of The Organic Resume Project to support their favorite charity detailed in a well-written and researched APA (“Purdue OWL APA Guidelines“) formatted 2,500-word essay. Your original essay must be submitted in Microsoft Word. The deadline is 07/01/2019. To qualify for this award, they must communicate in detail how they would use The Organic Resume Project as a fundraising platform to increase awareness and raise funds for their favorite charity.

If their essay is selected for the Award, the Guest Blogger will be compensated with a $2,000 American Express Gift Card for the exclusive rights to publish their original 2,500-word article as the main blog publication to our list of subscribers for their feedback for implementing the expansion of The Organic Resume Project based on their essay.

Please make it a point to study the fundamentals of the Mission of The Organic Resume Project to understand how our Corporate Initiative works to help provide clean water in Haiti. Of course, at a minimum, this is a perfect opportunity for you to donate directly to Clean Water for Haiti (CWH). Share with us your original and best ideas for philanthropy to expand this fundraising platform to other non-profits around the world and to help us learn how we can use The Organic Resume Project as a “platform” to serve the poor.

Are you a college student, 18 years or older and attending a 4-year regionally-accredited institution in the United States? If you answered, “yes” and you’re awarded a Guest Blogger Award, you may elect for us to remit your award on your behalf as “a $2,000 Organic Resume Scholarship” directly to your institution.

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We feel very privileged to be able to help job seekers with their resume design and contribute to the Mission of Clean Water for Haiti (CWH). If you want to become a Clean Water Advocate for the people of Haiti today, please DONATE directly to CWH today with as little as $5 via Paypal. It’s fast, easy and safe. Each bio-sand filter costs only $100 USD to build and install in the home of a wonderful Haitian family and it will provide clean drinking water for up to 10 people for many years to come and includes a salaried technician who visits regularly to maintain each Bio-sand filter to ensure that the household is protected from the perils of cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Click here to go to Clean Water for Haiti directly and donate via PayPal: Clean Water for Haiti.

Please email us if you have any questions about our Guest Blogger Contest.