What is an Organic Resume?

Welcome to Job Ninja 2.0, the developers of the Organic Resume and the Job Interview Magic Workshop. Job Ninja is operated by Wade, Sachi, Anton and Rudy, a team of web developers and graphic designers from Florida and Thailand. Charity aligns with the Buddhist Path to Mindfulness and Compassion.

The Organic Resume Project was designed to raise awareness for Clean Water for Haiti (CWH), a registered 501(c)3 organization that works directly on the island of Haiti to install Bio-sand water filters in homes to prevent the spread of deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera which has claimed the lives of over 10,000 people since the 2010 earthquake and the direct hit of Hurricane Matthew.

The Organic Resume Project works to provide clean drinking water for 60 Haitian households annually. By participating in the Organic Resume Project, you will help provide clean drinking water for 60 Haitian families annually or up to 600 people a year living in extreme poverty and help prevent the transmission of waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera and chronic diarrhea and lower the risk of death for hundreds of people in Haiti.  Please join us in the fight to prevent the spread of disease in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Access to clean drinking water for a young Haitian girl could mean the difference between a life filled with hope for an education and independence or a life of despair subjugated by extreme poverty and the constant fear and threat of sickness and death.

The Organic Resume Project is integrated into our job placement platform which incorporates networking strategies tuned to the higher level of the Internet — Web 2.0 where convergence between interactive and dynamic platforms takes place such as social media channels, Wikipedia, blogs and Twitter.

First, we critique and optimize your cover letter and paper resume and then convert your resume into a brilliant and professional HTML-powered Mobile Resume Webpage (sample: John Mancuso) for distribution on the Web. Your new Mobile URL link will give you tremendous reach across the Internet to locate job opportunities and generate job interviews through harmonious, coherent and structured sharing of your Mobile Resume Webpage on social media channels. Our goal is to focus on the optimization and conversion of your paper resume into a highly professional Mobile Resume Webpage for convergence with Web 2.0 properties. We focus on Web 2.0 Mobile Convergence so that we can broadcast your resume on social media and Internet channels to get job interviews. Our goal is to extend your reach across the digital landscape for the Hiring Managers to see your skills and qualifications and help you locate job opportunities you never thought were possible. Most job candidates fail to understand the full scope of how to use social media channels like Twitter to distribute their resume and network online. Social media management software such as TweetDeck allows us to stream multiple Twitter channels simultaneously to monitor Twitter Job Feeds.

When you participate in the Organic Resume Project, you’ll receive a brand-new HTML mobile-friendly resume for social media plus you’ll get 500 business cards for networking offline along with instant access to our online job interviewing skills workshop,  Job Interview Magic 2.0.

Please use the (“Share This:“) buttons below and ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter to join in your Pledge to help provide clean water for a Haitian family today. You could make a difference whether or not a young Haitian girl has the opportunity to attend school without the constant fear and threat of sickness and death from diseases such as cholera that continue to plague millions of Haitians.

You can become a sponsor of the Organic Resume Project & aid Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) by becoming a “Clean Water Advocate for Haiti”. Simply download the Media Kit (two small banners) and place the banners on your website/blog.  You can start your own Facebook fundraiser and ask your friends for support.

Download: mediakit.zip

Click here to learn more about the Mission of the Organic Resume Project.

For questions and support, please email: hypnoticresumes@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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