Tennis Facts App v3.0 – Google Play Store.

Are you a fan of professional tennis? Keep up with the latest Tennis Facts and Statistics with our free Tennis Facts Android app – now in Version 3.0 and updated with the latest information about tennis legends such as Chris Evert, Jimmy Connors and many more with a new and improved Color Wheel.

Many new and exciting upgrades are planned for our Tennis Facts V3.0 app so please make sure that you enable the Auto-Update feature on your phone to receive Live Updates.

Download Tennis Facts v3.0 in the Google Play Store!

How to get Tennis Facts v3.0 for free on your mobile device:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store (Android).
  2.  Search for “Tennis Facts 3.0”.
  3. Click “Install”. Verified by Google as Safe for Everyone.

    Enjoy the stunning color palette and share facts about tennis legends with your friends and family.

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