Terms and Conditions – Royal Caribbean Cruise Giveaway.

*Terms and Conditions of Cruise for Two Royal Caribbean plus $250 Spend at Sea Giveaway Contest:

The estimated value of the 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise for Two is $2,148.

Final selection for Qualified Drawing will be announced in our Cruise Votes Newsletter. Subscribe now.

Each contestant votes and shares the results of their Poll with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The Contestant qualifies for the opportunity to share your most memorable travel or preferably cruise excursion experience taken for a chance to win a Free 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise for Two Giveaway plus $250 to Spend at Sea. Participation by collecting Golden Tokens via mobile service subscription and by voting in the online Poll and submitting their vote by SMS Text and sharing the Poll Results are requirements for qualifying for the chance to win a Free Cruise for Two Caribbean Cruise Giveaway plus $250 to Spend at Sea on Royal Caribbean to share their most memorable cruise experience with our subscribers is required. Contestant must be an email list (“www.jobinterviewmagic.com“) and mobile (“text FreeCruise to 474747”) subscriber of the Cruise Votes Newsletter at the time of the Qualifying Contest Drawing for their entry to be qualified, registered and subject to verification via qualifying name, email address and mobile phone number into the corresponding drawing for the Free Cruise for Two with $250 Gift Certificate to Spend at Sea Giveaway Contest. Contestant submits a Qualified Entry agrees to grant exclusive rights to Cruise Votes (“www.cruisevotes.com”) to publish their contest entry in whole or in part on website without any special restrictions or requiring any monetary compensation or royalties or claim to business equity. Contestant agrees to indemnify Cruise Votes (“www.cruisevotes.com”) of all liability with respect to their Contest Participation and Entry Publication submission of their contest entry limit any liability to the specified value of Golden Tokens acquired as a Mobile Subscriber of CruiseVotes Newsletter. Contestant may withdraw participation in Cruise Cash Contest using “STOP” option to cease their email newsletter and mobile subscription at any time with no further action required. Winning entry will be announced in the CruiseVotes Email Newsletter and Winner will receive award subject to said verification requirements. If Winning Contestant’s entry is null and void due to fraud or prohibited based on state or national laws or their inability to prove their prior travel or cruise purchase as associated with (“the most memorable cruise excursion experience as described in Contest Entry”), Contestant’s entry is null and void and Contestant with the subsequent highest score in Qualifying Contest Drawing will be awarded the Free Cruise for Two Caribbean Cruise Giveaway plus $250 to Spend at Sea upon meeting the verification requirements. By collecting all 10 Golden Tokens represented by the Top 10 Cruise Ship Registry Flags entitles the Winning Contestant to receive a BONUS $500 Cash Payment to supplement their $250 to Spend at Sea Cash Allowance for a total of $750.00 (United States Dollars). The full cash value of award may only be applied to a new booking with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines or to spend at sea applicable to their account with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Winning Contestant is subject to rules and regulations of gift certificate redemption with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The four requirements for Contestant qualification to participate in this Gift Certificate Giveaway are (1) vote for your favorite Cruise Ship as specified on “www.cruisevotes.com”, (2) share the Results of the CruiseVotes Poll on Facebook or Twitter (“Tweet or Post”) using Tweet/Share buttons in CruiseVotes Poll,  (3) a current email list and mobile subscriber of the Cruise Votes Newsletter at the time of the contest drawing to receive notifications by email of winner contestant. (4) claim a “Free Vacation in Mexico or Las Vegas” and complete the steps to submit their destination choice (choose 1 out of 16) and other information to (415) 409-9757 to claim their free vacation in one of 16 exciting destinations and submit a Video Testimonial of their free hotel vacation stay (*minus nightly resort tax forementioned) before December 31st, 2019.  All requirements of qualification MUST be met to receive Contest Award for Qualifying Contestant’s Annual Drawing. One Prize per a Household. Contest Award does not include airfare, gratuities, port taxes and other miscellaneous fees associated with a Cruise Itinerary. 

For each Winning Contestant to qualify for the respective award, he or she must acquire a minimum of the first FIVE CruiseVotes Golden Tokens with their mobile subscription to our “474747 short code” with keyword (“FreeCruise”). CruiseVotes Golden Tokens serve as QR Coded authentication tools used to verify the Winning Contestant’s identity and subscription status. Collect all 5 Golden Tokens (i.e. Bahamas, Panama, Bermuda, Italy and Malta). Winning Contestant may collect all 10 CruiseVotes Golden Tokens as listed on CruiseVotes.com and submit all ten tokens for a $500 bonus cash payment with their Free Cruise for Two plus $250 Spend Cash at Sea to set sail in Spring, 2020 (months of March or April, 2020).

To qualify for the $100 Delta Airlines Card (“Random Weeklies Contest”), the Winning Contestant (“subscriber”) must provide the captured Bahamas and Panama Golden Tokens worth $100.

To qualify for the disbursement of the Free Cruise for 2 plus $250 Spend Cash at Sea, the Winning Contestant (“subscriber”) must provide all 5 Golden Tokens (i.e. Bahamas, Panama, Bermuda, Italy and Malta). The first five Golden Tokens are disbursed by mobile subscription includes a QR Code for a 34-string character set for authentication and validation of prize award with the last five Golden Tokens available for acquisition on our network via email newsletter subscription and links contained therein to featured articles and content.

The actual contest registrant must be a subscriber of Cruise Votes Newsletter for verification and authentication. Winning Contestant reserves the right to select an alternative cruise itinerary costing equal or less than the 8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise designated award set to sail exclusively on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. All cruises are awarded in Spring, 2020 (months of March and April, 2020) and to originate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (“Port Everglades”) or Miami on Royal Caribbean Cruises. Any alternate selection of designated award must be made 90 days prior to sail date. Winning Contestant may combined prize awards such as Free Airline Tickets from the Finder’s Keepers Challenge (“Terms and Conditions of Finder’s Keepers Challenge“) with the award of the Cruise Cash Contest.

Supplemental (“Terms and Conditions of Cruise Votes Random Weeklies Delta Airlines Gift Card Giveaway”): Each week, a new subscriber and contestant in aforementioned Cruise Cash Contest, time stamped between Sunday 12:01 a.m. EST – Saturday 11:59 p.m. EST will be selected randomly to receive a $100 Delta Airlines Gift Card upon completing the tasks required to be qualified as a Contestant as specified in the Cruise Votes Newsletter in our “Random Weeklies” Delta Airlines Gift Card Giveaway Contest. One guaranteed winner per a week (“weekly”) for each qualifying contest drawing authenticated by a minimum of 300 qualified entries (“Random Weeklies Contestant Drawing Pool”), if less, no contest rolls over to the following month are permitted and a winner is announced in the Cruise Votes Newsletter for the $100 Delta Airlines Gift Card. Winners are notified via email address (“active subscriber status for email newsletter and mobile SMS system is required at time of Winning Notification”) and announced via text message. One winning entry per a household. Odds of winning Delta Airlines Gift Card Prize for a qualified Contestant is 1:300 Qualification for this contest is dependent on the contestant completing the designated requirements:

(1) Claim their free 3 night or 5 night vacation (use “Free Vacation in Mexico or Las Vegas” Red Banner) to get the Contest Authentication Code via Pay with a Tweet;

(2) Login and submit a comment on the Featured Blog Post and use “Share This: buttons” below the Featured Blog Post to share the blog post with friends and family on the Timeline Wall on both Facebook and Twitter and use Yellow SMS (if mobile viewing) to share free offer with a few “workaholic” friends.

(3) Text FreeCruise to 474747 (msg&data rates may apply; to unsubscribe, text STOP to 474747) and be an active mobile subscriber at the time of selection.

In a Qualified Weekly Drawing, a qualified entry is selected random and the winner is verified by name, email address and phone number and notified via email. The designated winner must be a current email list and mobile subscriber of Cruise Votes Newsletter to qualify to receive designated award, if the selected winner fails to criteria with Contest Registration Terms and Conditions, another drawing will be held to select a winning entry randomly to complete the Qualified Weekly Drawing and declare a Winning Entry. All participants are free to unsubscribe from our email list and mobile phone number subscription at their own will thereby instantly withdrawing their contestant entries at any time.

In order for a subscriber to qualify for cash (i.e. Cruise Cash) and prizes, Mobile subscription to 474747 with keyword “FreeCruise” is required to collect the first 5 unique CruiseVotes Golden Tokens that are identifiable by a QR Code that scans to reveal a unique 34-character string similar to hybrid cryptocurrency (ICO) coins. Each CruiseVotes Golden Token has no initial monetary value (“tokens are distributed only as cryptographic encrypted novelty items that are redeemable upon completing specific CruiseVotes described task-incentives”) and matures based on the Crypto Maturity Index of 90 days. Upon prize selection and Winner Contestant notification for either the $100 Delta Airlines Gift Card (“requires the submission of 2 Golden Tokens”) or the Cruise for Two with $250 Spend Cash at Sea (“requires the submission of all 5 Golden Tokens”), the Winning Contestant is required to submit the first 5 Golden Tokens each with a unique QR Code to validate their entry and qualify to receive their prize award. Email subscription to our List and mobile subscription to our system is required. To redeem five Golden Tokens for the free cruise for 2 prize with $250 Spend Cash at Sea award, qualified Contestant and subscriber(2) must unlock the 34-character strings embedded in the QR code of their Golden Tokens and submit via mobile screenshots in a PDF file to our main office for authentication and verification of prize award. Upon final verification, prize selection will be awarded to the Winning Contestant within 7 days of authentication and verification.

Each Golden Token is encoded with a digital cryptographic fingerprint. For 100% transparency during the Award Authentication Process, CruiseVotes posts the digital cryptographic fingerprints hashed by a special hash algorithm to ensure that Winning Contestants selected based on the respective rules and conditions of the Random Weeklies Contest and Cruise Cash (“Win a Free Cruise for 2 plus $250 Spend Cash at Sea”) Contest understand their responsibility to submit their Golden Tokens as collected and retrieve from our mobile and email subscription systems.

To qualify to enter the Random Weeklies Contests, contestants must collect and redeem, if selected as a Winning Contestant, at a minimum, the Bahamas and Panama Golden Tokens. To qualify to enter the Cruise Cash Contest, contestants must collect and redeem, if selected as Winning Contestant, at a minimum, the Bahamas, Panama, Bermuda, Italy and Malta Golden Tokens and to qualify to claim a bonus $500 as the Winning Contestant in the Cruise Cash Contest, Winning Contestant must collect and redeem the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Marshall Islands and Japan Golden Tokens (all ten required for bonus cash payout for a max purse of $750 Spend Cash at Sea).

As subscribers collect each Golden Token and accrue tokens redeemable for a max purse of $750 in cash and prizes in our Free Cruise (“Cruise Cash Contest”) and our Random Weeklies Contest for prizes such as Delta Airlines Gift Cards (“Airfare is on Us!”), the Golden Tokens should be stored in the Gallery of their smartphone and shared on Google Drive or Dropbox for safety.  Collecting all 10 TOKENS for a chance to win a $100 Delta Airlines Gift Card (“Airfare is On Us”), $250 Spend at Sea Cash and an extra $500 Cash Bonus Payout in the (“Cruise Cash Contest”) is primarily linked to finding and collecting the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Marshall Islands and Japan Golden Tokens. Each Golden Token is authenticated by a digital cryptographic fingerprint and flag of the respective ship registry country. If the Golden Token is submitted for prize claim and altered in any way by an unauthorized party, Contestant’s entry(s) is null and void. It is the responsibility of Winning Contestant to (“redeem Golden Tokens by email in a zip file for verification”) thereby providing the embedded 34-character string in each QR code which is readable with a free QR Code Reader (“Google Play Store”) which will be compared to the 32 hex number generated by our computerized hash algorithm for authentication and verification of submission of a valid Golden Token in accordance with Contest Rules and Condition set forth herein. If Winning Contestant fails to provide input data required for algorithm verification within 3 days of notice, award will automatically be designated to the next highest scoring/qualified Contestant in accordance with Terms and Conditions.

CruiseVotes will use all Golden Tokens solely to authenticate and verify the subscription status as “ACTIVE” for the subscriber. Any altercation to any Golden Token will null and void the respective subscriber’s entry in the Cruise Cash Contest.

Supplemental (“Terms and Conditions of Cruise Votes Raffle”): CruiseVotes Company Raffle with grand prize drawing on Thanksgiving Day, 2019. No purchase necessary. Contestants are required to complete “Checklist”:

(1) Text keyword Freecruise to 474747 to receive 1st Golden Token;

(2) Click on “Free Vacation in Mexico or Las Vegas” Red Banner on website to use Pay with a Tweet social sharing utility to post a friendly invitation on contestant’s favorite social media channel (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn) to visit http://www.jobinterviewmagic.com. Upon visiting “Free Vacation in Mexico or Las Vegas” DOWNLOAD PAGE as described in a screenshot, contestant is required to complete Steps #1-5 to deliver data via text message SMS for claiming their Free Vacation.

(3) Contestant needs to follow the Instructions on the “Free Vacation in Mexico or Las Vegas” DOWNLOAD Page. Once name, email address, destination choice, Contest Authentication Code and 1st Golden Token Serial Number is received at the designated (415) SMS receipt number. Once this data is receipt, mobile number will be included on the list of contestants for random drawing for 1 ounce PAMP Suisse Fortuna Gold Bar (a $1,500) value.

One registered entry from the pool of Contestants who claimed their Free Vacation via SMS will be picked randomly on Thanksgiving Day, 2019.

Consent: “With your participation, you consent to our use and processing of your data.” I consent that the operator of Cruise Votes (“www.cruisevotes.com”) can store and edit my personal data in automated form in pursuit of administration of Gift Certificate Giveaway Contest. The collection and processing of the data serves exclusively for the sending of information relating to travel and other services and product offers. There may be transmission of the data to other third parties for administration purposes. I agree that the opening of emails associated with this Free Cruise for Two with $250 Gift Certificate to Spend at Sea Giveaway Contest as well as the clicked links are recorded in order to enable communications to you. In addition, I agree to receive travel related product information from companies with affiliate sales relationships with Cruise Votes (“www.cruisevotes.com) via email at irregular intervals. This consent can be revoked completely or in part at any time with an email to wade@500colleges.com.  A revocation link is included at the end of each email with product offers.