The fastest growing cruise markets in the World and how to Profit as a Home-Based Travel Agent.

FORT LAUDERDALE – The cruise industry is growing at an incredible rate. Over 30% of all cruises are destined for the Caribbean and about 20% of all cruises originate in the Mediterranean. Each year, new cruise ships are commissioned; bringing with them the capacity to entertain an additional 30,000 – 40,000 passengers at sea. Frequent cruisers are very demanding when it comes to their cruise itineraries and they often book two or three cruise vacations at once a year in advance.

The cruise ship industry is venturing into emerging markets such as Asia and Australia and New Zealand at a desperate pace. This region has seen the growth of cruise ship traffic of over 500% in the last 7 years and it will continue to grow as the industry tries to keep up with the insatiable demand of cruise ship passengers to explore exotic destinations around the world. For most first time cruisers, their first cruise experience will be a 4-day or 7-day cruise that is destined for the Caribbean. Most cruises stop in Labadee, Haiti, which is a private island leased by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Many visitors are not aware of the high level of poverty on the island of Haiti. Most Haitian people don’t have access to clean drinking water and thousands of Haitians die from cholera and other waterborne diseases each year. Please read the special article below and Sow a Seed of Love for the beautiful people of Haiti with your donation to Clean Water for Haiti (CWH), a wonderful charity that works miracles every day to bring clean drinking water to some of the poorest communities in Haiti.

Did you know that in 2016 about 70% of cruise passengers used a Travel Agent to help navigate their selection of a cruise package. This is an incredible opportunity for travel agents worldwide to carve out their own niche in the travel industry. The need for independent Travel Agents is at an all time high. Thanks to advances in the Internet, home-based Travel Agents are charting new ground in the cruise industry. Never has the quality of service and cruise itinerary offers for exotic destinations in the Pacific been so high. Many more innovative itineraries and specialty ships for passengers are coming online every few months. Travel agents can make a decent living helping friends and family book cruises and plan vacations.

The cruise industry is where the money is at.  As we look to the future of the cruise industry and the tourism sector in general, millions of people around the world will be taking a cruise for the first time this year and seeking the assistance of a travel agent to help them map their Dream Cruise.

One of the first steps to take to become a travel agent is to determine your specialty in the travel market and jot down your interests. Perhaps when you get started, you plan to book cruises for a handful of friends and private clients each month. You can use your new industry connections to lock in tremendous discounts each year for yourself and your family. There are so many benefits of becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent.

No matter where a trip is booked, once you select a reputable host agency, your commission is built into the price of the cruise package so you never have to worry about getting paid. Travel suppliers pay their host agencies promptly and then each host agency cuts a commission check for their remote travel agents and drops the check in the mail. One of the beauties of this industry is the lack of major regulations which makes it easy for Home-Based Travel Agents to sign on with a licensed host agency and start profiting almost immediately.

Let’s face it, the job market is not what it used to be 10 years ago when pensions were plentiful and the cost of living was decent. The level of pay for most employees in Corporate America has failed to keep up with the cost of living and inflation. You really need to think out-of-the-box and start thinking like a small business owner. You can start working as a Travel Agent working just a few hours a week part-time while helping friends and family design their cruise vacations and trip excursions. People are working two or more jobs just to make ends meet which robs them of time to spend with their family and watch their children grow up. They miss out on their kids’ football games and piano concerts.

You have options! If you have an Internet connection and smartphone, you can become a Travel Agent.

Being a Home-Based Travel Agent has become a very popular work-at-home option for hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. You might have a host agency right around the corner from your house and not even know it. A great host agency provides their travel agents with a personalized website so that you can start accepting orders from your friends and family. There is NO need to hire a web designer. There are over 250 host agencies worldwide and the Top 10 agencies provide beautiful and personalized websites to make it easy for their Travel Agents to succeed online.

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Learn the trade and gain valuable insight into what you need to do to structure your own successful business and quickly locate a host travel agency in your area to assist with booking your first cruise package.

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