Ruby on Rails Stardate 93769.57 RubyGems

Looking closer at the Ruby programming language reveals a few good reasons why Ruby should be the first language to learn for beginners. Most computer science majors start with VAX/Fortran and work there was up to C++ and C#. Ruby is a higher level language so it utilizes strong abstractions for machine details whereas a lower level language is closer to machine details such as memory addresses and CPU registers. If we take a look at a little C++ code, the distinction is quite clear:

int main () {
cout << Hello world << endl;

puts “Hello World!” (in Ruby).

So much of DevOps which are major web properties that receive major traffic are maintained in Ruby so this programming language is in demand. Along way of learning Ruby, you will learn about RubyGems which are libraries of pre-written code and there are thousands of RubyGems!

It is time to learn about RubyGems!

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