Uber and SDK updates

Uber, one of the world’s favorite transportation startup ventures has updated its corporate logo and brand image with a new bold and colorful logo palette. Safe to say, it has many of its users shaking their heads worldwide from Nigeria to Mumbai.

From the standpoint of SDK updates, it looks bold and fresh. It goes well and blends into the colorful Android landscape and it is far removed from the common black and white themed logo that so many people grew to love and adore over the years for its association with reliability and innovation.

Needless to say, the Uber design team went out on a limb to re-brand the company with their new logos and it will take time for millions of users and driver-partners all around the world to embrace the theme of the new corporate logos (updates on the rider app and the partner app). Uber is considered on the darling unicorns of Silicon Valley and as it faces steep challenges and hurdles in the development of its business, it is impressive to see how their management team continues to innovate and take risks and take the high road!

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