Uber Stardate 93936.5 Laid back Sunday $121.10 net 7 trips

The peak of the cruise season was mid-February when any given Sunday, seven or eight cruise ships were departing for exotic points of calm. As the cruise ship season wanes, Uber drivers are seeking new avenues to generate extra cash. It was a laid back Sunday here in Fort Lauderdale with SunFest in West Palm Beach kicking up a storm.


Uber has become more efficient with airport dispatches. Being able to generate $150+ in fare and surge in the slow season on a Sunday when only one or two cruise ships departed is pretty outstanding. $121.10 net in just 4hours40min  – 7 trips.

Using the Law of Attraction, two wonderful Brits located me and desparately needed a fast ride with a classy UberX partner to Miami International Airport on a 1.5x surge which produced $46.47 net in just 45 minutes. It was a great day!

Great company and a hearty discussion about Brexit (United Kingdom’s possible exit from the EU) and European Union politics (i.e migrants, Angela Merkel, etc.) with these fine folks was very rewarding – not to mention, this rideshare generated a great earnings boost to wrap up an awesome week at over $700 in fares and surge money!

They were five-star rated riders for sure! I hope that they had a wonderful flight on Thomas Cook.


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