Rideshare Stardate 93940.75 “Seven Ridesharing Tactics for Making up to $700 in 7 Days!”

We have met a few Uber partners at local hotspots like Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell and our discussions about Uber have served as the brainchild for this updated ridesharing guide:

“Seven Ridesharing Tactics for Making up to $700 in 7 Days!”


This powerful e-book comes bundled with our Cover Letter Service and comes complete with 7 sections in simple plain English with lots of screenshots from Wade’s Samsung Note 4 for highly advanced ridesharing strategies and tactics (learned over the course of ONE YEAR by trial and error). So from Day One, you can start making money and start turning a profit with ridesharing!

You will learn:

  1. How to Find the Best Pickups.
  2. How to Take Advantage of Surge Pricing.
  3. How to Choose the Best Times to Drive and Find the Best Zones in Your Area.
  4. How to Get more Passenger Referrals.
  5. How to Work Smarter than Other Drivers with DailyPay.
  6. How to Take Tax Deductions to Maximize Profits.
  7. How to Get A 5-Star Rating “almost” each and every time

There has never been a more exciting time to participate on the Uber Partner ridesharing platform. It is so much fun and so rewarding.

The handshakes and high-fives at the end of each trip suggest that something more is going on than just helping the average joe and jane to get to work and catch a flight. Ridesharing is not only revolutionizing the transportation industry but it is changing the way people communicate and come together. Ridesharing…it’s a beautiful thing!

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