Uber Stardate 93961.58 The Power of the Focus Wheel and Uber Earnings

Once upon a time about 85 full moons ago, there was an upstart company in San Francisco called “UberCab”. They dropped the word “cab” from their name and now they are known as just “Uber”. What does the word “Uber” mean anyway? It is a German word and its definition is, “denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing”. It is interesting that the actual definition of the word — as they are now known to be the creme-de-la-creme ridesharing company on the planet — innovative, cutting-edge and in general, just kick-ass righteous!

I always get the same questions from some of my Uber riders, “how long have you been with Uber and do you like it?” and in response I think about a YouTube video I saw about the Power of the Focus Wheel  and how to use it to manifest great things in your Life. The Focus Wheel is a wheel partitioned into 12 parts and the outer partitions focus on “what it feels like” to achieve the inner manifestation or “desire”.

FocusWheelSt4Without a doubt, Uber offers a great platform to make money and as an independent contractor, it is a powerful way to combine the Power of the Focus Wheel with earnings and goals transparency to set your goals and to manifest the level of Uber earnings you desire.

Do you want to make $300 a week or do you want to make $500 a week? Start using the Focus Wheel and create your own desire for whatever you want to achieve or manifest in your Life. Start with a wheel and divide it into 12 partitions. Place your desire in the center of the Wheel and then list all of the benefits, feelings and reasons why you “feel or want or deserve” to manifest the centered desire. Once complete, start repeating each of the 12 benefits or feelings until you feel them implanting into your subconscious. Now you are starting to experience the Power of the Focus Wheel!

Use it to set your goals for Uber earnings and watch great things happen in your Life!


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