Uber Stardate 93958.41 The Aroma of Jollof Rice

Being your own boss as a rideshare driver can be daunting at times. Sometimes you have the blues and you don’t know where to find the motivation to get back into the game. Where do you find the motivation? Is it making enough money to take a week off and go on vacation? Is it imagining a new apartment for you and your family? Find the motivation – create a Focus Wheel around it. When you have the blues..it is hard to find your sacred space and get motivated. There is nothing more detrimental for a rideshare driver than feeling scattered and not focused on achieving one’s goals.

Setting your goals in the ridesharing business is crucial. Uber gives you a great platform but without goals, it is just a platform – nothing more, nothing less! Apply to Drive with Uber now and claim your $25 reward.

monday0509For some reason, Karen Carpenter’s lyrics for the song, “Rainy Days and Mondays” were stuck in my head all day…

It definitely was NOT a Karen Carpenter Monday. It turned out to be one of my best Mondays with $175.90 in net earnings.

Ridesharing allows you to meet some really nice people. One of my riders today was a Nigerian lady and she was in serious need for some jollof rice (I didn’t learn about jollof rice until Monday May 9th, 2016. WOW – you learn something everyday. I picked her up at a restaurant on 119th Street in Miami called Bijon and I will have to check out their menu because the aroma of the jollof rice was wickedly good. It must be real good because she took a Uber all the way from Drexel Ave. on Miami beach to Bijon to get her jollof rice. It is a relief that Uber is now legal in Miami-Dade County. With a tough job market like Miami, Uber represents an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs and self-starters to pull up their bootstraps and make it happen. Get the “Seven Ridesharing Tactics for Making up to $700 in 7 Days” to get motivated.

Even if your goals as a rideshare driver is to work only 10 hours a week, you can do it – Uber is the way! If you want to go all out and work 60 hours a week, that’s fine too. Find your motivation, set your goals and just go for it.

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