Uber Stardate 93971.62 Take the $700/wk “Drive for Uber” Challenge!

Driving for Uber is exciting and very rewarding. If you are up for a challenge and you’re ready to unlock your earning potential in the ridesharing business, why not take the $700/wk “Drive for Uber” Challenge. Using the tactics and strategies outlined in “Seven Ridesharing Tactics for Making up to $700 in 7 Days”, you can set your goals, look for opportunities in your area and just go for that $700 net payout on the Uber Partner App.

Psychologists have stated that it takes about 6 days for a habit to firmly plant itself in your subconscious once you take the steps to achieve your goal. If you set a daily goal of $100 a day net payout, you can earn $700 in 7 days! With each complete trip, you will see your earnings piling up in the Uber Partner app – hour to hour, day to day!

So what does $700 a week really “feel like” in the scheme of things. Remember, you can use the Focus Wheel  as discussed early this week. Remember, you are an independent contractor and you should take as many tax deductions possible (i.e mileage, interest on car loan, etc.). Being your own boss has many advantages versus being an employee who is “tied to the fate of your employer”…

800_weekSo, if you live in Texas, Florida or California, this is what earning $20 a hour, 40 hours a week “really feels like”…it is about $597.50 if you live in California and $630.75 if you live in Texas or Florida (no state income tax). So, if you are netting $700 a week on the Uber Partner app each week…it will “really feel” a lot like you are taking home more than $20/hour. Even if your tips don’t cover your weekly gas (average $80 – $90), it will still “feel” like you are making more than $20/hour — which is a great feeling, right?  So $700 a week on the Uber Partner app is just a $100/day “mini” challenge. If you are really feeling adventurous, you can shoot for $800/week net on the Uber Partner app which is just a $114.28 daily “mini” challenge. You might be wondering what $800/wk “feels like”. It’s achievable even on a slow Monday and Tuesday morning rush hour plus using what I call my “daily top-off strategies” using 2-3 airport late night long fare gigs (Fort Lauderdale to Yamato, Boca Raton OR Fort Lauderdale to 5th/Collins Avenue Miami Beach).

It is all about setting your goals. Start with a daily goal, then start with a net payout goal by the time you reach Friday 8am morning, so that you can go all out and seal the week with a kiss by Monday 4am (weekly cycle cutoff). Use the Focus Wheel to achieve your goals!

It’s all possible once you know how! Invest in yourself!

As one rider told me today,

“I no longer want to tie my fate to that of an employer anymore – I just want to get a 2nd rental property  and live in one of my duplex units and live off the rental income. Maybe I will even drive for Uber for little extra cash!”

The wisdom of my riders. I love it! I learn something new everyday….it’s the beauty of ridesharing!  Take the $700/wk “Drive for Uber” challenge.

It is full-steam ahead to success and prosperity, but first, you must invest in yourself and arm yourself with knowledge to earn the dividends down the road (no pun).  It all starts with you…so are you really up for the $700/wk “Drive for Uber” Challenge?

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