Uber Stardate 94037.43 American Airlines partnership with Uber for better Travel Experiences

squirrels_uberFORT LAUDERDALE – With unpredictable weather in the Gulf of Mexico in the last few days, there were so many great Uber income opportunities available to those Uber Partners  who were willing to hustle and endure the storm.

The storm in the Gulf or what remained of Tropical Storm caused a surge in traffic at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) the last few days and many travelers who live in West Palm Beach were diverted to KFLL. When it rains, it pours….this type of airport traffic surge translates into more money for Uber Partners.

Watch Tabitha, the Squirrel enjoy a delicious almond.

Did you meet Tabitha, the Squirrel and her small family at a small park near Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport? Tabitha and her small family love raw almonds. They like to bite into the raw almonds and sniff them while they eat them (it is so hilarious to watch chow time for Tabitha, the Squirrel).

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Tabitha, the Squirrel and her small family are constantly on the lookout for the “good stuff” just like Uber Partners. If you are smart about your time management as an Uber Partner, you should learn about driving for Uber and accepting lucrative airport Uber requests for maximum profits!

In South Florida, you can make up to $50 an hour with airport gigs to Delray Beach and West Palm Beach from KFLL. These airport gigs are getting better for Uber Partners in light of Uber’s recent partnership with American Airlines, one of America’s best loved airlines!wpb_uber060716

In a recent article, Scott Hinshaw, American Airlines director of partner marketing discussed how Uber customers are looking for a seamless door-to-door traveling experience where Uber Partners drop them at the airport to catch their flight and American’s app syncs with Uber upon landing to seamlessly provide a Uber ride on their next step of their itinerary.

Uber customers can set reminders for an Uber ride when they purchase their tickets and American Airlines has integrated the knowledge base of airport regulations at many airports for exact Uber pick up points at airports across the country so Uber customers know exactly where to meet their Uber Partners. These types of travel partnerships mean more money in the pockets of Uber Partners period!

Strategic partnerships between Uber and America’s best loved brands like American Airlines and certain credit card companies give the stamp of approval to Uber’s growing consumer base and the mainstream as whole that Uber is the ultimate ridesharing company when it comes to adding value and enjoyment to their travel experience.

Uber Partners, just like our beloved squirrels are always on the lookout for the “good stuff”. Their almonds are like our long-fare airport gigs. Tabitha, the Squirrel loves to chew and sniff her almonds and wait for these treats every morning just like Uber Partners like to position themselves for those great long-fare airport gigs for maximum profits!

As Uber strikes up new strategic partnerships like the one with American Airlines, airports gigs will become more lucrative for Uber Partners and help us make more money in the least amount of time. Best of all, advances in Uber Partner app like “Accepting Trips while on a Current Trip” eliminates dead miles and no more waiting for an Uber request.

I love the airport gigs – they produce the most profit, put the least wear and tear on my vehicle and produce the most $20 tips to pay for gas for at least two days.  Two of these KFLL – West Palm Beach airport gigs in one day, makes it a great Uber day!

If you are persistent, you will be rewarded. We can learn so much from Tabitha, the Squirrel and her small family. They know the “good stuff” and they are willing to wait for it. You can help Tabitha, the Squirrel and her small family with your small donation via Paypal and remember if you would like to drive for Uber and get paid daily, you can get started right here at Getpay365.com.

If you are patient and persistent, you will get the “good stuff”too just like Tabitha, the Squirrel….

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