Uber Stardate 94053.12 Uber working to make drivers happier with new changes

FORT LAUDERDALE – Driver discontent – it seems be on the minds of so many Uber Partner-Drivers lately. Fare discounts in many cities in response to the slowdown after the holidays are giving rise to discontent among the rideshare workers as it affects their ability to make a decent part-time or full-time income driving for Uber.

drive_for_uberUber does a great job when it comes to offering incentives to riders to log on and request a ride. Whether it is $3.85 UberPool promotions or even $2 rides (regular payouts to the Uber Partners are in effect during promotions), it seems Uber tries to listen to the voices of its Uber Partners, especially through the use of surveys. While it is nearly impossible to gain critical mass with the entire network of Uber Partners working on the grid, Uber is making progress!  Uber Partners spoke, Uber listened!

With new changes in the works in some markets for Uber Partners like pausing incoming ride requests before finishing your shift and starting charges for rides within two minutes of arrival to compensate drivers are great stepping stones. After everything is said and done, Uber Partners want to see more money in their pocket at the end of the day! Money talks oodles and oodles!

According to an article by Eli Blumenthal of USA Today, Uber is working hard to keep its drivers happy. Drivers can earn up to 15% off after completing 10 trips per a week on an UberX ride and new changes include the establishment of Greenlight locations where drivers can get in-person help when needed.

The definition of happiness for an Uber Partner is an interesting conundrum. On one hand, lower fares should translate to more volume on the app and more trip requests for Uber Partners and then on the other hand, Uber Partners see fewer dollars for a similar trip driven only six months ago which can drive a nail through the heart of the typical Uber Partner. The key to surviving the summer slowdown is setting goals and working those these goals each and every day.

Dealing with the attrition of Uber Partners over time is another problem for Uber especially when the average Uber Partner only drives 10 hours a week or only drives on weekends to pay a few bills. Uber desperately needs to build its network of drivers maintain its position of brand recognition in the rideshare industry and remain competitive. Making Uber Partners happy with the rollout of these new changes is a step in the right direction towards raising the Uber Partner happiness quotient.

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