Uber Stardate 94131.12 Peaking $20/hour on Sunday night

FORT LAUDERDALE – Driving for Uber is fun and rewarding. It is possible to just drive on Sunday and earn an extra $500 a month. Even in the so-called slow summer season, earning over $138 in less than eight hours on the Uber Partner app in fares and cash tips is possible. This is an actual screenshot of my Uber Earnings for Sunday 7/10/2016 and shows over $138 in cash earnings in less than 8 hours with just 6 trips completed.

07112016_25Some Uber riders show their appreciation with $20 cash tips for helping them get safely to work on time, get to their doctor’s appointments and to and from the airport on time, etc. Sunday 7/10 was also a great day for cash tips. Even though tipping is not required, many Uber riders insist on tipping. When you drive for Uber, the day belongs to you!

At one point on Sunday night, as you can see my Uber earnings were peaking at $20.00/hour with Uber riders flying in on delayed flights needing to make it home in time for work on Monday morning. With many flights delayed in St. Louis for over five hours, there were arrivals well after 2am at KFLL (Fort Lauderdale) Airport.

If you have a vehicle that a 2006 model or newer with 4-doors, you can drive for Uber. Click on the link to “Apply to Drive” now and start the application process. You can make up to $20.00/hour on a Sunday night with the potential to make $500 a month – just by driving ONE DAY a week for Uber especially with such low prices for gasoline.

peaking20Uber is a great opportunity to make some extra cash even if you work just ONE day a week – Sunday – you can easily make up to $450 – $500 a month. UberX (economy cars like Camry, Corolla, Civic and Prius) get a majority of all Uber business so if you have an economy car that is 2006 or newer with 4-doors, you are ready to start driving for Uber. Don’t have a car? No problem! Uber can help you get a new car or lease a new car with no mileage caps with no credit check and a small deposit as small as $250. You have a lot of flexible options when it comes to driving for Uber and making money!

To apply now. It’s free to apply…click on this link OR click on the “Apply to Drive” banner on the right.

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