Uber Stardate 94138.63 Insane $125/day Uber on 4 trips almost $39/hour.

FORT LAUDERDALE – It is just insane to make almost $75 on just one trip in a little over one hour. Is this possible with UberX? Absolutely. That’s a wrap, folks!

126_33_0714Every Uber driver knows the importance of marking your territory and claiming your prize. Through trial and error, you will find time zones and spots where the catch is great. You hone your skills, learn the best spots just like a fisherman so that you can snag the big Kahuna.

The Big Kahuna today was a $75 UberX trip from KFLL Terminal 4 to the beautiful Key Largo. It was a great scenic drive down to Key Largo pass Manatee Bay and Largo Sound. My Uber rider was thrilled with a nice smooth ride home and the reward was an awesome fare with just $8 in regular gas round-trip. Great profit conversion!

The total take for the day with just 4 trips was $126.33 with making almost $100 on the Uber Partner App by 12 noon. Ask around…that’s insane UberX earnings even with surge multiple zones (surge doesn’t exist at KFLL airport).

How to snag the Big Kahuna and use the Luck of the Draw to your advantage? Got to set your goals and position yourself for success. Study your time zones and track your incoming flights to your designated airport. Look for patterns just like the best Poker players at the Grand Master Tournament in Las Vegas. JBL (JetBlue) seems to be the best money makers with KFLL to Boca Raton and KFLL to Palm Beach Gardens fares. Those KFLL-Delray Beach 34-mile hops are an easy $30 net fare in your pocket and they are plentiful at KFLL. JetBlue and Southwest don’t fly into Miami so lots of lucrative opportunities for Uber Partners at KFLL (Fort Lauderdale International Airport).

almost100_12noonBeing able to peak close to $39/hour before 12 noon is outstanding. It takes a lot of practice to know the zones and time windows for best flight patterns to maximize profits at just about any airport. Check out “Seven Ridesharing Tactics for Making up to $700 in 7 Days” for more expert advice.

Some Uber riders always ask the question about the so-called “full-time” Uber Partner Drivers…are they pulling a $1,000 or more a week? Is it possible to make $1,000 a week as a Uber Partner? Absolutely! If $125/day comes with just 4 master trips for the day, then $1,000 a week in Uber earnings is definitely possible. Are you ready for the $700/week Challenge? Even if you shoot for the stars and land on the Moon with just $700/week – it is still an outstanding earnings record with massive IRS tax deductions with your $0.54/mile tracked effortlessly with the TripLog app, the perfect Uber Partner companion. For 7/14, Uber posted 227 miles driven and $122.88 offset for mileage deductions on $126.33 net fares so it’s a great Uber day!

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