Blast your Resume to 1000’s of Recruiters and Get Noticed Fast

FORT LAUDERDALE – If you want to be seen by recruiters and hiring managers, then you need to use a service that matches you with companies that are looking for people with your skills. The best way to find great jobs is to use a resume distribution service and CREATE A PROFILE so that your resume is only emailed to these companies, making your resume searchable and printable so that you can get noticed fast. Thousands of recruiters and corporate hiring managers use resume distribution services to find qualified job seekers.

send_resumeYou will find that over 80% of the jobs in your field are not advertised and they are exclusively managed by headhunters, recruiters and search firms thereby giving you instant access to a “hidden job market”. To maximize your success with resume distribution services, you need to put your trust in a service that has verified recruiters, employers and corporate hiring managers so you can spend more time perfecting your resume and building your Personal Career Network.

With resume distribution services, you can type your state and narrow down your list of member companies registered for each job function (i.e. hospitality, sales, marketing, etc.). By creating a profile, you will realize the importance of targeting and its relevancy when it comes to finding companies looking for people with your skills and making connections with their corporate hiring managers as easily as possible.

Your Profile gives recruiters and employers a better idea of your job search goals while your resume outlines your education and work experience. Think of your resume as your very own sales letter and your Profile as your closing statement. Recruiters and hiring managers are able to contact you with further questions and to schedule interviews. You will be accessing a “Hidden Job Market” through recruiters, headhunters and corporate hiring managers with exclusive relationships with top companies like HSBC, Verizon, Microsoft, eBay, MasterCard and many more.

Email your resume to thousands of recruiters now! You will be able to find a better job by taking control of your career through Instant Resume Distribution to 1000’s of recruiters with highly-targeted exposure. Unlock the Hidden Job Market (not all jobs are advertised) so you need to email your resume to the recruiters with the jobs.

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