Download Lyft. You got a Free $50 Ride Credit.

FORT LAUDERDALE –  Have you tried Lyft, a great Taxi alternative that is sweeping the nation with great promotions! You got a free ride!


While the demand for Uber is much higher in general, Lyft also provides safe and comfortable transportation as many Lyft riders have come to appreciate the ease and simplicity of the Lyft app and the high availability of drivers with usually only have a 4 – 5 minute wait.

To get started, simply download the Lyft app (Android or iPhone) and enter the Promo Code: ‘4LYFT50’ to apply your $50 ride credit and book your first trip on Lyft and your own Private Driver will appear to take you to your destination in about 4 – 5 minutes on average.

Share the Promo Code with your friends and family on Facebook.  Lyft has the user-friendly option to leave a small tip for your friendly Lyft Driver which offers an added element of safety for riders who don’t carry cash for personal reasons and prefer to pay for everything with a VISA or debit card. We do live in a cashless society and Lyft is leading the way with their “tip in the app” feature for fast and reliable processing of your gratuity. Please enjoy your first Lyft experience and we hope that you make Lyft part of your Life Experience everyday!

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