Uber Stardate 94264.92 Make $187 a day with the Airport Uber Tag Effect

FORT LAUDERDALE – I have been getting a lot of inquiries about how to make $150 or more a day driving for Uber and these inquiries made me reflect on how to factor in my previous “luck of the draw” blog post and utilizing airports for great money-making opportunities with Uber.

The rights for Uber to operate at KMIA (Miami) and KFLL (Fort Lauderdale) international airports were hotly contested in South Florida for over two years and the opportunities to make money driving for Uber and offering safe and reliable transportation for airport travelers is really amazing here. Lately, I have been experiencing what I call the “airport Uber tag effect”. It all boils down to completing a Uber trip at one airport and immediately getting a new Uber trip request (at least in five or ten minutes) to minimize dead miles heading back to KFLL.


The FTL to KMIA trip netted $27.49 and the KMIA to Boca trip netted $35.33…then I got a new trip request from the Boca down to Imperial Point that netted $11.86. Yeah!!

On Thursday, August 18th, 2016 I transported an Uber rider from downtown Fort Lauderdale to KMIA for his flight on American Airlines to LAX..within 3 seconds of completing his trip at 5:50pm, I received a new airport request from a Uber rider who just happens to be going NORTH to the Executive Corporate Circle in Boca Raton, Florida. On this day, it seemed like his Uber trip request skipped the KMIA Uber Airport Queue. I was awarded me the trip request while on the Departures Level at Door 8. Yeah!! He was standing across the median at Door 4 Departures American Airlines KMIA. If you are fortunate to experience the “airport Uber tag effect”, then zero dead miles translates into more profit at the end of the day.


The KFLL to WPB trip netted $49.21 and the 1018 Australian Ave to Miami Beach trip netted $63.74.

6374_2Like clockwork, it happened again! On Monday, August 22nd, 2016, I completed a great Uber trip for a rider from KFLL to Palm Beach Gardens. It set the pace for earning $140 – $180 for the day…then within ten minutes of completing his PBA Blvd trip and earning $49.21, I received an awesome 76-mile Uber request heading SOUTH from 1018 Australian Ave, West Palm Beach to 1051 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. Once again, it was “the luck of the draw”— it’s about being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the opportunity to make a profit.

The “airport Uber tag effect” is awesome when you experience it. You can see how you can easily turn $15 gas (“almost a full tank fill-up from the 1/4 marker”) into $145 profit in only a few hours with Uber once you are in the right place and the right time to take advantage of the opportunities on the Uber Platform. This is what makes Uber simply a great money-making venture. “What you put into the Uber Platform, is what you make of it”. The Uber brand name is well-recognized and highly-regarded as a super-reliable and transparent service.

My Columbian rider inquired about what the cost by taxi would have been from her hotel at 1018 Australian Ave in WPB to 1051 Collins Avenue and I estimated $225.00. Her receipt was probably about $80.00 for the 87-minute Uber trip. That’s the beauty of ridesharing. I was heading SOUTH to KFLL “anyway”….that’s the beauty of “airport Uber tag effect” and why not make some quick cash and a nice tip along the way to beautiful Miami Beach. So in less than four hours, I earned $175.77 from these Fantastic-4 Uber trips. “May the luck of the draw be in your favor!”

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