Uber Stardate 94275.7 Making a quick $60 at 2am with Uber and FlightAware

FORT LAUDERDALE – It’s the holiday weekend and UberX drivers are looking for great ways to boost their income this Labor Day.

One of the best apps to monitor airport activity is FlightAware. In previous posts, you have seen me through around airport codes like crazy…KMIA (Miami International Airport) and KFLL (Fort Lauderdale International Airport).

fa_09032016If you are up late at night and you want to make a quick $60 in cash and you have nothing better to do, you can easily power FlightAware on your phone and see if it is worth hanging out at the airport for a few Uber gigs.

Okay…so it 2am and I am restless to make some money! It’s okay…I am not crazy. I have the flexibilty of the Uber Partner app to maximize my weekly net payout at my fingertips.

From the looks of things, there is a United flight from Newark en route set to arrive at 2:06am and a Spirit A320 en route set to arrive from Baltimore at 3:26am.

Is it worth hanging out by the airport at 2am for a few Uber pings. Well, if you are up for making an additional $40 – $60 and getting a headstart on the Saturday earnings, looks good. Where are my keys?

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