Lyft Stardate 94308.29 Lyft’s $30/hour “Hourly Guarantee” Rocks the Casbah


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FORT LAUDERDALE – It’s ridesharing revolution. folks. We live in a world of hourly guarantees for Lyft drivers, Power Driver Bonuses (10% and 20%), subsidizes and referral bonuses. Uber and Lyft understand the importance of building and recruiting new drivers to maintain optimum efficiency of their ride hailing networks.

Apart from offering excellent and personable customer service, I have found within just a few months of being onboard with Lyft that their $30/hour Hourly Guarantee (by invitation) rocks the casbah totally! STOP THE INSANITY…that pay rate is better than so many full-time jobs I have had in the past…and now I can go on vacation whenever I want to without the usual office politics…yikes….we might be on to something here.While Lyft’s rider base network in South Florida appears to be about 1/4 the size of Uber (and growing with Lyft’s aggressive $50 free ride credit promotions for first timers), Lyft is pulling out all of the stops when it comes to increasing driver satisfaction.

With a recent partnership with Budweiser for subsidized ride coupons to reduce drunk driving and their long-lasting partnership with General Motors, Lyft is positioning this brand quite-well for modest increases in rider base and driver satisfaction in 2016 and beyond.

When was the last time you earned $30/hour driving and beinga able to cash out your earnings in 1-hour or less with Lyft’s “dynamite” Express Pay Feature? Making a guaranteed $30/hour in peak hours is awesome…especially when the invitation only requires a 50-minute per a hour driver mode “online” status and 1-ride per an hour.

Best of all, riders are able to tip within the Lyft app and Lyft drivers keep 100% of all tips earned. Lyft boasts that its network has distributed over $100,000,000 (that’s $MILLIONS$ y’all) in tips for its drivers since inception. Very impressive!

Interested in possibly earning a spot on Lyft’s Driver List who are “hand-selected” to drive during peak hours (“Prime Time”) and take advantage of $30/hour Hourly Guarantees? The first step is to sign up to drive for Lyft and maintain a rating between 4.9 – 5.0.

You can really make a name for yourself as a Lyft Driver. Perhaps, you too will get invitations to earn $30/hour Hourly Guarantees, but they only way that’s going to be possible is if you sign up now and earn your signup bonus! Wait, they are going to throw “free money” at you just to apply for free? Absolutely! Now if I could only get my grubby hands on their 20% Power Bonus – when you do the math that’s almost like using the Lyft Platform to make a huge profit almost for free! Success is so sweet!

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