Lyft Stardate 94336.57 Revisiting Lyft Partnerships with Budweiser, T-Mobile and Starbucks

FORT LAUDERDALE – While Lyft continues to aggressively market itself as the “other rideshare” company, it has formed great partnerships with America’s favorite companies like Budweiser, T-Mobile and Starbucks. Cross marketing the ease and accessibility of their ridesharing platform with tech savvy consumers at T-Mobile “T-Mobile Tuesdays” and “Starbucks” is great for getting more visibility for the Lyft corporate brand and effectively branding its company with its target demographic to build its rider base.

The promotions with T-Mobile and Starbucks are constantly changing so you can easily access the previously published Lyft post on partnerships with T-Mobile and Starbucks with your Lyft Promo Code “password protected” — see password that you received when you initially subscribed to CashEveryDay. We will continue to update this promotion page with the latest promotional web links so that you can link your Lyft account with offers from companies like T-Mobile and Starbucks to earn free gifts, prizes, food and drinks.


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