Lyft Stardate 94346.83 Making Money with Lyft Monday Morning Prime Time Blitz SFLA

FORT LAUDERDALE – With just over 300+ Lyft rides until my belt, I am really enjoying ridesharing on the Lyft Platform.

The app is very intuitive and with respect to the Lyft rider community, most Lyft riders have carved out their own niche for using the service over Uber for a variety of reasons ranging from economics, more frequent promotions, etc.

lyft_monday_morningOn the driver side, getting that 10% Power Driver Bonus for Sept 19 – 25 was sweet…that’s an extra $60 in my pocket which recoups gas and snacks for the whole week. I often find myself looking forward to the Monday morning Prime Time blitz. So many great opportunities to make money on the Lyft Platform especially with 100% Prime Time and 200% Prime Time. From the red spots at 8am Monday September 26th, you can see the huge demand for the Lyft service in South Florida on any given Monday morning. The South Florida Lyft community is growing like crazy, especially when you can earn 5 Stars at Starbucks with your Lyft rides before 10 a.m. (see “Connected Page” for more details). You can earn 125 Stars (equivalent to spending $63) with your first Lyft ride. When you get a $20 Lyft Gift Card at Starbucks for a friend or coworker, you also get a $5 Starbucks Gift Card as a free bonus gift. Lyft is all about striking up great marketing partnerships with America’s favorite brand name companies!

Without a doubt, there is huge and untapped potential on the streets of South Florida for new and veteran Lyft drivers. The bonus structure is pretty amazing — with just 25 peak rides, I can rip it with a 20% Power Driver Bonus this week! The incentives are there on the Lyft Platform to do great things.

Have you thought about throwing ridesharing in the mix? Why not diversify your ridesharing portfolio with a little Lyft here and a little Uber there. Why scan just one network for money making opportunities when you can scan two at the same time! Find your zones and carve out your time and demographic niches. What’s your “daily cash” goal – $150, $200? You could easily find yourself cashing out twice on Monday once with Lyft’s Express Pay and once with Uber’s Instant Pay. If you hang around Aventura Mall (hint!) between 3pm – 5pm on most afternoons, it is just as busy as 8am in the mornings (i.e. 200% Prime Time).

I learn something new about Lyft everyday. They have an exclusive strategic partnership with DeVry University where Lyft drivers may qualify for a 25% tuition discount. Kudos to the Lyft Marketing Team – great insight on making the app intuitive for Lyft drivers to stay motivated on the road and strike up partnerships with America’s favorite companies like Starbucks and Budweiser to build the Lyft community!

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