Lyft Stardate 94373.63 My first 20% Bonus and Guarantee Bonus. $Cha-Ching$….

FORT LAUDERDALE – As Uber and Lyft go head to head in their rivalry to recruit drivers, prospective drivers always reach out the veterans in the ridesharing industry for their personal opinion about which is the BEST company to join “first” and by popular opinion among drivers, Lyft garners the trophy for the ridesharing network with the highest satisfaction level. the highest NEW DRIVER cash bonuses and Power Driver Bonuses. Plus, Lyft offers way more hourly guarantees — up to $35 – $55/hour and a 20% Power Driver Bonus System that is pretty easy to accomplish if you set your mind to it. Let’s take a closer look at Lyft and how you can profit just by signing up and completing your first set of rides in the first 30 days!

The first order of business is taking a look at the sign-on bonus for new Lyft drivers! You can earn a $100 bonus (Miami) just for completing the first set of rides in your first 30 days (sign up here). Lyft is really pulling out all of the stops to recruit the best drivers as demand for their service grows in the South Florida market. In 2016, their rider base in South Florida grew by over 400% so the market is ripe with opportunities!

The numbers for last week were not too shabby….it was a great week (September 26 – Oct 2) with $837.78 in earnings with $509.68 in Express Pay cashouts throughout the week (money in my checking account usually in 9 minutes or less) and a bonus direct deposit paycheck from Lyft (separate payout) of $328.10 on Wednesday October 5, 2016. A fantastic week!

lyft_bonus_3The key to my success on the Lyft Platform was simply paying attention to each Daily Driver Summary which is published by email each morning to target the “Peak Hours” when you are more likely to earn 25% – 50% Prime Time (extra money on top of the regular rate) when the demand for the service is very high. If you are consistently taking home $837 a week cash before expenses, it’s a good life! You can Turn Your Miles into more Cash by taking your standard mileage tax deduction! There is a super-cool app called TripLog that you can run in the background on your smartphone “while you drive” and it turns on automatically when you start driving for Lyft to track your mileage to take your $0.535/mile tax deduction. TripLog only costs $2.50/month and it handles your meals, vehicle registration costs, and tracks just about about every possible tax deduction under the sun to maximize your profits so that you can focus on what you love to do: “drive for Lyft and turn your miles into money!”.

Another added benefit of driving for Lyft. Tips! Tips! Tips! (you keep 100% of your tips). Riders usually don’t carry cash and riders love to “tip in the app”. Uber has made zero progress to offer this feature. Tips in the app on Lyft can easily pay for your gas for the whole week.  If you are thinking of driving for Lyft….click here to sign up to drive for Lyft and use the tips, strategies and secrets from my Free e-Book, “CashEveryDay | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” (for subscribers of Job Ninja 2.0) to maximize your profits from Day 1. You could easily make up to $850 or more a week driving for Lyft and the perks for driving for Lyft are amazing….up to 20% Power Driver Bonus, Cash Tips in the app, Hourly Guarantees (by invitation from Lyft HQ) & great connected services to save money on Shell gas.

If you are in between jobs or suffered a recent job layoff or perhaps just need to find a quick and easy way to make an extra $300 to pay for your child’s day care, Lyft is a great avenue to make some cash fast and quick. Verizon bill due soon? No worries – just drive for Lyft and use your ride earnings deposited directly to your bank Debit card to pay your Verizon bill on time without risking any late fees or disconnection! It is easy to do a LyftLine trip here or there in the afternoon and make a quick $80. That’s a cell phone payment for a lot of people who are just trying to make ends meet!

sarah_8228_15Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Samantha, one of my Lyft riders had to travel from North Miami Beach to West Palm Beach near Belvedere Blvd/Palm Beach International Airport for her job interview, as she plans to relocate back to the area in the Summer of 2017. She had to get there within an hour and it was gratifying to help her get there on time to possibly start her new career in hospitality management while earning 50% Prime Time on a really profitable gig = $82.28 (trip total before tip).

You have 100% flexibility with your schedule and you can chase the 20% Power Driver Bonus all day and all night long — and you can cash out your earnings directly to your favorite Bank Debit Card. With Lyft, their money-making platform can enable just about anyone with a car to turn their Miles into an extra $300 on the weekends to pay a few bills. If you want to take it to the next level and go full-throttle…you can make $837 a week (Express Payouts and Guarantee Bonuses). See screenshots below…lyft_bonus_2

UPDATE (11.11.2016): I hit the 20% Power Driver Bonus again on the weekend of the 2016 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show with the completion of 89 rides and earning $869.96 for the week and huge 20% Power Driver Bonus of $167.82. It was an awesome week for earnings with tons of visitors from out of town for one of the hottest tickets in South Florida. The Boat Show attracts many wealthy tourists to the area and they tip in the Lyft app very well. The weather was challenging on Saturday with torrential rain downpours but I exceeded my expectations with the completion of 89 rides for that week. The key to making the 89 completed rides (I was just 11 rides away from 100 completion rides for the week…wow!…so close) was keeping a high 98% acceptance rate for the entire week. The minimum at the time for the 20% Power Driver Bonus is 80 rides and 25 Peak Hour Rides and 90% acceptance rate.

It’s a great time to sign up to here to sign up to drive for Lyft. Sign up now and then start reading your copy of my free e-Book, “CashEveryDay | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day”. Once approved, you can take your first trip in about 2 – 3 days! Simply sign up to drive for Lyft at Job Ninja 2.0 and you will get all the tips and tricks for making some extra cash with Lyft.

mon_19_12noon_2Take the first step to success. Subscribe to Job Ninja 2.0 and receive $30 in Lyft and Uber Ride Codes and you will receive your copy of the “Cash Every Day | A Lazy Man’s Way to Making $175 a Day” e-book, 100% absolutely free. Drive for Uber!

Do you want to DOUBLE your earnings? Uber processes about 3x more trip requests than Lyft in this market (“South Florida”), but you can run BOTH Driver Apps on your smartphone at the same time (“simultaneously”) and turn more Miles into Money which means at the end of the day,  Mo’ Money!!!

Lyft offers some amazing opportunities in Miami by allowing TIPS in the Lyft app which can amount to an extra $50 – $60 every day and Scheduled Pickups which have become really popular with doctor’s offices for offering transportation for their patients from home to the office. Just take a look at the Lyft screenshot that’s time stamped by my Samsung Note 4 showing my earnings for a mix of airport gigs and cruise port gigs that produced three great Express Pay Deposits over a 24-hour period.  My Express Pay cashouts totaled $152.51 from 12/18 12:31 a.m – 12/19 11:37 a.m after completing a nice airport gig from KFLL Airport to my passenger’s Airbnb on 9th Street, Miami Beach.

This is a great opportunity to read about my experiences with Lyft and Uber having completed over 4,000+ Lifetime Lyft and Uber rides in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and simply apply it to your life for an extra $200 – $300 a week, if you just want to drive on the weekends!  There is a wealth of information on the Job Ninja 2.0 Blog about how to succeed driving for Lyft. Just decide how much money you want to make by driving with Lyft and go for it.

My suggestion: Sign up to DRIVE for Lyft first and “then” ramp up your ridesharing business and DRIVE for Uber and then “run” both apps at the same time on your smartphone phone — to make even more money! You will turn more miles into MONEY. Information is Power!

With Job Ninja 2.0, you get insider money-making secrets about driving for Lyft and Uber and how use this information to make money. There are a lot of full-time on-demand drivers out there in South Florida (they line up in droves at KFLL airport for their next hot $50 – $60 gig and there are tons of part-timers who only drive for Lyft and Uber in the afternoons when the demand peaks, especially in downtown Miami near Brickell and Little Havana at nights and on the weekends). Whatever, you decide — go for it!

When you sign up to drive for Lyft, you could earn a $100 Sign on Bonus (Miami payout) in the first 30 days by completing just 160 rides and we will reward you with a large Bottle of Moet & Chandon French Champagne (the large 750ml bottle) to celebrate as one of our accomplished Mentoring Affiliates who earned their $400 NEW DRIVER cash sign-on bonus (“Mentoring Affiliate”: someone who signed up using our affiliate referral link and then upload camera pics/scans of registration and insurance).

Even if you decide to only drive on holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years Eve and special events days like Art Basel, The Fort Lauderdale and Miami Boat Shows — you’re guaranteed to make a lot of cash with Lyft especially if you “opt-in” for their fantastic Hourly Guarantees of up to $55/hour and work hard to chase and earn your 20% Power Driver Bonus!

alicia12As a Lyft Driver, it is possible to earn up to $50/hour especially if you drive in hot zones in your area like the major airports (i.e. KFLL Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, KMIA Miami International Airport and KPBI Palm Beach International Airport) and the cruise posts (Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and the Port of Miami). Remember, there are travelers who have booked their AirBnb accommodations well in advance and Southwest Airlines and JetBlue only service KFLL and not KMIA nor KPBI so there are many unique opportunities to make money in this market as an rideshare entrepreneur, especially as a Lyft Driver with Lyft’s rider base growth rapidly outpacing its driver availability. Here is a screenshot of a great trip from KFLL to West Palm Beach on December 25, 2016. Being able to pocket $50 ($45.66 in net earnings plus $5 cash tip) in one hour is great; that’s a utility bill or cell phone bill for many people. To make money with Lyft, you just have to sign up and show up. You can spend up to 14 hours in “one stretch” on the Lyft app making money!


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