Ridesharing Stardate 94379.25 Liberate Te Ex Infernis

FORT LAUDERDALE – One of the most interested conversations I had today with one of my Uber riders was about getting the help they need from the right people at the right time. She was saddened by the fact that all of her encounters with people here in South Florida after she moved here from Boston seem to drag her down into the abyss of depression.

It was very self-reflective in many ways. First, it made me realize that every sunrise was a great opportunity to brighten someone’s day. You might be taking them down to the Courthouse to see the Judge who will decide your fate for the next 25 years, but at least God put you in the position to offer insight in the few minutes that your ridesharing experience lasts.

Second, today’s experiences reinforced a few commonalities in thought that I shared with my riders regarding people who need help. You can only actually help someone who wants to be helped. And if you have the power and the means, then you should try to help. A fellow at Burger King asked for $1 this morning to buy a muffin. I told him, I don’t have any cash on me but I can get you something. I got him 2 breakfast burritos for $2. These days I prefer to give food than cash which usually goes towards a pack of smokes; nourishment versus cancer is better any day!

History is scattered with the silent, strong ones….Charles Bronson, Winston Churchill, Thurgood Marshall and so many more. Strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up. That is true strength. Every time you help somebody gain insight into their own Life through meaningful and enlightening conversation, you help humanity rise. We are all connected on this small speck of beautiful dust in this big giant universe of mostly empty space.

The takeaway from this morning’s conversations with one of my riders who needed help to alleviate a personal crisis is that you can’t save everybody – each person has to save himself first, then you can help.

liberateIn Latin, there is a phrase, “Liberate Te Ex Infernis” which in English means “Save Yourself from Hell”.

Only you can save yourself from your own Demise. The personal choice to save yourself is actually one of many “Divine Keys” that will unlock the Door in the Universe for the right people to come into your Life and reach out to you and who will then help you rise up.

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