Ridesharing Stardate 94410.46 Miami Dolphins Game Express Pay Bonanza

FORT LAUDERDALE – The last Miami Dolphins game was pretty awesome. The Dolphins came through 30-15 against the Pittsburgh Steelers putting them 2-4, 3rd in the AFC East.

The Hard Rock Stadium glows on the Lyft Map during football games; it’s truly an Express Pay Bonanza for sure. With the Dolphins facing the Buffalo Bills on 10/23, rideshare entrepreneurs should be able to pocket a tidy sum and cash out big with Express Pay at least once in 3 hours! There is no irony here that the stadium is now called “Hard Rock Stadium” just next door to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It’s a cash bonanza for everyone even if you are a rideshare driver who works weekends to pay a few bills.

dolphins1It just glows and glows like a timber! Hues of solid red and solid pink on the Lyft App Map is a sight to behold on football Sundays with 100% – 200% Prime Time Lyft and wicked Uber pricing surges from the incredible demand!

If you get back to basics of making money with ridesharing, it is just like Mother Nature: “if you want to start a fire pretty easily, you drop the ember in the tinder like a real cotton ball or dry grass and blow to make it glow”. Every football Sunday is like an glowing ember ready to ignite for Lyft and Uber drivers who really want to cash out big on the weekends!

The Miami Dolphins game against the Buffalo Bills starts at 1pm EST at the Hard Rock Stadium. Lyft drivers should be able to Express Pay 2x or 3x times “cash out their earnings instantly” on Sunday afternoon. Either the way, the stadium is going to glow hues of solid red and solid pink from start to finish on the Lyft App. If you’re a Lyft or Uber Driver-Partner (or both), where will you be when the fire starts?

Keep doing this on football Sundays and start a fire. Let it burn baby! Let it burn!

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