Lyft Stardate 94419.88 Bonnie had a seizure so she can’t drive for 8 months; she needs Lyft

seizureFORT LAUDERDALE – Those of us who are fortunate to be graced with good health often take it for granted. The integration of ridesharing into our society shows that it goes so much above and beyond just getting people from Point A to Point B. After talking to one of my passengers, *Bonnie who recently suffered a seizure and desperately needs Lyft to get to her doctor’s appointments, I realized how important these services are to so many people here in South Florida.

Recovering from a medical emergency often means that you have to learn to give up your sense of independence and learn to rely on other people for the basic necessities in Life; transportation being one of them. Ridesharing expands the field of options for the disabled and the technology offers a layer of transparency and reliability that the disabled and people recovering from a medical crisis need everyday.

It’s time for municipalities large and small across this great Nation to invest in the mass integration of the ridesharing experience, not only to provide reliable access to transportation for disabled and people who lost mobility due to a medical crisis but also provide unique income opportunities for thousands of people.

Last week, I worked a young lady, a stroke survivor who after three years since her stroke and upon suffering from three small (“mini”) strokes is learning how to talk again and regain her independence with Lyft. Lyft and Uber empower the disabled to regain their independence by offering safe and reliable transportation which is needed especially in the South Florida area where mass transportation is limited in its reach into urban and low income communities. stroke_facial_paralysis

The transparency and reliability of Uber and Lyft means that low income households are able to pursue job opportunities in more affluent communities that would have been limited by the reach of mass transportation. Transportation via ridesharing is the great equalizer for uplifting low income households into the middle class and beyond!

Whether you are someone who just suffered a seizure or a stroke or need reliable and economical viable transportation to pursue better job opportunities to lift yourself up by the bootstraps into a better lifestyle, ridesharing technology goes well beyond just getting people from Point A to Point B; it empowers people from all walks of life to pursue a higher sense of independence.

*using an alias for passenger name to protect and respect his or her privacy.



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